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The corporate colonization of human sex (Gender Identity) is a global industry promoting itself as a human rights campaign. Human sexual dimorphism is being politically deconstructed across the world in law and language. This deconstruction is happening materially as well, with the sexual dismemberment of young people being celebrated in media and Hollywood.

As a species, humans are far more profitable as parts, than as whole beings- especially women, whose bodies reproduce our offspring.

This corporate colonization is an extension of the sexual exploitation of the female body in the sex and surrogacy industries and the corporate profiteering off identities based on same sex attraction. “Gender identity,” opens markets in sex expression by violating the boundary between male and female. This violation being framed as a human rights issue takes us from exploitation, the use of human sex, to its colonization, with an eye toward genetic engineering and replacing human reproduction with technology.

Here we will be reporting on the global gender industry as it intersects with the systems of unregulated capitalism, advancements in AI, technology and bio technology, along with enormous wealth disparity driving the systemic deconstruction of human sex.

The 11th Hour Blog Global is accepting contributions from journalists and activists who are reporting from their own country.

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