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Media Conglomerates Marketing The Gender Identity Industry.

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

The propaganda, that there is a subset of humanity that is not male or female, or who believe that they are something other than male or female and should be accommodated everywhere in society for this belief, has been like a distant media drumbeat in our lives. It is always there as backdrop noise, hypnotizing us with virtue signals and repetition.

Nick Monroe, reporting in the Post Millennial recently critiqued a Sports Illustrated (SI) interview with swimmer Lia Thomas, a man swimming on a women’s elite sports team, who SI claims is really a woman. Monroe was unsurprised that Lia Thomas doubled down on his gender identity in the interview, and yet he stopped short of asking why women’s sports are being overhauled for men. He left the premise of there being a subset of humanity called “transgender” people intact.

Sports podcaster, Ross Tucker did the same in a recent, nearly wonderful Twitter thread, critiquing Lia Thomas’ NCAA Women’s Swimming Championship win Thursday. At the bottom of a nearly perfect thread, where he correctly identifies Lia Thomas as a man and the harms generated by his acceptance into women’s sports, he writes: “That said, where non-zero-sum (colliding rights) inclusion is possible, in a safe way, there should be no barrier to welcoming ‘transwomen’ into sport,” undoing all his own clarity up until that point.

The critiques of the gender industry by some mainstream media outlets, only presented on the political right, focus on the surface of the issue; the obvious unfairness of “transwomen” in women’s sports (they mean men), the obvious lack of safety for women when “transwomen” are housed in women’s prisons (again, they mean men), etc. The premise of “transgender” people, the one thing that needs to be critiqued, is almost never touched by any mainstream media outlet.

Why is everyone buying the fiction being sold by media propaganda that there is a subgroup of humanity that are not male or female based on their feelings - or that their feelings of being oppositely sexed, other-sexed (in the case of "non-binary"), or non-sexed (nullo) deserve special rights and respect for their feelings? Are they terrified of questioning the premise, or are journalists prevented by their conglomerate heads from exposing the subtext of this issue?

Until we get to the root of this problem and rip it out, we’ll all be running in place. There are no people who are not male or female. This is the crux of the entire issue. We have been sold a fiction. There is also no good reason to create new laws and language for people who have a fictional belief about themselves. There are, in fact, plenty of good, obvious reasons not to.

This sales pitch of special people with special identities about their sexed bodies started less than ten years ago and has been running relentlessly since on all mainstream media platforms. The word “transgender “ and the phrase “gender identity” didn’t enter our cultural lexicon with full force until 2014, even if it was hovering about in the LGB community for a bit longer, evolving out of "transsexual" and stretching to include many variations of fetish, kink, attraction to stereotypes of the opposite sex, cross-dressing, the idea of not being a sexed person at all, etc.

In 2014, American mainstream media placed a black man in a dress on the cover of Time Magazine. This was the public's initiation into the ideology of “gender identity,” or choosing one’s sex. Having a sexed body that you don’t like has been presented to us as the equivalent of the suffering black people endured under slavery and Jim Crow. It is also promoted as akin to being same-sex attracted, even as it denies the reality of sex.

The entire blitzkrieg of propaganda, selling us fictional sexed identities, playing out all over mainstream media is indoctrination on steroids. It is misogynist, racist, homophobic propaganda, repackaged as progressive, brought to us by elites colonizing human sex for profit, deconstructing us as wholly sexed beings, into parts for consumption, as if human sex were a lego set.

Societies Are Not Being Overhauled So A Few People With Body Dysphoria Can Feel Included

There are no pride parades for people with Body Identity Integrity Disorder (BIID) with body dysphoria related to their limbs. Global banks do not "care" about those with BIID, only those with dysphoria related to their sex. International law firms, investment houses, billionaires in Pharma and Tech, and governments worldwide are only investing in people with body dysphoria related to their genitalia, not those with BIID. An entire political apparatus tied to the medical-industrial complex has been created to drive the normalization of dissociation and dysphoria related to our sexed bodies, manifesting a social contagion for young women. Nearly no one is writing articles about people with disassociation and body dysphoria associated with BIID. Individuals with BIID are not promoted in mainstream media as brave, mysterious, or sexy, and they certainly don’t have modeling agencies clamoring to hire them.

Though we are a bipedal species, our legs (the limbs usually associated with BIID) do not define humans as a species. We are defined by our sex because our male and female differences in sex note our reproductive capacity. This reproductive capacity is what is being colonized for profit by the techno-medical complex and toward the engineering of human evolution under the guise of human rights. Specifically, it is women’s female reproductive capacity that the market is usurping for capital. Women’s reproductive capacity is being poised for a tech takeover, and women are being erased in language and law, simultaneously by the introduction of gender identity ideology by the corporate state.

We must get beyond the surface of the nonsense we are being fed to the root of this issue, which is in the technological-medical reproductive industry and eugenics, tilling the soil for human dissociation from our sexed reality and the remaking of our species. The wealthiest men in the world are driving this plan, and it isn’t because they care about a “marginalized group.” They are rearranging reality. The gender industry is one front at which this undertaking is being cultivated. This cannot be done by focusing media propaganda on people who want their legs amputated because they have body dysphoria. It can only be done by driving propaganda on body dysphoria related to sex to normalize disassociation from our sexed reality. We are a sexually dimorphic species. Our sex connects us to the rest of the biosphere and each other.

Behind the Propaganda Machine

Sports Illustrated, lauding Lia Thomas, a man winning a women’s sports competition, is owned by Authentic Brands. Authentic Brands Group was on the receiving end of an $875 million investment by BlackRock in 2019. SI has now had four men posing as women on their covers. This is sleek, high-tech, high-end propaganda of the state. What exactly are they selling? Are the profits to the pharma and tech industries for surgeries, drugs, surgical supplies, research, and the psychiatric industry enough that Black Rock, the world's largest assets manager with $10 trillion in US capital should be interested in the issue of body dysphoria related to genitalia? Why is SI (Black Rock) trying to convince the public that men can be women, and positioning a man alongside women of color as comparable, as they did with Lenya Bloom, Megan Thee Stallion, and Naomi Osaka last year? Why are entire governments, international corporations, investment houses, and billionaires, all driving similar narratives? Why is nearly no one in mainstream media asking these questions, even the mainstream media on the right that are purportedly critiquing this industry?

Media and the Techno Medical Complex

To understand how this narrative is being sold to us, we must look at the connections between American mainstream media, the techno medical complex (TMC), and the oligarchs running the “gender” narrative. We must look at how this is positioned, by elites, through the use of media, as a left/right divide, when those on the right can only go so far in their critiques of the industry, leaving the root, the fiction of "transgender" people, intact.

Arcus Foundation (AF), the largest LGBT Non-Governmental Organization fueling the gender industry has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in the American Psychological Foundation. It is funded by the founder’s investments in Stryker Medical, to which he is the heir. AF is also driving the gender identity industry narrative, through media, normalizing body dissociation, by funding National Public Radio, and GLAAD which drives gender identity industry propaganda to all mainstream media.

The American billionaire Pritzker family, with prolific investments in the medical-industrial complex and a family member calling himself “transgender,” have funded many institutions in the US, Canada, and Israel to create the fiction that humans are not a sexually dimorphic species. The Pritzkers' most recent philanthropic gifts are in the mental health field. Governor Pritzker of Chicago has earmarked 140 million dollars for mental health in his state. John and Lisa Pritzker have funded the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) to create a new psychiatric center to the tune of 60 million dollars.

UCSF is funded by myriad billionaires invested in the TMC and the gender industry. The medical center of UCSF has its own “transgender” care center, partnered with Comcast media conglomerate. Comcast owns AT&T, NBCUniversal, Sky Broadcast and Telecommunications, DreamWorks Animation, and Xumo Online Video Streaming.

I have written elsewhere about media conglomerates Disney, AT+T, and Amazon, their investments in the gender industry, their media platforms' censorship of any critiques of the gender industry, as well as their investments in the techno-medical complex. If we throw a stone at any mainstream media platform, we find media conglomerates in bed with the TMC, promoting body dissociation as progressive.

Find below, a link to a google document providing a glimpse of how much mainstream media propaganda promotes disassociation from our sexed bodies as not just normal, but often glamorous and edgy, and how they cultivate villains out of anyone bold enough to question their narrative. I have only outlined two media conglomerates, but most mainstream media conglomerates have deep investments in the techno-medical complex that is running the gender industry. Many, like Amazon (Jeff Bezos), and Time, (Marc Benioff), also have ties to the Big Fertility market cashing in on the sterilization of young people being medicalized in the gender industry.

It is way past time for a deeper dive into mainstream media conglomerates' partnership with the TMC, building the fiction of gender identity. This industry must be stopped. It is meant to unravel humanity from our roots in the real world (sex) and to tie us to a techno-medical prison (a synthetic, false reality). The first juncture at which we must reclaim ourselves is language. Understand why and how it is being changed.

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