Italy/Canceled: “A Dream Called Baby,” But Our Fight Does Not Stop🇮🇹

by FINAARGIT - International Feminist Network Against all Artificial Reproduction, Gender ideology and Transhumanism

The first edition of the “A dream called baby” event took place in Paris on 4 and 5 September 2021, for Italy the dates of 21 and 22 May were scheduled in Milan.

“A Dream Called Baby” is an international showcase with the best offers from the thriving human reproduction market. In vitro fertilization, reproductive genetics, oocyte vitrification, egg trading, embryonic genetic selections: the human being is ready for new genetic engineering technologies. The whole is painted with the best of intentions of helping to fulfill the desire for parenthood on a large market of desires where everything is for sale, even girls through the practice of surrogate motherhood - A desire that is put through the grinder and transformed by the logic of product optimization.

When procreation becomes a technical operation in a laboratory it becomes production of the living: selection and extraction of raw material, analysis in the production phases, disposal of unsuitable goods, checks on the whole process.

What does it offer and what does it offer to visitors? How do you present the new parenting possibilities to those who want a child? It may be interesting to enter this world by looking at the communicative form that is used, given the absolute singularity of the products on offer: women, men, children, parts of the human body such as gametes and uterus.

Just to be concrete and practical we can note that the attractive proposals do not differ much from what happens for any commercial offer:

We offer 1 vial (of spermatozoa) for free with the purchase of 1 vial from our donor highlighted in the catalog:

For highlighted donors, we offer 2 vials for the price of 1. To take advantage of this offer, add 2 or 4 vials of the same type to your cart. You will see the discount applied at checkout.

Another example of an offer is Becoming a homopapa for Europeans, 6-7 November 2021, the program includes:

Information on legal, medical, economic and financial services

Expert groups from various countries: local and North American,

Advice on GPA programs for French, Belgian, Dutch, German citizens, and the rest of Europe (United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, ...)

This online event is broadcast live at two different times to welcome parents and intended parents located around the world: April 1, 2021 - 1:00 pm EDT / 7:00 pm Central European time; April 1, 2021 - 7:00 pm EDT / 7:00 am for China and Taiwan

There is the BioTexCom proposal which, with the slogan "Our patients at the center of everything", offers:

Personalized treatments: individual approach for each patient in order to guarantee positive outcomes beyond the age limits. Couples of any age can use reproductive medicine and become parents

Only with fresh oocytes: use only of fresh oocytes (therefore taken from donors when needed for production) to ensure maximum results

Donor database: An extensive donor database to meet all individual patient needs in the most complicated cases

Impartial parenting advice on surrogacy and support for gay men around the world

We will refund the price of the first visit to Italy. Whether you proceed independently or rely on the affiliated centers, signing the contract for any treatment, the cost of the analyzes and visits.

And more... Men having baby (MHB) event sponsored by American and Canadian fertility clinics (countries in which in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer - in the acronym IVF - is allowed to homosexual couples), offers lectures, practical advice, discussions with prices and offers. The event took place in Paris, at the Espace Champerret, in attendance despite the epidemic also present in France, on 5 and 6 September 2020. Among other proposals, it also offers these opportunities:

Evaluation of carrier mothers with selection displayed in the catalog

Possibility to choose the sex of the child

Possibility of having the mother abort or abandon the newborn affected by an anomaly, with the guarantee, in this case, to enjoy a new GPA for free

The Gay Parenting Assistance Program (GPAP) offers homosexual men educational and financial support to achieve surrogacy parenting.

MHB's Membership Benefits Program features a video library, Ask the Expert, a rich library of information on surrogacy and homosexual parenting. The proposal for annual conferences, seminars and webinars with over seventy service providers was taken up by over 2,000 participants from all over the world. Another clinic offers various options depending on the buyer's economic possibilities A "COMFORT" surrogacy offer, at € 37,500 for the purchase of eggs. The € 70,000 VIP offer includes the birth of the child in a French-speaking country, Belgium The DELUXE offer at € 70,000 includes the guarantee of a child with a "normal" chromosomal group that is healthy, and the choice of sex.

In the name of “freedom of choice” and the assertion of a so-called “right to a child”, the world view of technocrats who manage Human Livestock determines the end of all freedom, self-determination and the very meaning of being human. The surrogate motherhood and medically assisted procreation must be radically criticized because any partial criticism has paved the way for the new faces of eugenics and transhumanism.

Transhumanist eugenic technocrats aim to normalize the artificial reproduction of the human as a normal way of coming into the world. Birth becomes the stake for a profound ontological and anthropological transformation of the human being.

For now, the event has been canceled, this is the message from the organizers: “Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, we have made the difficult decision to postpone the important event to 2023”.

Several radical feminist groups had already moved against the Baby Fair and for those days they prepared lectures and initiatives. We, as FINAARGIT - International Feminist Network Against all Artificial Reproduction, Gender ideology and Transhumanism - together with Resistenze al nanomondo and the People’s Assembly Resisting Transhumanism - Bergamo, had launched a protest scheduled to take place at the entrance to the Fair.

These pressures from various directions upset the promotional climate of the Fair and led to the decision to cancel it and postpone it to 2023. But even if this event has, for now, been canceled, technocrats, new eugenists and businessmen must not be given the opportunity to find better times for their market, for their propaganda of artificial dreams and for the advancement of their research that transforms the bodies in living laboratories.

FINAARGIT was born in memory of FINRRAGE, Feminist International Network of Resistance to Reproductive and Genetic Engineering, founded in the late 1970s, one of the first situations to denounce the risks of artificial reproduction technologies and genetic engineering. We are aware that we are experiencing an epochal transition, which is unprecedented in terms of pervasiveness, globality and irreversibility, with the urgency of opposing these profound and irreversible transformations with all our strength. Artificial reproduction, genetic editing, gender ideology, “gender identity” industry, genetic engineering, nanotechnologies, synthetic biology, artificial intelligence: they are part of the same process and the same transhumanist worldview. Let's oppose all this now, tomorrow will be too late. We fight for the unavailability of bodies and the living, for another vision of the world. In defense of our bodies, of life and the ecology of life, of the bodies of women and boys and girls, of gestation - a deep root on a physical and symbolic level of Motherhood, of the ancestral knowledge of our bodies, of mankind, of sense of humanity itself, of mother Earth and of the living being. On our website there is a presentation of the network, if you want to get to know us and join us write to us! FINAARGIT