🇺🇸Cutting to the Chase: YouTube’s Bearded and Breastless Transmen, a Salesforce in the Making 3

Updated: Apr 28


By Mothers Grim

Chase Ross is a woman who has appropriated male sex characteristics through drugs and surgeries. She is described as “transgender,” which is also referred to in the industry, as a female to male or an FTM. Once a young victim of the gender industry herself, she has been transformed into a victimizer of the next generation. YouTube is Chase's biggest avenue to stardom as one of social media’s top "transgender" influencers. This series of posts delve into Chase’s online persona, her FTM friends, and the online businesses that have exploded in recent years. These posts will take a deep dive into the products, drugs, and surgeries required for membership in the novel and trending FTM lifestyle. With her exuberant online persona, Chase’s biggest role might just be creating believers out of her followers, for it is this the industry needs most to thrive. Here are links to Parts I and Parts II.

Part III: The Drugs, Products, Porn, and Clicks for Cash

It is paramount for Chase Ross to inform followers on her YouTube channel, uppercaseCHASE1, to sell the products she reviews, fund her activities, and grow her tribe. Advice on puberty blockers, testosterone, and a collection of management drugs for adverse reactions, like hair loss and anxiety fill her content. She also has an encyclopedia of information to share regarding body alterations for which there is a growing arsenal of surgeons ready to wield their scalpels. Truth and ethics are often lacking on uppercaseCHASE1, but the newly enlightened followers then take the information to their social media to enlighten others.

Before digging further, it is necessary to understand that medical procedures to appropriate the opposite sex are experimental and that puberty blockers and testosterone are not FDA approved for such use. Testosterone is also a Schedule 3 controlled substance meaning that it has the potential for physical and psychological dependence while also rendering the possession or sale without a prescription punishable by law. All of this borders murky waters. Despite doing so, Chase bombards viewers with all sorts of drug information and surgeries and seems to be at the forefront of testing the latest and greatest method of testosterone drug delivery.

In her very first post on uppercaseCHASE1, Chase proudly shares her success in snagging a prescription for testosterone.

Soon after she shares her first attempts at self-injecting the substance.

She shares all sorts of things about testosterone tracking her progress from one year to eleven years. She even has a “Trans 101” series of 31 videos walking her confused and gullible followers (and even their family members) into the trenches of this medical identity each step of the way. In the episodes titled “Hormone Blockers” and “Hormone Placement Therapy,” she shares resources from the UCSF, a hospital involved in a controversial study on transgender youth. Chase readily discusses the effects of testosterone on the female body with particular emphasis on clitoral growth and possible penetration for sexual activity. “When a trans

individual who is on the transmasc spectrum goes on testosterone their clitoris will grow, okay?” she tells her audience. If not able to access hormones, she explains that an FTM can try pumping, sharing a video that describes how to “pump” a clitoris. That video happens to have links to Chase’s pal, Skylar, an FTM who like Chase, has also had her breasts removed by Dr. Garramone and goes by the alias GenderCube. Chase discusses and provides links to Skylar’s Tumblr where detailed information is given on how to access the drug Andractim, a drug Chase encourages in several videos like this one. Andractim is the brand name for the androgenic steroid dihydroxy testosterone for topical use. It is used by FTMs for genital growth and Chase recommends it if pursuing metoidioplasty. It is not available in the US or Canada, but Chase shares a way to get access via Skylar, recommending a clinic in Cyprus. As it is a controlled substance, Chase tells her followers to ask their doctors to write a prescription and to fax it to the company in Cyprus who will then mail it to the states. The biggest selling point perhaps to her confused followers comes near the end of the video when Chase claims a friend’s clitoris grew by three-quarters of an inch after 3 months of use of this drug.

Here Chase talks about her switch to Androgel for her testosterone source due to anxiety over injections. Here she discusses a “new way” of taking testosterone that starts with an ‘N’ and is applied to the nasal mucosa. Content cannot be monetized on YouTube if the drug brand name

were shared, but Chase tells users she will put the name somewhere in the comment section, and on this, she does not disappoint.

In this video Chase and FTM, Kai Scott discuss an injection device called the Auto-Inject 90. A patient’s syringe gets loaded into a spring-activated reusable device to take the anxiety out of self-injections. Kai tells the audience patients must figure things out and then inform the doctor implying that doctors are only there to do as an FTM says. While Chase does inform the audience that this video was not sponsored, Kai certainly takes the opportunity to advertise her business, TransFocus Consulting.

Often the comments section can provide just as many insights for an FTM. In the comments section for the auto-injector a follower pipes in about one of the latest approved testosterone drugs on the market, Xyosted. Xyosted is a self-injectable testosterone device approved by the FDA (for males) in 2018. Its quarterly growth is looking promising.

Chase readily talks about her anxiety and depression sharing many of the drugs she has tried to manage these conditions. Here Chase discusses her prescription for puberty blockers to control her bleeding stemming from the estrogen her ovaries produce. In videos like this one, she shares her use of Finasteride to prevent hair loss, a side effect of testosterone. Once again, she tells the audience she is careful to only use the generic name of the drug because if she were to share the actual drug name that starts with a ‘P’ her videos would not be monetized.

On the surgery front Chase is front and center with all sorts of insights and links. She announced her own top surgery on her channel asking for help with funding and then paying it forward soliciting funds for others and offering ideas for how to fundraise.

Here Chase talks about intense attraction toward wanting a phalloplasty and again shares her FTM friend Skylar’s Tumblr link for further information.

She informs her viewers that by meeting others who have had surgeries she realized she could do this and still save her other “area” that she so enjoys. She alludes to the forthcoming “conference” where she says she will soon be hugging her friend with the new peen. Chase claims that looking down and not seeing anything there brings on her dysphoria. It seems phalloplasty mentions on social media rarely happen without bringing up The Crane Center and Chase is no different. “They’re the ones that can do what I need them to do,” explains Chase. While watching a video titled “bottom surgery consultation,” a small icon appears just below the video window for none other than, The Crane Center.

The conference Chase mentioned in the annual Trans Philly Conference where Chase has had a growing presence. It seems she and her FTM cabal first got their start selling stickers, but Chase has since been catapulted to a presenter. The following presentations by Chase Ross were offered in 2021:

At the same conference were show-n-tell sessions for metoidioplasty, top surgery, and phalloplasty along with sessions called “Dick energy” and “Phantom Penis.” The Crane Center (shown in the previous image advertised while viewing Chase’s content) was also presented. Here Chase and her FTM friends are on full view in their hotel room on the last day of the 2016 Trans Philly Wellness Conference.

Taking this deep dive into the online world of FTM YouTube is difficult stuff but necessary to grasp the reality at hand. Clearly, there is a crisis before humanity with an industry left to fester on social media platforms like YouTube where the proliferation reaches beyond anything the human mind can comprehend. The information exposed here perhaps leads to more questions than it answers. Considering all of this, it is hardly far-fetched to speculate that the drivers of this industry are medically, culturally, and politically iatrogenic and not organic at all. The whole stinking mess is a lie. Human beings cannot be born in the wrong body and Chase and her FTM friends should have never been told lies to begin with.

In conclusion, sharing this Google ad for online security with a drag superstar seemed appropriate. It popped up a few times while perusing YouTube’s FTM content. “Comfort and peace of mine online….” Sure Google, we trust you.

Links to Part I and Part II

Mothers Grim is the pseudonym for an independent journalist intent on exposing the grim realities of the gender industry. She counts among her friends, many mothers who have children, like her own, caught up in an industry perpetuating what she trusts one day will be considered crimes against humanity. Unfortunately, what she writes is neither nursery rhyme nor folklore.