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Do Parents Stand a Chance Against the Trans Lobby? Part II

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

In part I of this blog post, I discussed how sexuality, as it is expressed, is no longer the teaching domain of parents or the discovery of young adults once they pass puberty but has become an agenda forced on young people by the gender Lobby, governments, and states, to normalize sexuality as identity. School curriculums with explicit sexual content have been instituted alongside new anti-bullying programs for children expressing a “transgender” personality and/or some form of new “gender identity.” Parents have not been consulted about this new “gender identity mythology” being taught or about the new sex-educational curriculums being thrust on their children. Many still don’t know what is happening.

Virginia, Illinois, Delaware, California, Indiana, North Carolina, and New Jersey are just a handful of states that have seen the institutionalization of “transgender” anti-bullying agendas and the abolition of separate sex bathrooms for students. Along with these changes has come parent resistance to these agendas.

Illinois is pushing an aggressive sex-education program that teaches “gender identity mythology” to kindergarteners. Governor of Illinois, JB Pritzker, instrumental in these changes in his state, is a member of the billionaire Pritzker family, whose cousin, Jennifer Pritzker identifies as ”transgender.” Together, along with the rest of their family, they are pushing “transgender” mythology through our institutions. In 2014, JB donated $25 million to Obama’s early childhood development initiatives after JB’s sister, Penny, got Obama elected. During the same year, The Advocate was touting Obama as the most "Trans-friendly" president ever.

Also present at Obama’s early childhood initiatives summit to make financial commitments were Warren and Susan Buffet, whose son Peter runs the Novo Foundation (which is part of the NoVo Nordisk pharmaceutical company of Denmark), to which the Buffets have committed billions of dollars. Novo, in partnership with Arcus Foundation, the most prominent “LGBT” NGO in America, which is having an enormous global impact pushing “gender” mythology, donated $20 million to “transgender” causes in 2015. More recently, JB Pritzker announced his anti-bullying task force in Illinois in 2019, specifically for students with a manufactured sex identity, and has signed into law Bill 246, which will ensure the inclusion of the contributions of “LGBTQ” people in the history curriculum taught in Illinois public schools. Illinois is the fifth state to enact such legislation, after California in 2011 and New Jersey, Colorado, and Oregon in 2019. The bill states that all students in Illinois will be learning about “LGBTQ” personalities in history. There are plenty of people with historical accomplishments that are same-sex attracted but singling out their sexuality seems to be of great importance suddenly. Considering “Queer” in its modern (or Post Modern) form is a relatively new concept as it relates to body dysphoria, and "transgenderism" has only recently evolved from pharmacological and technical abilities to manifest changes in people’s secondary sex characteristics, it is going to be a tough road finding "transgender" and "queer" people in history unless they invent them. Oh, wait! That’s already being done.

Why, as Brandon Showalter of The Christian Post speculates, add material to school educational curriculums that are not widely relevant when Pew research globally ranked U.S. students 24th in science, 39th in math, and 24th in reading? American students are not even getting the basics down. Why are billionaires at the forefront of institutionalizing “transgender mythology” also funding children’s initiatives that support the baseless, corporate fiction of "transgenderism"?

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