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AIDS and the Medical Marketing of Sexual Identity

Updated: May 10, 2020

With the advancement of technological and medical developments, having sex and being a sex, under the system of capitalism, has become more and more profitable for the state.

Pornography and prostitution and its corollary of sex-trafficking, have exploded across the globe since the 1970’s into multi-billion dollar industries, as has the surrogacy industry because of advancements in Tech and Pharma driven by capitalism.

The LGB civil rights movement of the early 60’s and 70’s, a political fight for self-help and self-acceptance of same-sex orientated people, has morphed into a multi-billion dollar industry too. It’s not because of same-sex attracted people but what the capitalist state does to open its markets using sex. It has now created a financial food source for the medical industrial complex (MIC) out of sexual/medical identities, using same-sex attracted people, and those with disorders of sex, as their Trojan horse. It’s all profit driven and it is all rooted in the MIC.

In the late 70’s the AIDS crisis was just beginning in America, as were new profit opportunities for the MIC. The sale of pharmaceuticals, medical research, supplies, etc. to gay men stricken with AIDS, rose fast. As gay men, lesbian women, and bi-sexual individuals, worked together to counter the social stigma of being same-sex attracted and its conflation with disease, while securing help for a cure, an identity was being solidified out of a sexual orientation, one that opened up marketing opportunities for corporations. Following on the heels of AIDS, emerged gay bars, gay cruises, gay bookstores, gay clubs, gay travel agencies, and LGBT NGOs. Today, if one looks to LGBT Pride-Week, one can see the advancement of the LGBT industry into every sphere of the global market. Identity sells. This marketing of sexual identities was born out of a medical crisis.

If three identities are profitable, imagine four or five, or twenty, or 8 billion? Jeen T. Grace at Center for Hispanic Marketing and Communication provides some perspective while sharing thoughts at a marketing summit: “A common mistake in engaging an LGBT audience is to assume that the entire LGBT community is a monolith who share the same beliefs, ideas, and values. If you target everyone, you are not resonating with anyone,” Grace says. “Each individual within the LGBT community should be treated as a separate target market. Marketers should use different strategies for each segment of the LGBT community.” American LGBT consumers have a total buying power estimated at $830 billion, according to another corporation that participated in the same marketing forum. Two adult incomes with no children, which constitutes the majority of homosexual households, makes for a lot of extra capital to spread around.

By 2000, the AIDS epidemic was brought under control in America. It was a large loss for the medical industrial complex.

Gender Identity Disorders sitting in the DSM (American Psychiatric Association DSM 111) since the beginning of the AIDS crisis (1980), were to be the next medical crisis (body dysphoria) to be used to establish sexual identities emerging from a medical problem, to expand markets. The diagnostic entities for the DSM III were: Gender Identity Disorder of Childhood (GIDC), Transsexualism for adolescents and adults and Psychosexual Disorder Not Elsewhere Classified.

Since then, these disorders have morphed into culturally celebrated sexual-medical identities under the LGB civil rights umbrella. This normalization process has been driven into our culture by elites in the MIC. This manifestation is called transgenderism, or gender identity.

These new identities, emerging aside the LGB acronym, many of them requiring surgeries, puberty blockers, other untested pharmaceuticals, new technologies in plastic surgeries, and lots and lots of healthcare, are highly profitable for the medical industrial complex. Along side normalizing these medical identities is training being conducted to market to these new identities.

Though LGBs have been turned into an identity via capitalism, unlike LGBs (and those with intersex conditions which are also being used as a capitalist trojan horse), these new identities, undermine biological sexual dimorphism. Homosexuality rests on sexual dimorphism (You can't have same-sex attraction without two sexes). The additions to the acronym not only divide and create new identities that can then be marketed to, they also open up markets for changing what it means to be a sexually dimorphic species. This deconstruction will continue on this trajectory, including melding humans with technological implants, AI and leading us further away from an intrinsic connection to ourselves and the natural world. It creates a mind/body split as if we could literally live as disembodied creatures, where sex lives in an ephemeral space of a floating mind, not in the body. Sex is literally disembodied by the identities that have been added to the LGB acronym. Gender Identity and the industry growing around it, is a corporate fox in the LGB civil rights hen house, light years away from anything constituting a civil rights movement.


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