USA/Black People Used As Avatars, Shields & as Marketing Tools for Gender Ideology 🇺🇸

By @ThinkBlackWoma1 A Twitter thread

And, here we are. Now a thread on racism in the LGBT community and why black women like myself are wary of "allyship" with white ppl pushing back against "Trans" insanity. I'm pointing this out now bc TRAs will exploit this, and white ppl will blame black folks for bowing out. 1/

At this point, everyone either has already heard some argument to the effect of "preventing "transwomen" from doing X is like preventing black women from doing X." (If you don't know why this is offensive, just unfollow now and save us both some trouble). 2/

And/or you've seen the document from the "transgender" law center explicitly stating the strategy of instrumentalizing black people to push gender ideology. This is ass-backward as black liberation is about abolishing the social construction of race which is built on gender. 3/

Every heinous thing black ppl have and still endure due to white supremacy is founded on gendered abuse: wealth extraction via forced labor, enforcing a climate of terror to elicit compliance obedience and silence, denying education, etc. Entrenching gender reinforces racism. 4/

Many white ppl are swayed by the argument that being "Trans" is like being black bc they already believe black people were born in the wrong body. They locate the problem of race in us instead of in white people's beliefs. Note the similarity to girls with ROGD right now. 5/

But back to the main point... "Trans" is not the start of instrumentalizing black ppl within LGBT activism. This cooptation has always been there and has always been a problem. The most recent e.g. and the source of "Trans" BS now was the bad arguments made for gay marriage in the U.S. 6/

In the US the argument made was that preventing same-sex marriage is like preventing black women from marrying white men. This relies on the racist idea that black women are not really women. When black women rightly took offense, we were called homophobic. 7/

There are good arguments for same-sex marriage. This was not one of them. Black women are female, just like white women. The existence of "interracial" marriage does not somehow prove that the institution of marriage shouldn't discriminate on sex. 8/

Again, there are ways to argue against sex discrimination in marriage without creating the idiotic idea that black women negate the female sex class which is what has happened here. This idea that BW + WM = WM + WM which is what marriage equality argues is how we get TW = W. 9/

Whenever this is pointed out, white ppl invariably go silent bc they are usually very strong supporters of gay marriage, and they'd rather not connect the current fuckery of "Trans" activism with this bad argument even though the connection is blatant and obvious. 10/

This is also why most black ppl correctly feel that "Transness" is about whiteness, exactly as Dave Chappelle said. It is. The entire LGBT movement displays all the usual problems of white supremacy, including entitlement to using black ppl for personal/political gain 11/

The LGBT movement has gotten this far this fast precisely because it has always been primarily a white people's movement, and white people are not oppressed. Oppressed ppl don't make these kinds of gains this quickly. So they have to use black folks as avatars/shields. 12/

Black people are, categorically speaking, over it. All of it. Most white ppl want the T fuckery to stop, but don't want to analyze how the LGB, especially the G part, have contributed to this current moment, nor do they want to deal with the white supremacy problem. 13/

But a definitive win against this is impossible without addressing the root cause and admitting that using anti-miscegenation laws to argue that sex is irrelevant was not only racist but just a bad argument that has led us here. 14/

Invariably I will lose some followers who think that even pointing this out is homophobic. Indeed, weaponizing the idea that black ppl are particularly homophobic is in part how the LGBT movement was able to win such staunch support from many whites. 15/

Most liberal white ppl in my experience want easy solutions where they don't have to reckon with the messiness and/or their own complicity. They too are happy to use black ppl to win what they want while avoiding the consequences for us. And that's why we bow out. 16/

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