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The ACLU Gets Fat on Pharma and Tech Funding/Part II

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Across western cultures, human sexual dimorphism has been under legal assault by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and other more powerful legal entities and is being replaced with a vague notion of “gender identity.”

The ACLU has been inundated with millions of dollars in philanthropy over the past few years from billionaires deeply invested in the medical tech industry. Jon Stryker, heir to Stryker Medical fortune, and his husband, Slobodan Randjelović recently funded the ACLU 20 million dollars, in an effort to counter state bills that keep sex centered in the law. Jennifer Pritzker, a transsexual and member of the American billionaire Pritzker family who is deeply invested in the techno-medical complex, and Joan and Irwin Jacobs who are also deeply entrenched in the techno-medical complex have also funded the ACLU millions of dollars. I wrote about the Jacobs in part I of this blog post.

The latest significant ACLU endowment includes 20 million dollars, gifted in 2018, by Michael Moritz, a former journalist turned venture capitalist and partner of Sequoia Capital, and his wife, Harriet Heyman, who between them share a net worth of 2.6 billion dollars. The money to the ACLU came through the couple’s Crankstart Foundation.

Sequoia Capital companies are predominantly tech-based, including Apple, Snowflake, a data warehouse platform built for the cloud, and 23andme, the leading personal genetics information company, among others.

Through Crankstart Foundation, Moritz and Heyman have donated 12 million dollars to Wichita State University, and 116 million dollars to England’s, University of Oxford. The couple formed the University of California San Francisco’s (UCSF) largest endowed program for Ph.D. Students with a 60 million dollar gift to fuel biomedical research. The University of Chicago received an endowment from Heyman and Moritz totaling 50 million dollars. The University of Chicago is home to the Pritzker Chicago School of Medicine (CSM). A significant number of CSM alumni have gone to work in the area of “gender medicine.”

UCSF’s basic science Ph.D. programs, such as cell biology, biochemistry, and neuroscience consistently rank among the top biomedical research doctoral programs in the United States. Six years earlier, UCSF announced a $25 million donation, from Lisa and John Pritzker, one of the largest ever given to an American university for child and adolescent mental health services at that time. This gift was surpassed by renewed funding last year by the Pritzkers in the amount of 60 million dollars, to build a new psychiatric center.

Oxford University, funded by Moritz and Heyman has an “inclusivity” package for “transgender” staff and students on its website. Wichita State University (WSU) another recipient of their generosity, has a full “gender diversity training” program. The mission of Gender Diversity Training at WSU, according to their website, is to provide a safe and supportive network to the “transgender,” “non-binary” and gender non-conforming communities. The objectives for this module are to:

*Understand key elements of biological sex, gender identity, and gender expression

*Recognize and understand key terminology

*Learn answers to questions regarding Trans individuals

*Understand the possible challenges and issues for Trans individuals

*Recognize cisgender privileges

*Learn how to be a Trans ally

This language, having entered the cultural lexicon with full force, in the west, less than a decade ago, without preamble, public evaluation, knowledge, or discussion, is now put forth as a given in many institutions. Everyone is supposed to understand that things are changing, though no one explains why, nor do they offer any coherent dialogue as to what this new language means or explain why a lie about reality is being instituted, other than to claim it helps a marginalized group of individuals and that it is good for us.

The UCSF, swimming in the philanthropic funds of Moritz and Heyman has its own Transgender Care Center, whose aim is to provide “evidence-based” cutting-edge clinical care for “transgender” and “gender non-binary” communities, as well as to conduct pioneering research and train the next generation of medical providers on all aspects of “gender-affirming clinical care.”

Kathleen Lowrey, an Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of Alberta, who serves as Canada’s country contact for Women’s Declaration International, writing for Feminist Current in 2018, hit the proverbial nail on the head when she discussed how “donor-driven agendas can very rapidly attain ascendancy in the cash-strapped, administrator-driven contemporary university.” She wrote about the rapid institutionalization of gender ideology within Western universities and the underplaying of the importance of global inequality, where increasingly a tiny number of individuals hold a tremendous share of the world’s wealth. “This is,” she wrote, “perversely, a structural situation in which it makes a lot of sense to pay attention to individuals: rich ones, that is. The disproportionate influence of Silicon Valley gajillionaires in trans activism deserves almost infinitely more attention than it has hitherto received.” Lowery believes, and I am with her on this too, that “structural analysis simply won’t reveal the full story of what’s going on right now in terms of the rapid rise of ‘transgender’ identification and in many respects may obscure it.” Amongst the discussions of this dizzyingly fast development of an industry based on self-identification of sex, often involving medical interventions centered on examining the history of gender, queer theory, feminist analysis, sex stereotypes, and homophobia, barely any weight is given to the vast sums of money being sent into universities across the world by billionaires with investments in medical and technological advancements, and adaptions to the human species, to force gender ideology institutionally and into the law. The gender industry is being discussed at the world economic forum, along with biotechnological adaptions to humanity, within Google corporation, and at LGBT events. They include collecting our data, nano-technology, bio-technology, genetic alterations, xenotransplantation, human interfacing with AI, and the techno-medical incursion into human reproduction.

The Moritz and Heyman Crankstart Foundation is based in San Fran