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Elite Gay Men & the Destruction of Women’s Role in Sexual Ethics & Human Reproduction

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Peter Tatchell, a renowned gay LGBTQI+ activist, based in the UK, gave a TEDx Talk in 2015, in which he suggested that the broad social acceptance of gay culture within Western societies is paving the way for greater diversity in sexual expression and that this will constitute more enlightened societies. Drawing on the work of 1950s sex researcher Alfred Kinsey, Tatchell stated that the categories gay and straight are not watertight and that bisexuality is growing in popularity. He assures us sexual expression is becoming more fluid, existing on a continuum with gay on one end and straight on the other. Those in the growing middle express an amalgam of different sexual desires and attractions (and, let’s be clear, fetishes based on disconnection, objectification of others, and compulsion).

In his talk, Tatchell outlined a path in which strict cultural attitudes that dictate what he calls “straight supremacy” will be eroded, and in its place will be more crossover between heterosexuality and homosexuality. He implies that most heterosexuals repress their feelings of same-sex attraction. When cultural standards, which he sees as established by “moralists,” are loosened, this will create a less homophobic society that will uproot the need for anyone to assert their LGBT identity. The heteronormativity Tatchell despises is the default sexual expression because it is the evolutionary path of our species' reproduction.

Other wealthy gay men use influential organizations that evolved once the AIDS epidemic was quelled in the USA to deconstruct sexual dimorphism. These organizations were once there to protect their safety and human rights.

Jon Stryker, founder of Arcus Foundation, and his husband, Slobodan Randjelović; Tim Gill of the Gill Foundation; Fabrice Houdart, head of Out Leadership; Todd Sears, founder of Out Leadership; and Mark S. Bonham of the Bonham Centre for Sexuality Studies in Toronto, Canada, are all extremely wealthy gay men institutionalizing gender identity ideology globally with the addition of Transgender, Queer, and Intersex (T+) to the LGB acronym within their LGBT non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The T+ is a trojan horse being used to dismantle sexual dimorphism, which Tatchell comes right out and calls “straight supremacy.”

Though this might seem at cross purposes to their sexual orientations, what is at root is the same efforts to control women’s biology, to profit from women’s biology, and to upend women’s ability to prevent sexual access to children, that other misogynistic men have engaged in for eons. The wealth these men have amassed insulates them and grants them a sense of entitlement to all they desire. There is no pretense of care for women.

In Peter Tatchell's TEDx Talk and in previous public statements, he seems to support sex between grown men and boys. This controversy has followed him like a plague throughout his career. During his talk, he mentions that this is perfectly natural behavior within some Aboriginal tribes while remarking on the coming freedoms available to us all when “straight supremacy” is abolished (He later notes on his website that he unequivocally does not support pedophilia).

There are echoes of Tatchell’s TEDx Talk in a popular 2002 book The End of Gay: And the Death of Heterosexuality, by Canadian journalist Bret Archer, who proposed that as gay culture becomes more acceptable within society, it will become less relevant (as well heterosexuality) and that gay is just a moment in history leading to more fluid sexuality for all humans.

One gay male reviewing the book summed up gay culture as “tired and bloated.”

Another reviewer thought the book was an excellent way to highlight the difference between gay and queer. Queer is a postmodern term that examines and deconstructs the meaning of sexual orientation and sex-role stereotypes as they are overlaid on the reproductive sex of humans.

On his website, Tatchell uses the same language as Martine Rothblatt, the transsexual transhumanist who authored the first gender bill giving legal structure to disembodiment via “gender identity” and who likens sexual dimorphism to the system of South African apartheid (emphasis mine). Rothblatt authored the 1997 book Unzipped Genes: Taking Charge of Baby-Making in the New Millennium, which maps the future of reproductive technology, genetic screening, and DNA mapping. The impetus for Unzipped Genes was Rothblatt’s work on the Human Genome Project, a multibillion-dollar effort to unlock the secrets of the human genetic code.

Where does all this deconstruction and queering of sex lead us? None of these men tell us why being unmoored from sexual intimacy, each other, our roots in sex, our connection to the rest of nature, and our genetic heritage, make for a life worth living. They don’t say why having limitless sexual expressions with multiple people is a positive, either for individuals or society. Tatchell’s and his brethren’s utopia seems to be a world where all sexual expression, including the exploitative and fetishistic, are given free rein if the current iteration of LGBT Inc is any indicator.

Women don’t fit into these men’s visions, which is why we are being erased in language and law. Children have become fodder for an experimental society, freed from women’s bodies and safeguarding and positioned for unfettered sexual exploration & access.

As with Rothblatt, the rest of these men are also looking toward a technological usurpation of women’s role in reproduction to be transferred to the tech sector.

A new platform in the UK called The Modern Family Show 2021 gives us a panoramic view of this envisioned world & an explanation of why T+, an ideology of disembodiment, was added to LGB. It also shows why so many rich men invested in Big Banking, Big Pharma, and Big Tech are financing the global gender industry. T+ breaks the boundary between the male and female sexes and opens our humanity, rooted in sex, for capitalist commoditization.

The Modern Family Show 2021 was a one-day boutique event that occurred in September 2021, designed for the LGBT+ community and informing attendees about the UK and international family-building options: surrogacy, IVF, IUI (intrauterine insemination), adoption, fostering, co-parenting, fertility preservation, solo parenting, and egg/sperm donation, to explore the ways that they might create their families without using the evolutionary standard of sexual intimacy between a man and a woman. The platform was created by two men (at least they call themselves men, but how can we understand what that means today? Are men actual human beings, while women are objects to use?). These men chose one woman to be a gestating womb and another for her eggs to manifest offspring they call their own. The two men who founded the forum have another platform, a media company that advertises a technological smorgasbord for LGBTQ reproduction, TwoDads UK.

Though the events’ promotional material mentioned adoption and foster care as part of the family planning offerings, most of the exhibitors, media partners, sponsors, and charity partners of the event were part of the corporate technological reproduction sector. Mermaids, a charity sponsor for the event, has starred in creating a new market for these industries by promoting the concept of “transgender children,” who are then sterilized by puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones. UK journalist Jo Bartosch wrote a scathing exposé just last year on the political underpinnings of Mermaids, revealing lies about statistics, data breaches, and other bureaucratic flimflam. This begs the question of why the two dads who founded Two Dads UK allowed for Mermaids' partnership with The Modern Family Show.

International Surrogacy and Egg Donation Agency, CRGH Surrogacy, Herts and Essex Fertility Centre, Laytons LLP (a law firm specializing in surrogacy), Surrogacy Canada (the largest egg donation and surrogacy program in Canada), and Fenomatch (who use facial matching technology to find the right donor for people), were all sponsors of the event. Fenomatch uses an AI algorithm to detect facial resemblance, focusing exclusively on phenotypical facial features, which means that donor-assisted children are more likely to look like their parents.

Some of the exhibitors at the event included California Cryobank, Utah Fertility Center, Extraordinary Conceptions, European Sperm Bank, Fenotech, Pacific Fertility of Los Angeles, Surrogacy in Canada, My Surrogacy Journey, and Adoption UK.

The main stage of The Modern Family Show platformed events such as My Surrogacy Journey, A Pregnant Man vs The World, Fenomatch AI Facial Mapping, Igenomix Genetic Screening, and Remaking the Human Body.

For wealthy gay and transsexual men at the heads of finance and the techno-medical complex, deconstructing sexual dimorphism is a page taken out of Martine Rothblatt’s playbook on genetic engineering. It is his ideology that sees sexual dimorphism as equivalent to a holocaust (Unzipped Genes p. 11) that’s driving tech advancements in reproduction for-profit and social engineering, and that’s erasing women in language and law. In chapter five of Unzipped Genes, titled “Transgenic Creationism: My Perfect Monster,” Rothblatt discusses transgenics and the potential of creating designer babies, merging portions of genes from different persons or species. Did I mention Rothblatt owns a xenotransplantation farm? Xenotransplantation is any procedure that involves the transplantation, implantation, or infusion into a human recipient of either live cells, tissues, or organs from a nonhuman animal source. “With xenotransplantation technology,” Rothblatt says, “children have more than two immediate parents—immediate sources of genetic material—and one or more of these parents might not even be human” (Unzipped Genes p. 72). Calling this a modern family is quite a stretch, considering the offspring of these experiments will not be rooted in a set of parental genes but in a factory compilation of genes and bodies involved in their gestation.

The diverse and inclusive Queer veneer these elite men are putting on a eugenics project that obliterates women as the source of life is the same old dance of woman hatred we’ve been dealing with for eons. But now it is amped-up by a tech frenzy wedded to unfettered corporatism and the power of what has become the LGBT+ Junta.

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