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All Aboard: The Human Rights Campaign and the Making of 'Transgender'' Industry Leaders/Part 2

Updated: Jan 19

Part II: Healthcare Institution Capture

By Mothers Grim

Image credit: Flickr.

Years ago, my daughter abandoned herself and sought services at a designated ‘leading’ healthcare institution. They did not care for her and instead used her as a live human specimen to create a 21st-century 'transman.' I have not seen my daughter since. This is the story of how healthcare ‘leaders’ have been installed to harm my daughter and countless impressionable young people in America to create the burgeoning 'transgender' medical complex. Here is a link to part I. Part 3 coming soon.

Part II: Healthcare Institution Capture


In Part I, readers were introduced to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Equality Indexes that were established as means to capture willing patients and allied supporters for the 'transgender' medical complex. By 2007 corporations and states supported the cause, but this year, the Healthcare Equality Index (HEI) index was added, and their true colors began to shine. The goal was to create a baseline understanding of existing healthcare industry policies on issues of concern to the GLBT community.” The actual purpose, though, was never patients but fueling an industry that at one time was relegated to a few controversial physicians. By injecting guidelines like inclusive language, training protocols, and intake forms to capture confused patients into their tangled web, they have succeeded.

By 2007 my children were now in middle school, and I was alert for unusual activity. The noise of the opioid crisis flashed across screens, sexual abuse by prominent clergy, coaches and teachers made headlines, and The Mitchell Report was recently released, exposing the illegal anabolic steroid use among prominent athletes. With a diehard athlete for a son, I was paying attention. The report mentioned an increase in the use of steroids among male high school athletes as younger generations modeled the behavior of star players. I read up on the harms, including addiction, psychiatric effects, cardiovascular damage, and other concerns. For my daughters, anabolic steroid use was hardly a worry, though.

It may seem counterintuitive, but the HEI is a project of HRC’s Health and Aging Program. Wrong sex hormones have been shown to reduce lifespan and increase suicide risk in the only long-term study ever completed on 'transgender' patients. Other drugs used in 'gender' medicine, including puberty blockers and finasteride, also do not lend themselves to aging well.

At the inception of the HEI, advisory groups were established. These members all hailed from fields with conflicting interests in big pharma and politics, rendering only one conclusion possible. It has always been about the business.

The cast of advisors from the initial HEI report in 2007 to the report in 2011 close to doubled and included a cardiologist from Cigna, a ‘medical outcomes specialist’ from Pfizer, a director in integrative medicine, a member of a healthcare accreditation organization, and others from the fields of law and medicine. Just looking at a few of these characters provides some clues. Keep in mind 2007 was also the year the first gender clinic opened at a children’s hospital on US soil.

I desperately reached out to an almost identical cast of characters when my girl succumbed to this madness. The cast of evil-doers providing her ‘care,’ the university, the insurance companies, lawyers, and doctors, a lot of them heard my plea. They cannot say they did not know. It is clear to me now. From the inception of the HEI, their goal was not caring for patients but concocting ‘leaders’ for profit.

Among HEIs healthcare advisors was the controversial doctor Robert Garofalo, at the time a director of an LGBT facility in Chicago known as Howard Brown Health. Howard Brown Health was established in 1974 when local medical students saw a need for healthcare for homosexual men with STDs. Now they are one of the largest healthcare and research organizations for LGBTQ health in the world. High rates of hepatitis b among their target population led to the involvement in research and vaccine trials, and ultimately the first hepatitis b vaccine in the late 70s. This vaccine is now on the childhood immunization schedule, a feat that I now question.

When AIDS began its wrath on the homosexual population, Howard Brown stepped in, and by 1984, they became involved in the Multi-center AIDS Cohort Study (MACS). By the late 80s, toxic drugs like AZT and later nevirapine were being used in treatment protocols for AIDS patients. In 2004 Garofalo spurred efforts to create Howard Brown’s Broadway Youth Center. He was the link between the local children’s hospital and Howard Brown. Today the center provides food, housing, and educational services and their version of ‘healthcare.’

My daughter was sucked into the 'gender' vortex in college and not in high school through the glitter offerings of a youth center like Howard Brown. She was at least afforded the opportunity of a more mature mind and body to begin her downward spiral, avoiding puberty blockers and their affiliated harms altogether. Over my dead body, would I have permitted the medicalization of my child for this lie. Would this have permitted time to get ahead of the scandal that was not yet widely reported? Some parents have lost custody of their children when they decline these horrific procedures. The ‘might haves,’ ‘could haves,’ and ‘would haves’ spin constantly in my mind, but when my daughter entered college, there was radio silence from the media, and the stars did not align. Instead, my daughter’s college and medical facility took over and declined even to acknowledge parental concerns.

Garofalo was also the president of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association (GLMA) in 2007 when the HEI got started. He had discovered his fame and fortune in LGBT medicine before 2007, so he was already an asset to the industry. When he again participated in the HEI in 201l, he was employed by the now-defunct Children’s Memorial Hospital and Northwestern Feinberg School of medicine. When Lurie Children’s Hospital opened on the campus of the Feinberg School of Medicine a year later in 2012 and then launched a controversial gender program a year after that, Garofalo was the perfect candidate to take the helm. This clinic was funded by the 'transgender' identified billionaire Jennifer Pritzker whose family has played a leading role in the transgender industry. Garofalo was also one of four recipients of the 2015 controversial NIH study, a sham study designed to greenlight an industry for the creation of 'transgender' youth.

Also on both advisory groups was a member from UCSF. UCSC Benioff Children’s Hospital is home to a controversial gender clinic that, along with Lurie Children’s, sits at the pinnacle of the child 'gender' industry. The same year the HEI was launched in 2007, UCSF received “one of the largest [donations] ever given to an American university for child and adolescent mental health services” from the Pritzker family. Like Lurie Children’s, they were also on the receiving end of NIH funding in 2015 for the sham 'transgender' youth study.

Other members advising the HEI hailed f