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Rage of the TERFs

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

“TERF,” the acronym for trans-exclusionary-radical-feminist, is a slur used to vilify the women and men standing between the gender identity industry and our wholly sexed human bodies.

Transgenderism, the corporate rebranding of the fetish of transsexualism, is selling us body dissociation and the colonization of female biology, for-profit, as normal. Not just normal, but progressive, cool, edgy, and illuminating. The rollout of this rebranding in the culture, less than ten years ago, has been a blitzkrieg on our emotions, selling us a standardized narrative around a very unstable and illogical ideology, having no base in scientific or biological reality.

The cultivation of compassion, being sown by our technologically enhanced propaganda apparatus, are what standardizes the narrative: “The poor” trans child trapped in the wrong body. “The poor” family that has to face the hurdle of having a trans child in a non-accepting society, complete with Hallmark cards. “The poor” adolescents who will kill themselves without wrong sex hormones, surgeries, and a lifetime tethered to the medical-industrial complex. “The poor,” black, transwomen murdered in droves. “The poor” trans person without a love life because no one wants to date them and simultaneously the hateful character of anyone not embracing this ad campaign.

An ad campaign is something a business spends money on in advance of projected and hoped for sales and this is why the message of body dissociation is being driven, just like any ad, over and over and over again, in the media, in Hollywood, in schools and universities, in fashion and the arts, via transgenderism. Everywhere we go, there is the standard trans narrative. But transgender is not the product being sold. Though profits are rising for mutilating surgeries on healthy sex organs, transgender is only the ad campaign, lubricating us for the great corporate fuck (unfortunately, I mean that very literally). The object for sale in the gender identity industry is female biology, just the same as it is the object in the fetish of autogynephilia. Transgenderism is the vehicle to get us there - to accept body dissociation and the colonization of females as progressive.

Women who understand what is happening here must be villainized, cut off at the pass before they get too much attention. It isn’t personal. It’s profiteering. “TERF” as a construct is part of a political, corporate campaign to get us to accept our own disenfranchisement from our sexed roots.

Women’s biology has been exploited, in our capitalist system, for unpaid labor, for the sexual gratification and profit of men through prostitution and pornography, and with the advancements of technology, as rented wombs, in the surrogacy industry.

The promotion of body dissociation via autogynephilia & its corporate rebranding to transgenderism is done with an eye toward total technological control of women’s reproductive capacities and human sexual wholeness reduced to parts: eggs, sperm, wombs, vaginas, phalluses, breasts, uteruses, synthetic breast milk, synthetic blood, etc. Research is already being contemplated and the propaganda being rolled out to provide wombs and uteruses for men and the invention of a complete external womb. If there is a future where women are not needed for reproduction, it looks like they are clearing the path. If female bodies are not needed, then the biological boundary between men and women is no longer needed. Sexual dimorphism is not needed. We can all live on a spectrum of sexual identity (for sexual gratification) but no longer will we be wedded to sex for procreation - with the advent of sex robots we won’t necessarily be needing the act of sex with each other, for physical gratification, either.

This is corporate, technological colonization of human sex. Once the boundary of the sexes is violated, our DNA and our genetic coding are up for corporate grabs. Listen to Petra De Sutter, another man claiming womanhood for himself, discuss the most recent advancements of the CRISPR technology and allow yourself to contemplate the little hairs that will undoubtedly raise on the back of your neck if you haven’t completely succumbed to the corporate gulag in which we live.

Women are literally being socially phased out of language, especially that having to do with our particular biology, all under a guise of inclusivity and diversity. Diversity and inclusion sound nice in theory but is actually corporate-speak for splitting us all into further fragments - parts for consuming, in a word: dissociation. Men are fantasizing about their own pregnancies and menstruation, while women are being renamed as menstruators and chest feeders.

Just as transgenderism is cultivating our acceptance of body dissociation and the complete objectification of female biology, “TERF” is selling us a foe to vanquish, so we don’t look up at the profiteers. It's the oldest trick in the book and we still don't recognize it when we see it: divide and conquer. The emotional appeals are just as important at this front, to keep our eyes off the elites with an agenda and focused on the foe standing in the way of our corporately staged, fictitious liberation through gender identity. “These women are bigots.” “They are angry.” “They are violent.” “They are hateful (the same was said of the feminists attempting to stand between the pornography industry and the women being harmed by it - and look where we are now). “

If actual feminists, radical or otherwise, exclude anything, it is the notion that this fetish of autogynephilia, is harmless, especially as it is further normalized in society by men who have the fetish, who are growing in number with its normalization, infiltrating all sectors of society in order to drive it further into our lives - or more accurately, against our lives. This fetish, taken to its zenith is literally dismembering us and our children, while we are told repeatedly that it is not happening.

You better believe feminists are angry, and we are going to stay that way until the normalization of this fetish of dissociation and objectification of women's bodies has been stopped. We will not be gaslit. We will not stop speaking, writing, organizing, raging, fighting, and protecting our sisters and our children. The corporate state can have our sex when it pries it loose from our cold, dead fingers. We will fight this to the death. We now have many men by our side who also understand what is happening here and are fighting for the lives and bodies of their children. We are growing stronger as this agenda makes itself more obvious. We are on the political right and the political left. We are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, atheist, black, brown, white, single, married, parents, child-free, teachers, doctors, journalists, cartoonists, comedians, and artists, but foremost, we are wholly sexed humans. We are aligning for our life, for our humanity, and for the life and humanity of our children against the gender identity industry. We will not stand down.

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