Profits Soar for Sex Surgeries Masking Sex

Updated: Jan 26

Who profits from an agenda, being framed as a human rights issue, which catapults a rise in surgeries to mask sex?

Because the issue of sex surgery, on the sex characteristics of physically healthy people, is framed as a human rights issue, most people miss the growing industry that is evolving in body dissociation – creating a new market in sex. It’s not just engaging in sex but being a sex - from our genes and DNA to our sex characteristics – that are being farmed for profit. The rebranding of transsexualism to transgenderism and its promotion as normal commodifies being a sex. Sex, specifically female sex, has already been colonized by corporations through the industries of pornography, prostitution, and commercial surrogacy. But the colonization of being a sex, or changing sex, goes further.

Corporate profits being generated and rising over the years, for sex surgeries on physically healthy individuals, give light to why media and corporations drive the concept of transgenderism and have rebranded a sexual fetish of adult men in a way that has made it attractive to young people as an identity. It also helps us understand why the largest international law firm in the world is helping to construct the legal lie of the “transgender child,” an identity that creates life-long medical patients.

Governments, corporations, and banks don’t generally support grassroots movements to advance social justice unless there is something in it for them. In fact, social justice movements usually form against governments, corporations, and banks because they are predatory entities, not generally concerned with the common good of man and womankind.

We don’t have to wonder why so many governments, banks, and corporations have taken such a keen interest in a tiny marginalized group of men with a fetish. This fetish is an objectification of women which has the fetishist obsessively imagining themselves as female with female sex characteristics – or dismembered parts.

The answer is industry. Examining a bare-bones trajectory of how it kicked off, along with statistics for profit, tells us what we need to know.


In 1992 several transsexuals, including Martine Rothblatt, a major character in the development of a fetish into an industry, with a penchant for AI, created a document to legally construct identities by deconstructing human sexual dimorphism, identities that would create profit for the medical-industrial complex (MIC) which he then invested in.

In 1994, a gay man, Tim Gill left his computer software corporation behind to create an American behemoth LGBT NGO, the Gill Foundation. His foundation set out to tie what was then only an entity serving the rights of same-sex attracted people, to our legal and political structures. Later transgenderism was added to LGB. Gill has also invested in AI.

In 1999, Jon Stryker, a banker, and heir to an American multi-billion-dollar medical corporation created Arcus Foundation, an LGBT NGO which he funds with stock from his medical corporation. The profits from these newly formed medical identities then serve his medical corporation. He proceeded to drive transgenderism through all our political, cultural, and civic institutions, as well as the market.

In 2013 Jennifer Pritzker, a retired, divorced, army colonel in his 60’s and member of one of the wealthiest families in the US, decided he was a woman. He and his family have enormous power and vast investments in the MIC, which they used to influence the normalization of transgenderism – dissociation from our sexed human bodies.

Statistics on Profit:

2000-2014 the number of sex surgeries on physically healthy people rose fourfold.

2015-2016 the number of sex surgeries on physically healthy people rose 19%.

2020-2026 projected growth of sex surgeries on physically healthy people will be 24.5%, with global profits in sex surgeries on physically healthy people projected to be 1.5 billion dollars.

MarketWatch assesses that the growth in sex surgeries on physically healthy people can be attributed to the progression of technology and medicines.

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