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🇺🇸 The Trevor Project: The Indoctrination of Our Children

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

By Emmaline

From Good Intentions to Gender Goliath: The Trevor Project abuses vulnerable kids through sexual and gender grooming.

For those living outside the sphere of LGBT propaganda, you may not know that the Trevor Project (TP) is a well-funded and highly visible charity in the US, that claims to focus on suicide prevention efforts among lesbian, gay, bisexual, “transgender,” queer, and questioning youth. As a lifelong liberal American woman, with a daughter who a few years ago began telling her father and me that she was a boy, I became aware that TP is the go-to resource for LGBT youth. Pre-teens, adolescents and younger adults battling feelings of dysphoria or simply curious about so-called “gender identity” generally gravitate to the TP, eventually.

The size and scope of this Goliath:

With $35 million (pdf) a year in funding, the TP’s size and scale enable them to engage in a weapons-grade propaganda campaign against vulnerable children and young adults. Their arsenal includes 24/7 chat services with an army of counselors trained in TP’s gender ideology via text (TrevorText), phone chat (TrevorChat), and a peer-to-peer forum called TrevorSpace that allows vulnerable kids as young as 13 to engage directly with other kids suffering a crisis of identity around their sexed bodies, and more disturbingly, with adults up-to (and sometimes older than) 25 years old.

Who Funds the Trevor Project?:

Many of the brands Americans love, and trust fund the TP, including but not limited to Macy’s, Chipotle, and H&M. Their list of funders also includes social media tech companies, like Google, Facebook, and TikTok; investment houses, like Wells Fargo and Bank of America, media conglomerates like Disney and AT&T. Not surprisingly, pharma companies like Abbvie, Gilead and Bristol Myers Squib among others are also partnered with the charity.

I thought this organization was saving my daughter. I thought they were a lifeline. I even gave them a small donation in 2018 along with other organizations who purported to be protecting vulnerable, dysphoric kids like mine from almost certain suicide. That’s the story. That’s their way in. And then there is no way out.

At the TP, transition only goes in one direction.

Our Gender Journey: How it started:

The story of our misguided affirmation of our twelve-year-old daughter’s gender declaration is an article of its own. To make it short, we have been affirming our child for over three years under the misguided advice of our highly credentialed, but severely misinformed mental health team. We weren’t affirming our child because we believed that she was really a boy. Instead, it was during a multi-year mental health crisis our daughter experienced, and we were desperate for any solution. We questioned the affirmation pathway, but we were convinced it might help her to cope. I had intrusive thoughts about what I would say at her funeral, which felt inevitable. We were told that not affirming our child was tantamount to invalidating her—making every day more of the living Hell it already seemed to be. I couldn’t bear the thought of her being in more pain. When my husband raised doubts, I replied, “if our daughter kills herself and we don’t try transition, we will never forgive ourselves.” So, we affirmed. And we encouraged. We bought binders and sat on panels; we gave money to organizations who promised to help children like ours. This is the narrative that The Trevor Project promotes. This is the narrative that keeps their coffers overflowing by taking our children for ransom.

How it’s Going:

Fast forward three years. Socially “transitioning” our child was not therapeutic. In fact, the year our child “transitioned,” her mental health plummeted while her self-harm sky-rocketed. There were three hospitalizations for self-harm and at least one suicide attempt. And yet, living in an “affirmation-only” state, we could not legally seek any other care. Like many desperate parents, we had to acquire our own PhD-level knowledge in order to navigate the waters of our daughter’s distress about her sexed body, on our own. In our deeply liberal city, we felt like we had nowhere to turn. The schools, the doctors, the mental health community, extracurricular activities, and even the religious community continue to celebrate and encourage children into “transition,” even now. There are no safe spaces. It’s a constant drumbeat. A seductive siren with a gravitational pull. A whirlpool swallowing our kids. We were despairing parents who would have tried anything to claw our way out of the suffering inflicted on our daughter and our family by gender ideology.

Daring to Desist:

After months of self-education mixed with a series of careful conversations and explosive fights, our daughter seemed to be winning her battle with body dysphoria. She stopped binding her breasts and obsessing over “top surgery” videos of young girls who have undergone radical mastectomies. We were hopeful. This wasn’t the first time my child seemed to be desisting. Once before she had desisted. However, friends of hers who also identify as “transgender” convinced her that she was simply experiencing internalized “transphobia” and that she would feel even better being “trans” as time went on. I wanted to be prepared this time with resources to guide her. I wanted to make sure she had the social support to stand firm against the bullying, coercion, and gaslighting that could pull her back into the allure of a “trans” identity. I reached out to the Trevor Project for help.

At Trevor, Transition Only Goes in one Direction:

The first time I contacted the TP, I Introduced myself as a concerned mom looking for resources on detransition. They had none. In fact, when you search for the term “detransition” on their website, you will find zero results. That was troubling. I thought that maybe they could help direct me to some other resources. Instead, the counselor said they knew nothing and resorted to googling. After insisting that as a charity for dysphoric kids, they must find some way to help me, they finally sent me a link to a misleading Stonewall propaganda piece claiming to be “dispelling myths about detransition.” This Stonewall piece states that detransition is not only incredibly rare but also frequently temporary and mostly instigated by the distress of being “trans” in an uncaring society. This information is false. In fact, we have no idea how many detransitioners there are, but social media forums suggest there are many. What’s more, while there is little information available about the experiences of detransitioners, a recent study by Dr. Lisa Littman reveals that the majority of detransitioned respondents were able to find comfort and acceptance in their sexed bodies and did not detransition because our world is too inhospitable to “trans”-identified people as the Stonewall piece states.

I was naïve. I thought that if they couldn’t help me, maybe I could help them. I left them with some of the limited information on “transition” that parents like me have had to discover on our own from sites like,, and other resources that could offer help for others in our situation. I then turned to other organizations purporting to help vulnerable dysphoric youth—PFLAG, GLSEN, GLAAD, The Center. Not one of them had any resources on detransition or desistance. NOT ONE. Not one of them could offer help to families like mine.

First, I Grew Suspicious, Then I Went Undercover

I decided to go undercover at the TP, and posed as a fifteen-year-old female who’d “transitioned” to male but decided they wanted to reclaim their body. I wanted to discover what our daughter’s experience would be had she asked TP about detransition.

What I experienced was a conversation that continued to lead the teen I was playing back onto the path of “transition.” At the end of the session, the conversation that began with me considering detransition ended with links to ways to acquire breast binders without parental knowledge and how to get others to pay for hormones at 18. You can find that story reported by Libby Emmons here.

Following the Advice to Connect on TrevorSpace:

Since The Trevor Project kept pushing the dysphoric teen I was playing to seek out advice and information on their community page,, I decided to look further into what a vulnerable child, like my daughter, might find there.

Once in TrevorSpace, I found many conversations that encourage transition for children.

Here is a small sample of what I found there:

*Adults grooming kids into gender identity, sending them to sites like this:

*Children as young as 13 interacting with adults 25 and older about sex, sexual behavior, sexual preferences, gender identity, dissociation, and more and using handles like “slutty little kitten.”

*Minors telling each other how to buy chest -binders without parents knowing. ·

*Young females advising other young females on how to buy minoxidil (aka Rogaine) to grow facial hair if their parents wouldn’t allow them to start testosterone.

*Adults extolling the benefits of nullification surgery

*Adults talking to kids about methods of masturbation and favorite kinks.

This organization is supposed to be protecting troubled children, and instead it is introducing them into a maladaptive pornographic fantasy world in ways that may create long-lasting sexual dysfunction or obsessions like autogynephilia (AGP).

I saw conversations between adults and children using shocking terms like “glory holes” “bukkake,” “scat play,” and even bestiality. However, the topic of bestiality becomes less surprising when you discover that Sam Brinton, an avid “puppy play” participant, and recent Biden hire spent years as The Trevor Project’s Vice President of Advocacy and Government Affairs. There were many other terms I had to turn to google to understand.


Shaken yet? Angry? Terrified? What Can We Do?

The Trevor Project is actively grooming children into a trans identity and then blocking any information or resources about detransition or self-acceptance. Parents must organize and educate themselves, as my husband and I have. Knowledge is power. We must know what is happening in our children’s schools, what is on the sites they visit on the internet. We need to consider the time they spend on tech, who their friends are, and what is happening in every inch of their lives.

Please follow this link for the full presentation of what I found while posing as a vulnerable teen on the Trevor Project website:

Emmaline is the Mom of a Dysphoric Kid

Her work can be found here:


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