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🇺🇸Cutting to the Chase:YouTube’s Bearded and Breastless Transmen, a Salesforce in the Making 1

Updated: Apr 28, 2022


By Mothers Grim

Chase Ross is a woman who has appropriated male sex characteristics through drugs and surgeries. She is described as “transgender,” which is also referred to in the industry, as a female to male or an FTM. Once a young victim of the gender industry herself, she has been transformed into a victimizer of the next generation. YouTube is Chase's biggest avenue to stardom as one of social media’s top "transgender" influencers. This series of three posts delve into Chase’s online persona, her FTM friends, and the online businesses that have exploded in recent years. These posts will take a deep dive into the products, drugs, and surgeries required for membership in the novel and trending FTM lifestyle. With her exuberant online persona, Chase’s biggest role might just be creating believers out of her followers, for it is this the industry needs most to thrive. Here are links to Parts II and Part III.

Part I: Introduction to Social Media Influencer Chase Ross and Friends

“Hey everybody, it’s Chasey Poo,” are the seemingly innocuous words Chase Ross often uses to greet her unsuspecting followers on YouTube. Do not be fooled for the topic du jour is quickly followed with titles like “Transgender Children,” “need a binder?,” “How to Use Your Growth for Sex,” “bottom surgery consultation,” and “Anal for FTMs” where it becomes quite obvious what this is all about. Chase is one of many YouTube influencers impacting stressed young females. They are the older (and supposedly wiser) voices beckoning young people into the trenches of the bearded and breastless “transman” identity, a medical identity that has only recently come into being, and one that has seen absurd increases over the last decade. The opportunity for a social media influencer with such a huge audience to beguile, capture and take advantage of young females is both profound and profoundly disturbing. Hypnotized by their charm, followers become believers confusing fantasy for reality.

The FTM influencers care not one lick about their fans save for the cash flow they provide and the perpetuation of the fantastical business of “transition.” These influencers do not act alone but appear regularly in one another’s content and collaborate on selling the ideology and products to support the illusion of “transition.”

In Chase Ross’s content, regulars, like FTMs Aaron Ansuini, Ty Turner, and Kai Scott make repeat appearances. In what seems a misfit among the females, even the popular MTF Steph Sanjati appears from time to time. Then there are countless other influencers and companies that are linked in some way via advertising like Aydian Dowling and her company Point of Pride or Mason Luke and her company Mr. Mason Luke is advertised as a “transgender man who has been in the adult sales industry for 15+ years.” These influencers indoctrinate teens into the “trans” lifestyle, peddle porn products, and are a salesforce for Big Pharma. They advise young women on drugs, surgeries, or devices with no mention of the physical and mental harm they are doomed to endure by accepting the advice of these charlatans.

Examples of a few influencer collaborations amongst the FTM social media influencers and their cross-marketing can be seen in the chart below:

Social Media Influencer Collaborations. To access links within the chart, go to google doc here:

It is not too hard to see how the interconnectivity of influencers and platforms just might permit a freakish explosion of a very bad ideology causing monumental harm to an entire generation of young people. Clicking on FTM Aydian Dowling’s company, point5cc, advertised on Chase’s channel (as shown in the image below) brings up a company called Point of Pride. Point of Pride is a nonprofit under Aydian Dowling’s leadership who got her own start on, none other than, YouTube. Point of Pride has programs to help fund surgeries with a US-based surgeon (even under age 18 with guardian consent). They also have programs offering 12 months of free HRT through Plume (an online drug dispensary founded by MTF Jerrica Kirkley with real estate on YouTube) and free binders through gc2b, yet another trans owned business also with real estate on YouTube. Now amplify this power of the click across each video on each FTMs content and it is not hard to see how a crisis might ensue.

In the online world, Chase Ross is everywhere with each platform funneling into the next multiplying her footprint on the internet “trans” world. Not only can she be found on the esteemed YouTube, but she can also be found on other money-making outlets like Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, younow, WordPress, Patreon, as well as Apple Podcast. , While having a go on many channels through the years, after launching in 2010 at the age of 19, uppercaseCHASE1 (her online handle) has really seen her star rise on YouTube with over 170K subscribers and 27M views. When Chase reached 100K subscribers, a doting fan composed a jaunty trip through Chase’s YouTube persona. One can swiftly watch the march to collect subscribers – from 1,000 (in 2011), to 20,000 (in 2015), to 30,000 (in 2015) to 50,000 (in 2016), and alas to the magical one million mark (in 2017) earning that prized YouTube gold award.

The Internet of Things has plugged stressed-out young females directly into their own undoing. With an arsenal of procured and targeted ads and influencers bombarding YouTube followers, Chase, and/or members of the consortium of FTM influencers, are bound to hit their targets one after the other with their collections of goods and services. Click after click, hypnotized females then fall further and further down the rabbit hole of harmful transgender medical identities. The influencers' business successes speak volumes about the war that has been waged on sexed bodies in the 21st Century. The future for Chase Ross is currently looking quite bright with some analytics showing a doubling of subscribers by 2027, but things are not so rosy for others in the online world as laws and regulations attempt to catch the runaway trains of the world wide web, particularly those harming young people. Although an occasional reprimand might be made (like age-restricting content), the internet trans world is the wild, wild west of questionable activity. Images like the one below, with FTM influencers in compromising positions and various stages of undress while holding sex toys, are a dime a dozen on Chase’s prized YouTube channel uppercaseCHASE1.

As more and more voices speak out about the indoctrination occurring via social media and the real-world accounts of medical harm pile up, will the wild west of the internet trans world be permitted to continue its harmful journey? Future posts will look more deeply at this harmful journey from the followers, to the products used in sustaining this lifestyle, to the drugs, the surgeries, and the ties to porn culture.

Links to Part II and Part III

Mothers Grim is the pseudonym for an independent journalist intent on exposing the grim realities of the gender industry. She counts among her friends, many mothers who have children, like her own, caught up in an industry perpetuating what she trusts one day will be considered crimes against humanity. Unfortunately, what she writes is neither nursery rhyme nor folklore.


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