🇬🇧 Sex, Scotland, and Self-Id

Updated: Mar 26

By Paul McLaughlin

Against the wishes of the general public, the current coalition government of Scottland is fully committed to “sex Self-id,” or allowing anyone with a desire and a small fee, to legally become a man or a woman, despite their actual sex.

In the UK there are different legislative governments for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland with Westminster in London covering England and UK specific powers (e.g. defence). Westminster has abandoned the introduction of sex Self-id but has made a commitment to reduce the cost of a “Gender Recognition Certificate” (GRC) from £140 to £5.

Language & Definition of Terms

Before we examine the introduction of “sex Self-id,” it’s important to define the terms being used and their meanings. Activists for gender ideology quite deliberately invent new definitions for existing words. This obscures what they are advocating for: the deconstruction of human sexual dimorphism.


An adult human female.


An adult human male.


Women that are exclusively attracted to other women.


Men that are exclusively attracted to other men.


(Male/Female) – The specific biological sex of a person which is immutable, determined at conception, observed in utero and at birth, is encoded into every cell in the body and cannot change.

A man that demands we pretend he is a woman.

a man that wants the rest of the world to believe he and his genitalia are female because he cast the magic spell “I identify as…”

Terms that will not be used nor complied with.

As mentioned above, part of this ideology is designed to obfuscate words and change your perception of meanings and as such will not be used.


Humans cannot change sex and over 80% of men that claim this identity have no dysphoria, take no medication, and make no surgical changes to their body – some even keep their full beards.


“Women that demand we pretend they are men” do not represent a danger to men in private spaces nor in male sports or jobs so have no real bearing on any of the issues faced by women. However, because they are female, they will require full female medical care throughout their lives. Obscuring their sex can endanger them thereby.


This is an insult and slur used to denigrate and ‘other’ people that do not believe in the fantasy of gender ideology. In this respect, it is akin to calling non-believers of Christianity “heathens” or “pagans.“ In modern multicultural societies, we are defined by who we are, not what or who we are not.

Gender Identity

”Gender identity” is a made-up term for an individual’s feelings.

What is the Gender Reform (Scotland) Act?

The Gender Reform Act is a misnomer and refers to a time (2004) when sex and gender were largely synonymous terms. It should more accurately be described as the “sex self-id act”. It allows you to legally change your sex to the opposite sex for the purpose of expression. Your biological sex cannot change and anyone that believes that or is teaching that is spreading bad science. The “sex self-id act” will remove all medical gatekeeping with no diagnosis of dysphoria required and no medical or psychological intervention required. You just sign a piece of paper. This then allows sexually intact males to legally enter every female-only space; access to every female right in law; female roles; and with zero consideration for the bodily integrity of 51% of the population who are female. Women’s lack of consent to this insanity is irrelevant. The very purpose of the act is to remove medical gatekeeping and to make it easier for men to claim womanhood.

This has broad consequences for all aspects of society. Women will be forced out of female-only spaces, including locker rooms, changing rooms, and bathrooms if they object to men in their private spaces. Men, if they have a “sex self-id” or GRC, will be able to enter women-only short-lists in, for example, political appointments. The dignity of sex-specific hospital wards will be compromised when women are ill and/or vulnerable. This has already impacted the safety of women in Scottish prisons where this ill-conceived ideology has already been enacted by stealth. There are currently 12 men in the female estate with no laws having been passed by parliament.

The Scottish government recently lost a court case on the “Gender Representation on Public Boards” act because of conflating biological sex with both “women and ‘men that demand we pretend they are women’.” This would allow for a gender-balanced board consisting of five men and five “men that demand we pretend they are women”. This has already been attempted by men in Mexico to bypass election rules. The Scottish law was found to be in violation of the Westminster Equality Act, but in Scotland, we already have such a man as CEO of a Rape Crisis Centre. This law should legally exclude “men that demand we pretend they are women” from a very clearly sex-specific role, but because of this ideology, the man is legally considered a woman, and women are self-excluding from the Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre.

Girls will self-exclude from sports, not just because they cannot win against “boys that say they are girls” but for safety and fear of life-limiting injuries in contact sports such as women/girl’s rugby.

We have seen from other countries the effects on women’s sports and their inability to effectively compete against “men that demand we pretend they are women” and who are entitled to shower and change with women because of similar laws being enacted. We have also seen from California that senior males can sleep in communal sleeping quarters with girls because the “boys are demanding we pretend they are girls” and this knowledge is specifically hidden from parents. In Canada, there are school recruitment drives and teachers are told not to inform parents if a child has transitioned at school because a child’s home and family may not be a safe space.

The #WomenWontWheesht are regularly running street stalls in town centres to educate and explain what all this means in simple terms to the public. By corporate design all these laws are sought to pass “by stealth” and under the guise of other laws and as part of human rights (as happened when it was lumped in with gay marriage in Ireland). The now infamous Dentons report details how activists for this ideology can effect change and pass laws without public scrutiny. In the UK, pharmaceutical giants that push Puberty Blockers for children are donating to political parties (£100,000 to Liberal Democrats). And, as discussed on this site and elsewhere, Arcus Foundation, whose founder is heir to the medical fortune that is Stryker Corporation, are happy to donate millions worldwide to drive gender ideology.

No man has a human right to woman and girl’s sex-specific spaces and indeed, voyeurism is a crime but it appears that profiteering has become more important than safety or sanity.

“Sex self-id” is a legal fiction promoting harm in the general population. This right not to believe is protected under UK law as part of the Equality Act 2010 and under EU law as part of Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

We must return to a rational science-based reality where words mean the specific things they already do. Some words can and do change slowly over time through a process of “cultural osmosis” but not basic language building blocks, and not by tyrannical force. We cannot demand reality be rearranged for ideology.