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Dentons Law Firm Scrubs Website of Pro Bono Work for IGLYO

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

"When an opponent says to me, ‘I will not come over to your side,’ I reply calmly, ‘Your child belongs to us already… What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time, they will know nothing but this new community.'" – Adolf Hitler

In January, following up on an article in the Spectator, by James Kirkup, I wrote about the collaboration between Dentons, the largest international law firm in the world, and Reuters a global media, tax, and law behemoth serving corporations, governments, and the human rights community. Reuters also interfaces with technology and AI. Together these two Goliaths were promoting their pro-bono work for a small LGBT organization, ILGYO, to construct the legal lie of the transgender child. IGLYO, the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex Youth & Student Organisation, is a network of 92 advocacy groups. Contrary to trans activist wishes, there is no medical evidence for children being "born in the wrong body," as the rhetoric goes. Yet, these two giants of the law were touting their legal help in creating this construct by helping to publish a guide for campaigners called '"Only Adults? Good Practices in Legal Gender Recognition for Youth". The guide advocates for children to be allowed to change their legal "gender" without the involvement of medical professionals or parents and says the state should take 'action' against parents who attempt to intervene. It also advises campaigners to be secretive about the changes they are lobbying to put into law.

Shortly after Kirkup's report on Dentons, a new report emerged from the UK-based Law Society Gazette that Dentons had scrubbed its pro bono work for ILGYO from its website. The "Only Adults?" report, with its credit to Dentons, is still available directly from IGLYO.

Let's be clear. The largest international law firm IN THE WORLD and a mammoth media, tax, and law conglomerate are advising transgender campaigners to be stealth in what they are trying to accomplish. What campaigners are attempting to accomplish, under the veneer of "gender identity" (no such thing exists in material reality) is allowing children to legally present as the opposite sex, to procure medical treatment with no medical diagnosis. The guide states that the UK should "eliminate the minimum age requirement at which children can change their legal sex of their own volition, without the need for medical diagnoses or court determination". The document stresses that there should be "no eligibility criteria, such as medical or psychological intervention."

Almost as soon as the information about Dentons pro bono help with this guide was reported, the information was removed from their website. This is crucial information when attempting to understand what exactly is happening legally, across western cultures, under the guise of a civil rights movement. Laws, language, institutions are all being overhauled to embrace a lie about the very nature of what it means to be human, a sexually dimorphic species. This social engineering allows for medical experiments on healthy children's bodies. Children's delusions of being the opposite sex are being medically assisted to appear real and the largest law firm in the world is assisting to make this legal. This should be nothing short of terrifying for anyone with access to this knowledge. Most people think the "transgender" or "gender identity" movements are about accommodating people with a debilitating condition. What is actually emerging is an industry that creates medical identities out of sex, while simultaneously deconstructing sexual dimorphism within the law.

The dangers of this deconstruction, when instituted legally, beyond what we are already seeing happen to women's sports, crime statistics, medical statistics, sex equity in the workplace, women's safety in prisons and shelters, and the abomination of medical experiments on healthy children, was expressed brilliantly in a recent tweet.

Twitter is not known to be a bastion of sensibility but this could be the most important statement I can remember hearing about the newly emerging "gender identity" industry and especially its impact on vulnerable children.

As well as pro bono works for the LGB community, Dentons provides copious pro bono work to promote the biology-denying ideology of "gender identity" being rapidly driven through western cultures, via law, language, and our institutions. A small sampling is below.

Dentons has also recently partnered with Paladin Software, with a shared mission of leveraging and adapting technology to reinvent the business of law, to help drive their campaigns. See here for more news on Paladin.

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