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Underestimating “Wokeness”

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

The severity of censorship being meted out to speakers and professors in universities, comedians doing comedy, ordinary people having opinions at their jobs, authors writing books, actors taking acting jobs and cartoonists making cartoons, etc is escalating, especially as regards anything having to do with the new corporatized additions to the LGB umbrella. Are we underestimating the severity of what is going on here? I worry about this when I hear journalists and others using terms like “cancel culture” and “wokeness” as snide rebuttals to what is a rapid downward spiral of our speech as it circles the drain.

John Zmirak was brazen to ask the right questions in The Stream yesterday, (he can still do this) in confronting the recent and boldly stupid announcement, by mainstream media, that the actress Ellen Page is now a man. He asks, "Does Transgenderism’ Even Mean Anything? Or Is It Just Incoherent Madness? What are you choosing, exactly? If you’re not making dangerous, destructive efforts to mutilate your body, what are you doing? What are you identifying with, or as, and how?" Zmirak’s speculations in the piece are both funny and snide and made me laugh and cheer him on inside my own head. Too many others are not getting away with this. He closed strongly with the observation, “A society that can force us to say that Bruce Jenner is a woman and Ellen Page is a man can force us to say anything at all” and “it’s literal, textbook madness to remake our words for the whole human species to cater to sad delusions.” I was clapping, alone in my living room, by his point in his article.

His last line was a home run too: “I won’t do it, no Xir, and neither should you.” It’s a strong close and rifts on the media attempts to get us to go along with this charade. But I really want to know how John Zmirak proposes he is going to get away with eventually not going along. How are any of us going to resist this juggernaut if we all don’t start screaming from the rooftops and talking about this even if it makes us uncomfortable? Will silence save us? Has it worked before? These are questions every single one of us better start contemplating soon.

After years of digging into the funding behind transactivism, the gender identity industry, its elite underpinnings and political infrastructure, and more importantly its steady infiltration of the marketplace, I can see very concretely how they are going to get all of us, every last one of us, to speak lies.

The funding by billionaire philanthropists such as Jennifer Pritzker, Jon Stryker, Tim Gill, and others, driving the ridiculous notion of “gender identity” institutionally has been magnificent in scope. The political infrastructure for this was established well in advance of trans madness hitting the culture and that preparation has proved successful. People now believe that surgically engineering our bodies to conform to an idea of ourselves beyond our biological sex is progress, that giving puberty blockers to children and handing out wrong sex hormones to young adults is the height of positive development.

What strikes me most though, what terrifies me is not that too many people believe this and it is hard to get them not to believe it. It isn’t even that it has been driven into our institutions. This could be unraveled, the same way it was built. What completely unhinges me is that this has been driven into the global market.

The medical industry, global corporations, and banks, such as Goldman Sachs, Barclays, HSBC, E&Y are all changing their corporations to accept and drive the lie into language and law that we are not a sexually dimorphic species. They are making participation in their corporations as employees contingent on accepting the lie. The alternative is being fired for bigotry and hate. They have training meetings, not unlike the indoctrination of school children by the new sex curriculums added to their lessons, recruiting memos, and meetings, as have been set up in children's schools, to rearrange thoughts and communications with and about each other that are homogenous, serve their corporate goals and force them to lie.

Hollywood is, well, Hollywood. Institutions and politicians can still be negotiated with, laws can be changed – one was just changed in the UK to the great benefit of children. But corporations are profit-seeking missiles. They don’t think. They are designed to profit. The market moves of its own accord. It is an engine. It is totalitarian. It has nearly devoured an entire globe and now It has come for human sex – the boundary between male and female.

Where Zmirak ‘s piece goes wrong, it goes terribly wrong in underestimating his target. He suggests “Our elites are forcing us to repeat such blatant nonsense for only one reason: to flex their muscles, test their power, and prove that they can.”

NO, they aren’t. They are doing so for control, for social engineering, and for-profit, and the sooner we understand it is an organized, brilliant strategy which is procuring all that for them, the better position we will be in to resist this “wokeism” which is really not “wokeism” at all, but totalitarianism in a dress and pearls, a fascistic market, sewn to Big Tech and Big Pharma moving at lightning speed.

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