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Constructing the Legal Lie of the Transgender Child - Part I

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

If you missed James Kirkup’s article last month in the Spectator, about the tactics of trans lobbyists, go now, read it! I’ll wait.

Kirkup unearthed a document by Dentons Law firm that reports on the current state of laws and NGO advocacy in eight countries in Europe, with a focus on the rights of young people identifying as transgender.

Kirkup asks an important question that the media has yet to answer. How has a certain idea taken hold in so many places so swiftly?

The idea pertaining to the unearthed document that is taking hold so quickly is that of the “transgender child.”

Though I am interested in the “how” that Kirkup tracks beautifully in his article, I am also intensely intrigued with why (and I think you should be too) giant charitable, media, tax and law conglomerates such as Dentons and Reuters are interested in transgenderism, which impacts less than one percent of the population - especially children being diagnosed as transgender, which there are even less of. Why are Dentons and Reuters invested in a tiny, by comparison, LGBT NGO? ILGYO is a European network of 92 lesbians, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer youth and student organizations. Why are Reuters and Dentons driving the normalization of "transgender children" (children with manufactured sex identities) as if there were scientific proof that any such subset of humans exists (There isn’t)? Certainly not in the biological sense. Children who experience body dysphoria about their sex, up until very recently, were so rare a phenomenon no one ever heard of them. Now we have somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 + “gender” clinics in the US (the largest serving 1000 children), treating a condition that is considered at once, disordered enough from the norm to need clinics, drugs, medical oversight, and the halting of puberty but also normal enough to be considered just another way to be human – hence the guidance from Reuters and Dentons.

Reuters is a global media, tax and law behemoth serving corporations, governments, and the human rights community, which also interfaces with technology and AI.

Denton’s, by its own estimation, is the largest law firm in the world. In 2015, as reported by Reuters, Dentons merged with the largest law firm in China, Dacheng, which together will create the world’s largest international law firm, comprising more the 6,500 lawyers in 50 countries.

Thomson Reuters Foundation’s legal clearinghouse, Trust Law, connected Dentons and Nextlaw to IGLYO. This project is the first fruit of the partnership between Trust Law and Nextlaw Referral Network, announced in September of 2019.

Dentons and Nextlaw Referral, the largest legal network in the world, have created the guide, entitled “Only Adults? Good Practices in Legal Gender Recognition for Youth”, providing a user-friendly overview of best practices for legal gender recognition for people under 18 based on self-determination. (Read: massively influential corporate structures are being used to create systemic social change driving the normalization of the idea that children can be the opposite sex if they say they are).

Nextlaw Enterprise is Dentons’ wholly-owned subsidiary of innovation, advisory, and technology operating units. Nextlaw Enterprise is comprised of: Nextlaw Labs, a strategic innovation catalyst, Nextlaw Ventures, a venture capital firm focused on legal tech, Nextlaw Referral Network, the largest legal network in the world; Nextlaw Public Affairs Network, the world’s most comprehensive public relations, and public affairs platform, and Nextlaw In-House Solutions, a strategic advisory focused on the business of law.

This is an enormous amount of power and money driving an ideology that only announced itself in the culture in the last decade. There were no "gender clinics" for children before 2007. There are now hundreds in North America.

See part II of this blog post here.

Are we to believe that all these children were just too inhibited to announce themselves before 2007 and suddenly, they're arriving in droves and need the oversight of the largest global legal structures to promote and legally affirm their reality, based on a medical identity? We should want to know why this is happening. I certainly do.


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