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Technology, “Gender Identity” and the Normalization of Paraphilias

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

The conflation of paraphilias with healthy sexuality is a dangerous one, and it is a conflation that is happening under the “gender identity” umbrella. It is posed as a human rights movement but it is dehumanizing. This is not an accident. “Gender identity,” driven by elites invested in normalizing transsexualism and transhumanism are part of a techno-medical complex, using the internet to force their ideology.

The main engines normalizing paraphilias are the internet, biophobia and by extension, woman hatred. The internet, the beating heart of the techno dystopia we are entering, is changing our cultures, our thoughts, our world, and what it means to be human faster than we could have imagined. This apparatus is wedded to the industries that have formed around the sexual objectification of women for profit: Porn, prostitution, surrogacy, and now “gender identity.” They are driving these industries faster than we can resist them.

The internet is not a tool developed so we can all hang out in one big global coffee shop having conversations. It was an instrument used by the military for spying and is now a vehicle for driving the propaganda of the state into our homes, businesses, and into our consciousness. It is being used to control us.

The more we move away from who and what we are, organically, as parts of a living system, the more we become entrenched in technology, and the more of our lives we trade-off. This process is one of embracing necrophilia, the first and last paraphilia, one that eroticizes death over life, of which all the other paraphilias are offshoots. More often, we choose sexual objectification over the desire for connection, dead machines over living entities, robots and artificial intelligence over living consciousness, and sex robots over women who are alive. We celebrate our dissociation as progressive. We have become compulsively addicted to that which does not reciprocate.

Sexuality is a word used for sexual attraction and sexual orientation toward another person, either of the same sex, the opposite sex, or both sexes. It is based on connection, interest, desire, mutuality, and embodiment.

Paraphilias are something different, usually referred to as perversions or psychosexual disorders, in which sexual gratification is obtained through practices or fantasies involving a bizarre, deviant, or highly unusual source of sexual arousals such as an animal or an object,

which may prevent or hinder one's ability to receive reciprocal love.

What makes paraphilias bizarre or deviant is not some prudish resistance by the majority of society, but their obsessive, dissociating, compulsive and objectifying qualities as they pertain to one’s erotic arousal. These elements of paraphilias are what prevent intimacy and connection with others. Sexual compulsions, like addictions, center those with paraphilias in desperation, a desperation they inflict on others because others can never satisfy the longing for connection those with paraphilias and addictions need but simultaneously repel.

The further we get from sexual attraction based in connection to others, based in physical embodiment, the more we insist that paraphilias should be socially normalized, as in the current “gender-identity,” or anti-reality movement, which is a sexually dissociative and objectifying expression.

Sex and sexual attraction are being deconstructed for profiteering, eugenics, and social engineering, forcing our evolution away from life and melding us with machines. These experiences are being driven by technologies developing much faster than they can be harnessed, which are controlled by elites who, satiated by the things that money can buy, and caused by addiction, thrive on an ability to control others to satisfy their desperation.

Life is connection. Sex is connection. Paraphilias are addiction, obsessiveness, rumination, control, objectification and they destroy connection. They are anti-life.

As the profiteering off of women, and technological developments advance, escalated by a totalitarian market that feeds off human suffering, animal torture, and the ravaging of our planet, we swerve out of control like addicts, headed into the long night. We are possessed and cannot see the forest through the trees or where all this dissociation leads.

“Gender Identity,” deconstructing sex by violating the boundary between male and female with surgeries and chemicals and treating this endeavor as a treatment for people with dysphoria related to sex, or as expression, is to invest in the complete undermining of reality. It supports the death spiral we are in as a species. It is the pinnacle expression of necrophilia - the eroticization of death. It is the religion of those driving us into the techno dystopia we are on the brink of.

We must look deeper at what is transpiring. We must fight for and choose life. We must regard paraphilias as the addictions born of disconnection that they are if we wish to pull out of this death spiral.

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