Gender Identity: When Tucker Carlson Becomes the Stand-In for Stand Up

Updated: Oct 15

The right-wing news host, Tucker Carlson seems to be doing the job most comedians in America won’t do today, namely being funny, especially about “gender identity.” Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire is another right-wing political pundit who is clearly not afraid of the gender industry cartel. Why are so many comedians?

How could comedians resist? I find myself pining the loss of George Carlin. Carlin would have had a field day with the comedic potentialities of “gender identity.”

One might call gender identity ideology comedy gold, for all its ridiculous assertions, that men can be women if they say so, that women can have penises, that people can be non-sexed, and that babies are “assigned” sex at birth. They might as well claim that babies arrive by storks, for all the outrageous pronouncements that its believers take on with deep conviction. Yet, most of our comedians won’t touch the gender brigade, Dave Chappelle being one notable exception. There are a few others, but not many.

Chappelle, being too big to cancel, and Netflix too invested in the money The Closer show brought in, took the protest of his alleged "transphobia," last October, pretty much in stride though both became a bit conciliatory after the fact. Ted Sarandos, Netflix CEO, after defending free speech and Chappelle, apologized after an uproar by employees expressing their anger at Chappelle, stating "I should have recognized the fact that a group of our employees was really hurting” (insert eye-roll). Chappelle, in a follow-up show, talked about his affection for and acceptance of the LBGT community and told a heartwarming story about his personal friendship with one man who appropriated womanhood, whom he allowed to open for his show. Considering Netflix is owned by Black Rock, the largest investment company in the world (global assets total $20 trillion), which is deeply invested in the gender industry, conciliation between Netflix's investment in Chappelle as a huge moneymaker and Black Rock's investment in the gender industry, was necessary. This is the same tight rope Disney CEO, Bob Chapek has to walk now, sandwiched between Black Rock, their major shareholders invested in the gender industry, and the public, as reported by biotech entrepreneur, Vivek Ramaswamy. Add to that, Disney's own investments in the gender industry and the tightrope these CEOs must walk might as well be covered in grease.

Though the hoopla around “The Closer” has died down, the censorship of comedians, leading to funnier political pundits (at least on the political right), and less funny comedians, is gaining ground. One glance at the media maelstrom created by Will Smith slapping comedian Chris Rock at the Oscars, for a joke Rock made about Mrs. Smith’s haircut is a recent case in point. Comedian Ryan Long did a riff on Jada Pinkett Smith’s sex life, sans Will, shortly after the Oscars, which got censored by both Facebook and Twitter, though you can still see the video of several comedians singing about taking Jada Pinkett Smith for “a spin,” on YouTube. It was also reinstated on Facebook. As the noose tightens around what is left of our free speech, women’s sexual humiliation, as comedic fodder will be the last to go down. The most stringent censorship in the comedic realm at this point is reserved for comedians who veer into "gender identity" territory. While Carlson and Walsh are creating some of the best comedy routines around gender ideology, Carlson on Fox News, and Walsh on the Daily Wire and YouTube platforms, we don’t hear much from American mainstream comedians that aren’t pandering to people who want to identify out of their sex.

Bill Burr has been uncharacteristically tender in his treatment of the subject, Whoopi Goldberg is the producer of a “trans” modeling agency, and forget about Wanda Sykes, who was sending love out to her “trans” sisters on Twitter last year, and slamming a Florida bill at the Oscars that would prevent teachers from teaching kids in K-3 classes that they can be born in the wrong body. Hannah Gadsby calls herself a genderqueer comedian (whatever that means), and GLAAD, the media spokespeople for the LGBT cartel, blasting Dave Chappelle’s Closer routine, highlighted comedians with synthetic sex identities (SSI: corporate sex identities, i.e; not real) last year because comedians without SSI who make jokes about those with SSI create harm in their community. Wouldn't that make a great comedy skit? No one is using it.

Dave Chappelle provided very short-lived permission for other comedians to come out and be funny again, specifically about “gender identity.” After The Closer uproar, men took to social media, decrying the censorship of Chappelle and making fun of the activists fronting for the gender agenda, and Joe Rogan, popular comedian, and podcaster came out in support of Chappelle. It was like we could all take a big deep breath again and stop minding what comes out of our mouths. We could be funny!

But again, this was short-lived. Could it be that the corporate conglomerate-controlled media skewering of comedians who’ve dared to joke about “gender identity” keep others away from the subject? Louis CK got lashed by Bazaar Magazine in 2019 (not something he could afford after his #metoo movement moment) for calling people claiming SSI boring and British comedian, Ricky Gervais got so much flak even the comedy reviewer in The Guardian felt a need to explain that his enjoyment of Gervais’ show was not an endorsement of ALL his opinions. Reportedly, he was brooding on Gervais’s “trans material” and the degrees to which he found it “appropriate, or offensive, or funny.”

It seems only Tucker Carlson and comedians with SSI are allowed to be funny about “gender identity.” Out, one LGBT media platform, suggests there are at least 11 comedians with SSI who are funnier than Dave Chappelle. Funny, I’ve never heard of them. One male comedian, claiming womanhood as his costume, joked about identifying with serial killer Ed Gein for wanting to skin girls alive. Corina Lucas, in a comedy set he called “skin suit” at the Portland Queer Comedy Festival in 2019, quipped “I’m not saying I endorse skinning cis girls to build a woman suit – but I get it. I wanted to kill cis girls for way less than that.“

Gein, was the inspiration for many films, including "Psycho", "Silence of the Lambs", and "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" due to his decision that the only way to become a woman was to turn her into this season's latest rage in bodysuits.

Chappelle, in a routine he did before The Closer, made a quip about meeting OJ Simpson and OJ's “soon-to-be slain wife,” Nicole. No problem there. Violence against women, like their sexual humiliation, is free for laughs but don’t mention anyone with a synthetic sex identity or the hammer of financial threat comes down hard. They are just too fragile. Just ask Larry fink, billionaire CEO and Chairman of Black Rock if you don't believe me.

In The Closer routine, Chappelle clearly stated that his problem is not the LGBT community but the corporate interests that were dictating what he could and could not say. He joked about Cassius Clay having a more difficult time changing his name than Bruce Jenner had appropriating womanhood and his suspicion that if it were only black or Mexicans trying to identify out of their sex, the gender agenda would be seen as ridiculous. Chappelle was trying to tell us something there and I wonder how many people have truly grasped the significance. This is an elite white men’s agenda - the same one we've been dealing with for eons - and the LGBTQ+, no longer a human rights movement has become a totalitarian, censorious, financial juggernaut. They have curtailed our ability to speak, and they are so insane that they have nearly single-handedly killed satire.

RIP Comedy.

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