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Why is Your Fetish Our Business?

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

Driven by techno-capitalist profiteering, which is moving faster than we can imagine to exploit our sex, the LGB civil rights movement of yore has become an identarian consumerist orgy. The LGB civil rights movement, along with intersex conditions, has been co-opted by the corporate state to drive a profitable narrative of “sex is a spectrum” via “transgenderism.” Same-sex desire is being conflated with sexual fetishes being played out in public. This is harming children and is turning the clock back on public understanding of LGBs. Community public space should not be a free-for-all for fetishists.

Adults and children have been subject to increasing profiteering and exposure to the abject sexual objectification of women for generations by techno-capitalism. Now, the marketers are coming for the kids under a rainbow banner of fetishes and flying unicorns. It’s happening fast. Despite the sex trafficking of children being at an all-time high, we now have drag queen story hours (DQSH) at national libraries. “Inclusivity & diversity,” the new “LGBT” mantra, sells acceptance of sexed-body-multiplicity, not diversity of people. DQSH didn't just happen to be rolled out in the culture with the ascendence of synthetic sex identities. An activity formerly reserved for gay men’s nightclubs did not just become children’s entertainment by fiat. Nor is it just harmless “story hour,” which might be bearable if the readers read age-appropriate material for children. Emerging simultaneously have been pole dancers and sexualized performances for kids, brought to you by Planned Parenthood, the same organization flooded by the gender industry and Pharma-lobby funding and selling cross-sex hormones to young adults.

Desmond is Amazing, a (now) 12yr old drag queen being flaunted on national TV and exploited by the emerging gender identity industry, who wants to teach other children how to be drag queens. Jazz Jennings, a (now) young man who thinks he’s a young woman, has been on TV since he was four, making rounds on the talk show circuit. Now in college, with a reality TV show that has presented Jazz’s botched “sex reassignment surgery” to the masses for celebration (No kidding, a penis castration cake and all!), we have indeed gone down the rabbit hole and are not coming back. Caligula’s Rome had nothing on this display.

Body dissociation and objectification for celebration are being glamorized. A disorder of perception about one’s body, on par with anorexia and body identity integrity disorder, is being normalized under a civil rights umbrella for LGBs, as are adult men with fetishes. People are noticing, and the medical-industrial complex is profiting. Children are being taught as future consumers. Transsexualism, otherwise known as Autogynephilia, is a fetish of grown men sexually objectifying women, dissociating from their sex, and wanting validation from the world that they are women. It’s been repackaged by techno-capitalism and rolled out as “sex is a spectrum.” Elites are manifesting an industry based on medical/tech identities encouraging sexed-body-dysphoria. “Sex is a spectrum” is a glamorous ad campaign selling dissociation from your sexed body as progressive. It’s now being sold to children. It is pathological profiteering, corporatism at its zenith, with nothing left to colonize except the human body. Techno-capitalism has reached the full-on cannibal stage.

Parents, unhappy with the new “LGBT” extreme sex ed curriculums in their kid’s schools, also rolled out with the ascendance of synthetic sex identities in the culture and paid for by gender industry funding, are having huge problems fighting the force with which these curriculums are being implemented. However, Research has repeatedly proved that children develop significant problems with their identities and bodies when exposed to overt sexual material.

Pride parade, often attended by families, has become something to visually cringe at, with scenes from an underground BDSM leather bar becoming standard. Men dressed in leather dog masks and thongs performing puppy kink are a new norm.

Children are indoctrinated with the idea that fetish, body dissociation, and objectifying others for sexual pleasure are normal and healthy. What’s next, pedophilia as progressive? It’s coming. Pedophiles are being repackaged as MAPs, or Minor Attracted Persons. MAPs are already edging their way into the rainbow coalition. According to MAPs, their desire to have sex with children is not wrong as long as they don’t act on it. But the idea that they want to expose people to their feelings undergirds a desire for validation and normalization. This is a problem.

No one wants to confront the elephant in the room. It’s uncomfortable, but transgenderism, having morphed from and seeking to obscure its fetishistic roots in transsexualism, is no less predatory than pedophilia. They are both based on sexual boundary violations. One violates the boundaries of human sexual dimorphism, specifically the female sex (though “transitions” for young women are growing in demand), and the other breaks the sexual boundaries of children. LGBs have nothing to do with this, and their civil rights movement was, in part, a means of countering conflations with this type of behavior. LGB is not an identity aside from what corporations have made of it. It does not objectify others inherently. It is not a fetish, and it does not promote dissociation from one’s body or the violation of others’ bodies.

For humanity to accept this dissociation as standard, as part of LGB civil rights, as brave, as progressive, and to surrender to the marketing campaign of profiteers that this is worth celebrating, is wrong. To allow for the marketing, promotion, and normalization of this to young adults and children, as is happening now in public, in the media, and in their schools, is sexually abusive and should be criminal. They will learn young how to dissociate from their sexed bodies. They will learn it in their schools and the social environment around them, and they will be the perfect adult consumers, as well as the consumed.

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