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LGBTQ+: A Front For The Techno-Medical Complex

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

One of the most brilliant tactics used by the gender industry in their pursuit of dismantling human sexual dimorphism for the profiteering of the techno-medical complex (TMC), was to tie their agenda of promoting body dissociation to the progressive human rights movement for LGB individuals.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in a current legal case being fought by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) against the state of Arkansas. The ACLU is utilizing a 15-million-dollar endowment from two gay men, Jon Stryker, heir to the Stryker Corporation medical fortune worth 14.7 Billion dollars, and his husband, Slobodan Randjelović to overturn a state ban that refuses to allow for drug and surgical experimentation on children’s sex.

The TMC profiteering is the backdrop to the current LGBT. It is obscured by the creation of an ideology promoting medical identities pertaining to human sex, as advancement. The global healthcare industry is a 10 trillion-dollar industry. To grow within a capitalist economy, it must create new markets. Medical identities based on sex feeds this industry, which is why the “transsexual” brand of drugs and surgeries has morphed into the “transgender” brand of sex-on-a-spectrum drugs and surgeries. The ‘transsexual” brand of drugs and surgeries was purchased by a small base of adult men with a sexual fetish, choosing to colonize the opposite sex. The “transgender” brand is the repackaging of this fetish for youth to appeal to a bigger market via corporate normalization. The current ongoing ad campaign of glamorous, mythic individuals that are not male or female is seen as a ready cure for an anxious and disaffected population of teens. Young people can get testosterone delivered to their homes, mastectomies for body dysphoria, chest dysphoria, or simply to masculinize their appearance. Hysterectomies can be performed in full or in part, depending on how one feels, and non-binary surgeries give men the option of keeping their penis while inverting their scrotal sack into a makeshift hole for penetration. Sex-on-a-spectrum or human sex deconstructed into parts works out very well for the TMC, and Stryker Corporation which sells medical supplies and surgical devices. As a species, we are far more profitable as parts, than as whole beings.

The transgender brand also paves the way toward supporting the assisted fertility market (AFM) by manifesting new additions to the consumer market that is LGB, who will also use AFM to create their families. Sterilizing children creates new consumers for AFM/TMC. The more people rely on reproductive technologies, the more our species, which is rooted in sex, morphs into something that is beyond human, something that is more intricately wedded to the TMC.

Arcus Foundation, with its base in America, and a branch in the UK, is used as a philanthropic façade for the profiteering of Stryker Medical (and the TMC in general) to which, as mentioned earlier, the founder of Arcus Foundation is the heir. Jon Stryker has used Arcus Foundation, now the largest LGBT non-governmental organization (NGO) in the world, to send half a billion dollars of Stryker Corporation money all over the world, to create the construct of “gender identity.”

Mainstream media conglomerates which are invested in TMC are helping to solidify the construct of sexed beings that are not male or female.

Arcus Foundation has usurped the psychological community, and its vast funding machinations have driven gender ideology, through our educational, sports, religious and medical institutions, and human rights organizations. Stryker medical corporation money dressed up as human rights, has, as seen with this current case in Arkansas, also captured the ACLU, a once liberal bastion to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person under the U.S. constitution.

ACLU has turned into a mouthpiece for the TMC driving gender ideology (disassociation from sex), as a progressive new lifestyle. They have received $4,705,000. dollars in funding from Arcus Foundation from 2007 until 2018. Last year, Jon Stryker made an interesting decision to fund the ACLU using his own private capital, instead of his LGBT NGO as he has done since 2007. It’s the same money since he has stressed that the funding of Arcus Foundation comes from his stock in Stryker Corporation and that its gift-giving is contingent on recipients adhering to gender ideology. This particular gift to the ACLU is the largest ever focused on LGBTQ+ rights and, as the Forbes article reporting on the gift exposes, it is specifically to fight this case in Arkansas. Is this switch in the presentation of funding sources to make clear that Jon Stryker’s $4.6 billion dollar piece of the Stryker Corporation pie is backing the pursuit of medicalizing children’s healthy bodies, to deter law firms from taking further actions against the TMC? It looks like Stryker is protecting the “Transgender” brand by sending a clear message about the power his billions have, to shape law.

There are seventeen other states (Pdf.) lined up in support of the Arkansas ban, each with its own legislation to protect youth from experimental medical manipulations on their sex, so it's little wonder, Stryker is anxious. The amicus brief used in those cases states clearly that experimental “gender transition” procedures prohibited by Arkansas are fraught with medical and scientific uncertainties, that there is a general paucity of evidence regarding pediatric “gender transition,” and that these experimental procedures come with serious, lifelong risks that children cannot fully understand.

But 15-million-dollars from a medical behemoth like Stryker Corporation can go a long way in deterring law firms to take on cases against the TMC in the future if the ban in Arkansas does not hold.

Arkansas is an important source of revenue for Stryker Corporation as one of its 57 offices, in 36 countries resides there. It was listed on a hero’s health care workers list in Arkansas by Arkansas Money & Politics, last year. The University of Arkansas Medical Sciences department spent five and a half million dollars on Stryker Medical supplies from 2019-2020 (Pdf.).

Chase Strangio, a woman who has appropriated manhood, is Deputy Director for Transgender Justice for the ACLU's LGBT and HIV Project, the project funded by Stryker and Slobodan Randjelovic and legal signatory to the complaint filed against Arkansas for which the endowment was made. Strangio was named one of TIME Magazine’s 100 most influential people of the year in 2020. She has come right out and stated that “there is no binary, coherent thing called “biological sex.” She clearly moves out of the bounds of expressing care for children with a “medical condition” and into attacking human sex at its root. Jon Stryker and Slobodan Randjelović exhibit this same disregard for children’s healthy bodies as they act with impunity to attack their sex. She is also the main proponent of the ACLU’s fight to end Women’s Sports.

The infiltration of our institutions, by gender identity ideology being driven by billionaire philanthropy coming out of the TMC, is also promoted by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and the Human Rights Campaign Foundation. The HRC is the rights organization set up to purportedly promote the rights of LGB people, which now includes a fictitious subcategory of individuals who identify themselves based on feelings, not sex. It has 3 million members. Chad Griffin, born in Hope Arkansas, is a political strategist who volunteered with former President Clinton and went on to become the president of the HRC from 2012-2019.

The HRCF, according to Influence Watch, leverages the HRC’s position as the de-facto “representative” of the LGBT community, similar to but much broader in scope than the UK’s Stonewall, to pressure major corporations, law firms, hospitals, and local governments into implementing and expanding pro-LGBT policies, financially supporting HRC and withdrawing support from conservative and faith-based organizations through implicit threats of low scores on its Corporate Equality Index, Healthcare Equality Index, which evaluates more than 1,700 healthcare facilities nationwide, and Municipal Equality Index “scorecards.” In 2015 and 2016 Arkansas Children’s Hospital was listed as a Leader in LGBT Healthcare Equality by the HRC. In 2020, its pediatric “gender” clinic received top performer status.

Considering the global LGBT consumer market is now 3.7 trillion dollars, corporations, organizations, and institutions have little choice but to support this constituency and its drive to deconstruct sex, lest it is thought of as discriminatory by consumers and corporations who do opt-in.

It is the TMC astroturfing that is driving the narrative that dissociation from one’s sexed reality is progressive. They are the industry driving gender ideology into our schools (k-12 as well as universities), our medical and civic institutions, our human rights organizations, and our homes. The TMC is the beneficiary of new illusory identities manifested out of uprooting humans from sex. If we are to have any success in stopping them, they must be exposed along with their grandiose lie. There is no “transgender.” There is no “gender identity.” It is a corporate fiction cultivated to sell body modifications that unmoor us from our sexed reality.

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