Gender Tyranny and the Silence of Those We Love

Updated: Jan 26

I know how human atrocities were carried out in history while people's neighbors remained silent. I know this because I am living through the era of Gender Tyranny where a lobby group of elite and powerful men have captured organizations, institutions, whole governments and bought the silence of the populace, along with public support for the most outrageous lies. They have done so while children are being castrated and maimed and their maiming and castration is being used as fodder for national entertainment.

Each new day, I ask what it will take to breakthrough. What do others who aren’t fighting need to see, to know, to have happen to them, to have happen to others, before they see this is corporate totalitarianism, consider where it is going, and act accordingly? So many of us fighting have loved ones and friends going along with this. It is blowing our minds, tearing us up, how do we continue our relationships with people who refuse to see the harm in front of their faces?

Many professionals have now been openly fired for making critical references to the gender identity industry publicly, or for comments made, on social media. Comedians, professors, authors, cartoonists, teachers, journalists, artists, political commentators, actors, activists, and others have been overtly censored, shut down for questioning what is happening.

Lawsuits are looming that are being reported on in the general public, of parents losing their children - LOSING THEIR CHILDREN -for refusing to believe in gender ideology, losing campaigns against their children’s school when the schools are hiding their children’s new identity from them. Before parents are even aware of what “gender identity” is, or that their children will be clamoring for wrong sex hormones, before they have even recovered from the shock that their child is identifying as the opposite sex, they are blindsided by the capitulation of the children’s schools, indoctrinated by political lobby groups.

There are now over 300 sex control clinics for children - 300!! - which have emerged on the American landscape over the past decade where there were zero previously. One in the UK was sued by a detransitioning woman and a parent and openly reported on, by a leading psychiatrist who ultimately left his position after facing disciplinary action for his whistleblowing. Medical professionals are developing more abusive procedures to adhere to this new gender doctrine. Young adults are getting the wrong sex hormones for their bodies after a couple of visits to Planned Parenthood and on their school campuses. There are over 40,000 young women campaigning for money on GoFundMe to have their healthy breasts amputated so they can “identify as men".

What will it take?

Children are being overtly sexualized in public areas and at their schools under a guise of “diversity and inclusion,” a trans lobby mantra that frames this strange new discourse and the force used to implement it, without irony, as anti-bullying programs that parents can’t opt-out of.

I want people to ask, what kind of human rights movement acts like this? I want them to ask it out loud, in conversations, at their jobs and everywhere they go. I especially want them to have the courage to address the people claiming to love them. Is it a human right to physically dissociate? Where will we be in ten years if we don’t stop lying?

The boundaries of all women and children’s safe spaces are being breached, remade to include men and boys. The sex boundary between males and females is being violated. Crime statistics are being skewed, medical information ignored, women with their healthy breasts amputated are being openly used in advertising, on runways, and fashion spreads. Young adults seeking to change their sex characteristics in the pursuit of a medical nightmare are used in all sorts of advertising.

This is going on in the public sphere. None of this is hidden.

Men claiming womanhood, to sate their sexual fetish, are being thrust into the limelight at corporations, banks, Hollywood, and the government. One of them was just elected to be the nation’s health secretary.

Women’s professional sports are being ruined by men claiming womanhood, stealing their titles and their scholarship opportunities, and have just been supported in doing so by our new president. Men are assaulting women in women’s prisons. The silent majority is silent still.

This has been going on for eight solid years.

By comparison, McCarthyism reached its peak and began its decline during the “McCarthy hearings”: 36 days of televised investigative hearings led by McCarthy in 1954. McCarthyism was segregated to America. It was not a global phenomenon. Gender Tyranny has been on a global rampage across America, Europe, Australia, Canada and is being driven into the global south under a banner of liberation.

We have had eight years of bald-faced lies about the most intrinsic thing to being human - our sex. Everyone knows changing sex is a lie. Even if they aren’t facing it, like the alcoholic in denial, they know it. We cannot bear more, nor can we tolerate the lies any longer, even from those we love. We must demand more. Their silence is nutrition, feeding gender tyranny perpetuation across the globe. These “friends,” those who “love us,” those who “care about” others, nodding their heads at overt propaganda, normalizing these harms as the bodies pile up, must be addressed, their silence no longer excused, their “love” called to task. For what is love without action? What does it mean to love, while these harms are mounting all around us with the heads of those we love nodding up and down like bobblehead dolls?

We must demand more from those claiming to love us, that their love is put into action. The time for educating, for patience, for averted conversations for the sake of comfort, or with regard to false family unity, must come to an end if we are to grab our humanity back from Gender Tyranny. Because this is how it happened, how tyranny reigned in Nazi Germany. It wasn’t the Nazis themselves that cemented their success. It was the silence and inaction of those on the side, their unwillingness to tell the truth.

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