Do Parents Have a Chance Against the Trans Lobby? Part III

Updated: Jan 26

In part I and part !! of this blog post, I discussed the new, explicit sex-ed curriculums, storytelling in schools that support the unscientific biology-denying mythology of “gender identity” along with new anti-bullying legislation being introduced to children’s schools to protect children identifying as “trans.”

But, if we’re going to talk about bullying, maybe we should start with the Trans Lobby. The Trans Lobby is not just relegated to the Human Rights Campaign but financially supported, aided, and abetted by a cadre of elite billionaire philanthropists and NGOs. These elites have extensive stakes in the medical-industrial complex and are creating medical identities for children. With more and more young adults accessing cross-sex (wrong-sex) hormones, either through their doctors, by self-administering them, through their university campuses, or family planning services, putting up blow-by-blow YouTube videos to document the surgical manipulation of their secondary sex characteristics and dangerous puberty blockers being given to younger and younger children, medical- technological identities being cultivated out of personality are exactly what we’re looking at. Children’s puberty blockers have a whopping price tag of $95,000.00 a year, eight times the cost of the same medication for adults. Market Watch projects the scope and applications of “sex reassignment surgery” are growing spectacularly worldwide. Current calculations predict growth will exceed USD 968 million by 2024. Consider the implications for growth when the children now being groomed to dissociate from their sexed bodies grow up!

The Trans Lobby is forcing changes in language and laws, that unmoor people from their biological sex. Halting children’s puberty removes them from the very process that facilitates full awareness of their sexed bodies. This process of unmooring children and young adults from their sex is a process of capitalist colonization of human biology for profit. Sex as identity opens markets and normalizes infringing on biological boundaries that constitute the very thing that makes us human. We are a sexually dimorphic species. When elites in the pharma and tech industries, the same who are pushing the trans agenda through schools (see JB Pritzker and clan in Part II, Jon Stryker of Arcus Foundation below, and Tim Gill of Gill Foundation), start rearranging this reality in the minds of children, we should all be frightened and enraged.

One way to assure body dissociation is through sexual trauma and exposing young children to too much or too explicit sexual material. Drag Queen story hour, with adults dancing and writhing in a sexual manner for children, excessive and early exposure to explicit sex education, and cultivating the idea through story, music, dance, and adult acceptance that sex can be changed at will, are all being pushed into the culture and children’s schools, under threat of financial exile if you do not adhere to Trans Lobby dictates. This is corporate tyranny.

Parents are fighting back by creating support groups, organizing alternatives for addressing the rise of children Identifying as “transgender” in schools, creating organizations that assist children with alternatives to medical paths, fighting lawsuits on behalf of their children, and seeking judicial review, in America, throughout Europe, Scotland, Australia, and everywhere the trans Lobby has its imprint. But it is currently an uphill battle. The trans lobby has built an entire political infrastructure to drive their body-denying mythology into the minds of children.

I have written about Arcus Foundation and its founder Jon Stryker, who funds his “LGBT” NGO from the coffers of his medical corporation worth $13 billion. Arcus is at the root of all the global programs driving this mythology through schools. They fund ACLU, HRC, PFLAG, GLSEN, Gender Spectrum, OUT for Safe Schools, The National Center for Transgender Equality, and many, many others. Dentons Law Firm, the largest international law firm in the world, and George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, funded by one of the wealthiest men in the world, help to create the legal fiction of “transgender children.”

This does not begin and end in the U.S. but is a global movement with many tentacles. The United Nations UNESCO working in tandem with the Counsel of Europe is furthering the project in Europe, along with other European programs such as ILGA-Europe, LGBT-Youth, and Tie-Campaign in the UK and Scotland. Directives for schools in Portugal, Japan, Australia, Eagle in Canada, along with Trans Equality Canada are all organizations attempting to normalize body dissociation for students and frame it as progressive, under a banner of LGB civil rights. There are too many organizations to list here, but I encourage you to find the ones in your own area, to organize, and to push back. This is not a civil rights movement but capitalist colonization of human biology using LGB and intersex orgs as a trojan horse to drive the agenda. Children are on the front line. We must act to protect them.

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