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All Aboard: The Human Rights Campaign and the Making of 'Transgender' Industry Leaders/PART I

Updated: Jan 19

By Mothers Grim

(Image attribution: Flickr)

Years ago, my daughter abandoned herself and sought services at a designated ‘leading’ healthcare institution. They did not care for her, and instead used her as a live human specimen to create a 21st-century 'transman.' I have not seen my daughter since. This is the story of how healthcare ‘leaders’ have been installed to harm my daughter and countless impressionable young people in America to create the burgeoning "transgender' medical complex. Part I introduces the campaign. Parts II and III will delve further into the makings of this scandal.

Part I: Introduction and the Campaign Beginnings

Little did I know, but before my baby girl was born in the 1990s, the underpinnings of a medical scandal began to brew that would one day steal her away. AIDS had long since reared its ugly head but was not on my radar. The proliferation of healthcare facilities and NGOs born from this crisis, though, would one day be used to undermine the lives of every generation since Generation X for the lie of the 'transgender' human, and my daughter would one day be a victim.

A welcome and loved addition to our family of four, my girl grew to love soccer, reading, arts and crafts, hikes with her dad, goofing around with her siblings, and sleepovers with her friends. There were no drag queens in our town or gender bread lessons in our schools in these precious years. Still, the wheels of big Pharma, non-profit organizations, politics, and scientism were churning in such a manner that would soon create an epic medical scandal. By the early 2000s, when my girl was just entering grade school, a mass manipulation campaign on the part of a leading non-profit was initiated to coerce much of civil society to support a new medical protocol entailing the lie of the 'transgender' human. Sadly, my girl would one day be chosen for this scandal, but not yet. She was busy being the girl she was, and I was busy cheering her on.

Part II of this story continued from 2007, when significant strides were made to push the 'transgender' industry into healthcare. Through the middle school years, my budding teen was having new adventures in drama, sports, debate, and so many other things. Still, there were no drag queens in our town, and I had never heard of a ‘gender clinic’ for a good reason. There were none - at least not until later that year.

When my daughter entered college many years later with top grades and a glowing resume, the campaign for the 'transgender' human had been in full swing, but I had no idea. I soon learned to peer beyond the smokescreen when my daughter cloaked herself in a 'transgender' identity on her college campus within months of her arrival. In the years since the smokescreen has cleared to unveil lies and corruption behind the scenes. The pinnacle of the campaign appears to have always been the capture of healthcare, and today, an industry has blossomed that is participating in some of the vilest experiments on the most vulnerable in society, children.

In part III, this story will dig deeper into the endorsing and funding partners of the healthcare campaign. The movement is chock full of non-profits, financial backers, practitioner greed, deceptive advertising, and pharmaceutical ties colluding to create an unprecedented healthcare scandal. My daughter is still a woman today. Only now, she lacks breasts, has questionable mental and physical health, and is alienated from those who love her most. This is what the ‘leaders’ have done to her. It is what they wanted to do. I remain her mother and love her dearly, but I now fight for the sons and daughters of others as she continues her imprisonment in a medical scandal raging out of control.

The Campaign Beginnings

Today much of society is parroting the same nonsensical and dangerous lie regarding the reality of the human person in favor of the disembodied belief of 'transgenderism.' The industry depends upon the elusive concept of ‘gender identity,’ a lie that now litters everything from kindergarten classrooms to patient intake forms across America. While the guiding medical organizations might account for the framework gaslighting patients and Hollywood characters that have long influenced the young, this cannot account for the all-encompassing madness that is inescapable in everyday life. Enter one of the biggest ringleaders of the 'transgender' drive – the Human Rights Campaign (HRC).

Under the guise of ‘civil rights,’ HRC has whipped much of civil society to support a concept considered absurd not long ago, the idea of a 'transgender' human. They have stripped away inherent rights to natural bodies, undermined biological origins, and packaged it under the rainbow of ‘equality,’ ‘diversity,’ and ‘inclusion.’ The illusion of a society raging against a marginalized community has garnered sympathy for their cause. Not only have they captured corporations, institutions, and governing bodies, they have reached their goal and have helped mastermind some of the most disturbing ‘leaders’ in modern medicine. Civil society has been manipulated to support these disturbing ‘leaders’ in performing horrific medical procedures, even on youth.

The truth is that all arms of HRC today support the 'transgender' medical complex, where lies and medicine go hand in hand to reap profits. In 1982 ‘AIDS’ was first defined by the CDC after it had begun to ravish the lives of homosexual men. Today the AIDS space is dominated by the drive for novel HIV medications. Among the non-profits that then appeared on the scene was the Human Rights Campaign Fund, created in 1980. By 1984 HRC Foundation was formed to focus on LGBTQ+ research, advocacy, and education. Today the foundation claims it “envisions a world where all LGBTQ+ people can participate fully in the systems that shape our daily lives,” but this is a lie. HRC’s allegiance is to the industry profiteering not only from the AIDS crisis but also from the carefully crafted phenomenon of the 21st-century 'transgender' human. Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is even an HRC platinum corporate sponsor.

In 2002 HRC first set its sights on corporations establishing the Corporate Equality Index (CEI) as a “national benchmarking tool on corporate policies, practices, and benefits pertinent to lesbian, gay, bisexual, 'transgender' and queer employees.” HRC has become a de facto government evaluating businesses for all things LGB, and in more recent years, all things ‘gender identity’ while they pick away at the political component. They honed their skills on the sexual orientation agenda. A document titled 'Transgender' Inclusion in the Workplace: A Toolkit for Employers is provided to make the job easy. The most influential corporations and lawyers climb on board following the toolkit provided and serve as role models for other corporations to succumb one day.

The CEI report states, “The most considerable progress measured over the 19-year history of the CEI and continuing in 2021 has been the wide-scale adoption of 'transgender'-inclusive initiatives across businesses.” It is the 'transgender' cause conducting the train over the cliff with America’s businesses in full support and its youth inside. Far more devastating than the loss of the American corporation to this lie is the loss of young people who are becoming live human specimens for an immense medical complex.

Political capital is at the heart of the CEI. Culling from the CEI, HRC’s Business Coalition has been established to spearhead legislative efforts. The 'transgender' lobby has increased its power from a mere 13 to 528 member companies comprised of the most powerful corporations in the country in 20 years. Today these efforts are geared towards the passage of the Equality Act, a bill introduced in 2015 that would provide ‘gender identity’ protection under federal law.

Many coalition members hail from the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries or industries that would benefit from the bill’s passage. These include pharmaceutical corporations represented by Pharma’s top lobby group, PhRMA. Members include Abbvie, makers of Lupron for puberty suppression, and Pfizer, makers of testosterone and other drugs for cross-sex identities. Coalition members include investors BlackRock and Vanguard, heavy contributors to the 'transgender' medical complex, and two children’s hospitals with gender clinics, Children’s Minnesota Hospital and Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Indulging my teen girls in their latest fashion whimsies at the nearby Target was a welcome excursion at one time. The clothing was reasonably priced. After Target refused to carry a book by a reporter with whom I once spoke, visits to the store ended for me. The author’s book was a bestseller with stories of girls like my own sucked into the vortex of 'transgender' medicine. It is an important story but barely skims the surface of this looming disaster. As a member of the Business Coalition for the Equality Act, Target Corporation’s allegiance lies beyond the realm of reality, and this is not my world.

Perusing the CEI scores from 2021, it is clear not everyone is rallying for the 'transgender' cause. The CEI provides “unofficial” ratings of the Fortune 500 companies that failed to respond to HRC's repeated efforts to get them in on the gender gam