Womanhood Is Occupied Territory

Women have become occupied territory, like the Americas in the 1500s. Women are fighting to hold on to their sex-segregated spaces, just as the indigenous sought to hold on to their land, many of them not even realizing that destroying sex-segregated spaces is not the colonizers’ ultimate objective. Rich corporatists have already settled the desired area and are poised for continued extraction of resources. Men’s claims on segregated spaces, such as women’s bathrooms and prisons, are like planting a flag after the work has been done; this is not the colonization itself. The occupied territory is female biology, specifically reproductive capacities. Corporatists use the religion of gender identity in much the same way the early colonialists of the Americas used Christianity to ”save souls”, setting up missionaries just like the LGBT non-governmental organizations are setting up gender camps and institutions for the new woke religion. Both have laid the groundwork to mine, extract, and ultimately destroy by tranquilizing the colonized with dreams of salvation. Women’s bodies are the new territories that are conquered for profit. Queer theory is here to save people from the "heterosupremacy" of sexual dimorphism, while the corporate colonists plunder the new land.

It’s not just womanhood on which these encampments have been established, but human sex itself. While men’s reproductive capacities (one sperm cell is all that’s required to create life) are extracted and mined, women’s biology is taken over and deconstructed. Calling this process a human rights movement is psychological warfare.

This occupation and colonization of female biology is not metaphysical. It is not happening just linguistically or legally, but in material reality.

Marina Terragni, writing for RadFem Italia this year, reports on the rising ratio of males pretending to be females versus females pretending to be males. Marking the differences in choice, she writes, “An important difference: While among males pretending to be females (MtFs), the use of hormonal therapies and surgery—castration—is increasingly rare in favor of a self-identification that keeps the body intact (self-ID), females pretending to be males (FtMs) very frequently resort to chemical support and double mastectomy or top surgery (much less frequently than the construction of a pseudo-male sex).

“On the symbolic level,” she continues, “both types of transition tell the same story. It is always about the cancellation of the female body.”

I venture that this cancellation is not symbolic. Women—their biology—are literally being cancelled, deconstructed, erased, and stolen via technology and the profiteers using it.

In 2019, Dr. Giancarlo McEvenue, hired by the Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical giant, spoke to a rapt audience about removing healthy young females’ breasts for purposes of identity. In 2018, an ob/gyn at UCLA gave a presentation of the various types of hysterectomies performed on young women who want to be men. Over 40,000 young women are begging for money on the financial campaigning app GoFundMe to have their breasts removed—sacrifices to the gender identity gods.

Reporting for NPR in 2018, Michaeleen Doucleff alerted us to the rising rates of surgeons performing cesarean sections around the world. “Since 1990, C-sections have more than tripled from about 6 percent of all births to 21 percent, three studies report in The Lancet. In America, the national average jumped to 32 percent in 2015–a 540 percent increase over the course of one generation. The rates for Brazilian women are even higher, Brazil having the highest rate of surgical deliveries in the world. The C-section rate for women in private hospitals in Brazil skyrockets to 80–90%. While many women are resisting this tech takeover of reproduction, for elites, cesarean births have become a status symbol.

“It’s a money machine,” reports one woman who felt pressured into having a cesarean birth. “C-sections can be easily scheduled and quickly executed, so doctors schedule and bill as many as eight procedures a day rather than wait around for one or two natural births to wrap up.” The World Health Organization has long campaigned to reduce elective C-sections, which are nearly twice as deadly for mothers than natural births and require longer recovery times for mothers and babies, but profiteering rules the day.

Maria do Carmo Leal, a researcher at the National Public Health School at the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation in Brazil, says, “[T]he high C-section rate reflects an extreme manifestation of a medical culture that treats delivery as a health problem and not as a natural process.” This is the same industry creating a health crisis out of the natural puberty of healthy children via gender identity ideology, medicalizing their normal sexual growth processes, that in turn feeds the tech reproduction industry.