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All Aboard: The Human Rights Campaign and the Making of 'Transgender' Industry Leaders/Part 3

Part III: Healthcare Campaign Endorsing and Funding Partners

By Mothers Grim

Photo Ted Eytan/Wikimedia Commons

Years ago, my daughter abandoned herself and sought services at a designated ‘leading’ healthcare institution. They did not care for her and instead used her as a live human specimen to create a 21st-century 'transman.' I have not seen my daughter since. This is the story of how healthcare ‘leaders’ have been installed to harm my daughter and countless impressionable young people in America to create the burgeoning 'transgender' medical complex. Here are links to part I and part II of this series.

Part III: Healthcare Campaign Endorsing and Funding Partners

HRC’s Health Equality Index (HEI) was initiated in 2007 to push the lie of the 'transgender' human. Aside from the toll on the minds and bodies of patients, perhaps the most disturbing aspects of this campaign are the endorsing and funding partners – the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association (GLMA), Pfizer, Inc, and PhRMA. As leading participants in the Corporate Equality Index, they reap the benefits of lobbying Congress via the Business Coalition, broadening the scope of their wrath.

My daughter’s college health center was her first go-to source for testosterone, a drug once known for athlete doping and roid rage. In the 21st century, testosterone was being resurrected for young women and girls to manufacture the modern 'transman,' and my daughter had become a victim. The college provided connections to a clinic for the full smorgasbord of 'gender identity services. My daughter’s breasts were surgically removed, mimicking her campus peers in the year that followed that first injection. I now know many colleges participate in HRC’s campaign to harm students and encourage family separation when concerns arise.

GLMA has been an endorsing partner of the HEI since its inception in 2007. GLMA was founded in 1981 and is the largest and oldest association of LGBTQ professionals. Like other groups formed in the ’80s, their focus was HIV/AIDS. ‘T’ and ‘Q’ were added to their tagline in 2012, and 'transgender' and queer initiatives began consuming more attention.

GLMA’s conferences are loaded with sponsors from the medical industry, including both PhRMA and Pfizer. Among the GLMA board of directors is Paula M. Neira, a male with a synthetic female identity who was the first clinical director of Johns Hopkins Center for 'Transgender' Health and a leading expert on 'transgender' military service. Another is Jona Tanguay whose research has focused on harm reduction for participants of chemsex, a practice involving male sexualized drug use. While GLMA professes to be a ‘healthcare’ organization, information concerning the alarming rates of 'transgender' identifying youth, the skyrocketing cohort of females now comprising this population, or the lifetime risk of drugs and surgeries is absent. Instead, female testosterone use has broadened markets for products to assuage drug-induced libidos. Is this a female version of chemsex?

The images above were recently on the front page of GLMA’s website.

By 2011, the HEI was funded by grants from Pfizer, Inc and later by the Pharmaceutical Research and Medical Association (PhRMA), a 33-member trade group and lobbying arm for drug companies. This explains the prevailing affirmation-only agenda and the intersection of corporate and pharmaceutical interests in the CEI.

Pfizer is a supplier of testosterone prescribed to females claiming synthetic male identities and estradiol, progesterone, and spironolactone prescribed to males claiming synthetic female identities. From Reuters to the Vatican, Pfizer has a way of getting around despite a conviction in the largest healthcare fraud settlement in history for fraudulent marketing in 2009. The drugs prescribed for synthetic cross-sex identities are not FDA-approved for such use rendering it illegal to promote them for this purpose. While the FDA Guidance for the promotion of drugs is skewed to favor drug sales, it is impossible not to make a correlation between Pfizer’s involvement with HRC and the promotion of drugs for the 'transgender' medical complex.

There is no shortage of testosterone bottles, injections, or patches that make cameos in "female-to-male" social media. In 2017 HRC and Planned Parenthood teamed up in a YouTube lifestyle campaign promoting testosterone for females. A 22-year-old 'transgender'/ ‘nonbinary’ female tells the audience, “I am certainly not stabbing myself with a needle once a week just for some extra likes on Facebook.” Parents report that social media is often a leading factor in a child’s synthetic sex identification. As the young woman injects herself, the testosterone vial is conveniently turned away from the viewer. It would be a blatant breach of the law to expose the brand for this non-FDA-approved use.

In another questionable promotion of testosterone use, a nurse from the University of Iowa LGBTQ Clinic injects a bearded female with testosterone. While the bottle remains small in scale, could the blue oval be the Pfizer symbol? The YouTube video has been viewed over 800k times in four years. The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics also earned a top score in the 2022 HEI.