🇺🇸Cutting to the Chase: YouTube’s Bearded and Breastless Transmen, a Salesforce in the Making 2

Updated: Apr 28


By Mothers Grim

Chase Ross is a woman who has appropriated male sex characteristics through drugs and surgeries. She is described as “transgender,” which is also referred to in the industry, as a female to male or an FTM. Once a young victim of the gender industry herself, she has been transformed into a victimizer of the next generation. YouTube is Chase's biggest avenue to stardom as one of social media’s top "transgender" influencers. This series of posts delves into Chase’s online persona, her FTM friends, and the online businesses that have exploded in recent years. These posts will take a deep dive into the products, drugs, and surgeries required for membership in the novel and trending FTM lifestyle. With her exuberant online persona, Chase’s biggest role might just be creating believers out of her followers, for it is this the industry needs most to thrive. Here are links to Part I and Part III.

Part II: The Followers, Products, Porn, and Clicks for Cash

Chase Ross’ YouTube content is not only consumed by a young crowd but also comes with a disturbing dose of interaction between the older creators and younger followers. There is no gatekeeping and influencers like Chase are free to wield advice on products, drugs, and services without a license.

In her “10 Years on YouTube!” video Chase discusses the mechanisms of the YouTube trans world, the role it has played in her own identity, and her work to help others find their identities. She explains how happy she is to be part of the first generation of trans YouTubers exclaiming, “I have viewers who are literally 13 years old!” In Chase’s 2016, “The Trans Enough Project,” her young audience takes center stage. Chase describes this endeavor as “a video submission project where individuals who identify as trans/trans*/or under the trans umbrella from ALL over the world in multiple different languages send videos describing times where they felt they were not trans enough.”

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sp5jt9w7K3Q

Chase accepted more than 60 submissions over parts one and two for this project. Most participants were not surprisingly from the United States where the number of clinics has exploded in recent years. Over 40% of the participants were under the age of 18, and girls ages 15 and 16 participated the most.

Chase and FTM Aaron Ansuini have also partnered in a podcast titled You’re So Brave that they created to unify their community bringing the “pretransition” or “younger trans guys” and the “older trans guys” together. Considering their podcast is ranked in the top 15%, it seems Chase and Aaron are gathering lots of young friends.

Source: https://www.influenex.com/youtube/channel/UC12IuD9gzvGk2y4J-nvZ_pw

Launching not long ago in 2005, the social media platform YouTube has been Google's most successful acquisition to date turning clicks into cash with masterfully orchestrated ad management. If trending, anything can be monetized, and the transgender lifestyle is trending aplenty. The identity of a transman requires strict allegiance to strange and bizarre practices requiring products like breast binders and synthetic phalluses known as packers or peens, some of which have functional attributes for use in urination or sex. It also requires a medicine cabinet of pharmaceuticals and surgical procedures to complete the look. Indeed, with the help of the internet, this lifestyle has an agenda fueled by corporate branding scaling the transmission rates into algorithmic frenzies that know no bounds. For Chase, her work as a peddler for the 21st-century transman seems to pay well.

Along with commission on sales and paid sponsorships, YouTube creators can also promote extracurricular activities in their content. Chase certainly gets around with appearances at universities, at the VidConUS, and even at medical conferences like this one where the new US Assistant Secretary of Health, Rachel Levine also presented.

A screenshot from a 2018 online article on Geisinger.org titled Distinguished speakers, including Pennsylvania Secretary of Health and Physician General Rachel Levine, to present at the sixth annual NEPA Trans Health Conference on April 17.

Source: https://www.geisinger.org/about-geisinger/news-and-media/newsreleases/2018/04/11/19/54/nepa-trans-health-conference

The products peddled on uppercaseCHASE1 range from the brightly colored hair dye Chase sports (at 18:42 where she shares that the hair product company Manic Panic is a sponsor) to all the products that lure the followers into medical transitioning like binders and packers. An abundance of products are tied to sexual activity begging the question, just what is all this testosterone doing to these young females?

The push for female testosterone use perhaps should not be too surprising though considering the perversions of those who first fueled the movement to push transgender medicine in the US in the 1950s. The man who first brought radical childhood transitioning to the US at Boston Children’s Hospital in 2007 also has porn ties once giving a talk at a conference sponsored by the New England Leather Association. Just how many clinics have these seedy ties is unclear but Boston Children’s is not alone.

Chases’ porn interests are evident throughout her online footprint with the monetization of her porn interests dramatically increasing over time. In 2010, she can be seen on the collaborative channel, FTM Transtatic (also uploaded to uppercaseCHASE1) in a video titled “chase. porn.” Here she allows the word to slowly roll off her tongue, “…porn…porn…porn…porn…I like that word porn.” She goes on to share with her followers the porn websites she frequents. When she seems to be wrapping up her video she mentions, “…oh there is also a lot of, um trans porn.” Then she mentions Buck Angel claiming she does not like, “the man with the pussy.” Buck Angel, born in 1962, is perhaps the top brass of FTM porn stars as well as an entrepreneur of transmen-related products. Despite claiming her distaste for Buck in 2010, in 2018 Buck Angel’s sex products are front and center on uppercaseCHASE1 during a product giveaway. Buck Angel’s Kiss-X (for pre-transitioners), Fun Boy, and Buck-Off are cheerily packaged and mailed off to hypnotized followers. “Just the joy that it brings me to know all the people that are getting these,” gushes Chase. Wrapping up her “chase.porn.” video she teases her followers, “and, uh, what kind of porn do you watch?” She then finishes with a smirk, “Make me a video as well.”

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOwOj30Op-w

Chase left what appears to be a Somerdale, NJ post office after mailing the products. Source for above 3 photos: “Huge giveaway vlog - showing the process!!!

The Gender Mapper has covered the luring of girls and young women online into the trenches of pornography showing how many of them ultimately land on the platform, OnlyFans. Chase Ross is no exception having recently risen to the esteemed role of an OnlyFans creator. At every step of the way, a young user is groomed for the next step. (Note: While Buck Angel’s OnlyFans content has been covered by The Gender Mapper, this author did not venture to OnlyFans to check out Chase Ross’s content).

A full 16 of the 43 playlists on uppercaseCHASE1 are product reviews or giveaways. The giveaways started in 2017 with an arrangement with the binder company gc2b.co to provide 5 binders per month. This quickly became 30 binders and was soon followed by New York Toy Collaborative getting in on the action providing packers and STPs. In January of 2018 Chase proudly tells viewers that 1,383 products had been given away valued at almost 30K. But things got even better and by July 2018 Chase did ‘The Biggest Trans Giveaway Ever’ with over 23K worth of items. She tells her viewers it does not matter how old they are and wanted to keep the content from being age-restricted. Complaining she has run into this problem in the past by posting “just pictures” of packers. In place of the prosthetics, images of fruits or vegetables have been substituted. In one video Chase suggests using a friend’s address if parents are transphobic saying, “I just want to give the opportunity for everyone to be able to get these life-saving binders that they desperately need for their dysphoria.”


This article would be amiss without sharing a photo of Chase's famous ‘peen wall’ where she proudly displays her products as seen above. Below are some of the product reviews that will give readers a taste of the items that round out Chase’s content:

• In this video sponsored by Early to Bed, Chase tells her audience that she was excited to share this masturbator by Buck Angel because it is clear and she can see her peen.

Here she peddles a product called the ‘peacock’ for use in FTM sex with an attachment. “It actually touches your junk that’s grown from T,” and, “it feels amazing…,” exclaims Chase.

Here she peddles Aydian Dowling’s t-shirt printed with ‘I’m in the secret club.’ What girl could say no?

• By searching ‘uppercaseCHASE1’ on the analytics website Influenex, the following image can be found showing a diagram of Chase’s most popular posts to date. In 2020, the Moveable 4skin – Emisil Review garnered 1.31M views making it the most-watched post by a long shot. Perhaps it was the ridiculously oversized silicone phallus sent to Ross as a marketing ploy that catapulted this video to the forefront of most-watched videos. Or perhaps it was the moveable foreskin that Chase claims, “is just so exciting.” Whatever the case, of course, links and a discount code were provided to purchase the packer.

Here and here Chase reviews the Freely stand to pee device. She explains, “I’m actually going to show this in a little bit more detail and show you like exactly how it places on my OnlyFans page. This is literally stuff I cannot show you on YouTube…” She tells her audience she uses it as a pack and play and an STP and shows how it is worn while wearing her underwear. She also shares information about the rod for insertion into the packer to use for sexual activity.

Here Chase reviews the Hot Rod receiving over 44K views. The popularity might just be the squeezable silicone phallus complete with fluid (you don't need a visual here, do you?)

Here Chase reviews a harness to be used for sexual activity.

Here Chase reviews a product for making a mold of a transman’s “peen.” Although currently age-restricted, this video received almost 217K views. As troubling as all this is, it is only a smattering of the content on uppercaseCHASE1. Stay tuned for Part III where a closer look is afforded to the drugs and surgeries peddled on YouTube channel uppercaseCHASE1.

Links to Part I and Part III

Mothers Grim is the pseudonym for an independent journalist intent on exposing the grim realities of the gender industry. She counts among her friends, many mothers who have children, like her own, caught up in an industry perpetuating what she trusts one day will be considered crimes against humanity. Unfortunately, what she writes is neither nursery rhyme nor folklore.