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I write at the intersection of humanity, technology and runaway capitalism.  At this intersection stands transgenderism, what I believe is a glamorous ad campaign generated by elites, invested in tech and pharma, to normalize the changing of human biology.  I believe this because I have researched the money behind the rapidly growing juggernaut of transgenderism in American culture and beyond, and it all leads back to the pharmaceutical and tech giants that now interface with LGBT NGOs which are driving the normalization of a biology-denying ideology.  This ideology has taken the bullet train of post modernism to the juncture we are at now. The LGB civil rights movement has been subsumed by elites who have added the T to normalize the overriding of our sexed reality as humans, staging a political coup of mammoth proportion.  


“Gender” is an obfuscation.  It is the deconstruction of our humanity in its sexed roots that is at issue.


Once we open the door to accepting vast changes to human biology, that undermine the very definition of what it means to be human as a sexually dimorphic species, we have opened up a Pandora’s box for melding humans with technology and AI. Transgenderism is, as the famous self- identifying-transgendered, transhumanist, Martine Rothblatt posits, “the onramp to the transcendence of fleshism.”  Rothblatt states, “people who refuse to be labeled as male or female are the pioneers of seeing humanity as not being limited by any particular substrate, such as flesh. There is a queer line of development from transgender to transhuman.”


We have reached the 11th hour.  We need to decide if we will let go of our humanity in exchange for an elusive, illusive idea of a techno-utopia where we won’t die and we can cure, have and be everything we desire with technology - or, will we cleave to what is left of our humanity as technophilic elites invested in pharma, tech, AI, gene splicing, organ transplants, and genetic modifications that take us well beyond the realm of human, fight to extract it from us through the process of capital-driven colonization.  


It’s possible we have lost the battle for our species future survival already, by the colonization of every part of the natural world, through runaway capitalism. As Roger Hallam has stated, in “Common Sense for the 21st century,” ”Ice melts when the temperature rises. Crops die in a drought. Trees burn in forest fires. Because these things are real, we can also be certain about what the future holds. We are now heading into a period of extreme ecological collapse. Whether or not this leads to the extinction of the human species largely depends upon whether revolutionary changes happen within our societies in the next decade. This is not a matter of ideology, but of simple math and physics.”


Will we stand with biological reality or give way to the techno elites, wedded to the power of profit at the expense of all life, who are guiding us over a cliff like the Pied Piper in the children’s story of the same name? 


My great hope, in this 11th hour, is that our humanity has not yet been lost to us.  


My name is Jennifer Bilek. I am an artist, a journalist and a concerned citizen. I have been on the left side of politics all my life, until now, where I find myself in a political wilderness, with no political home. Beyond that, labels are no longer serving me. I hope you enjoy this blog.

I hope it inspires you to resist. 

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