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Corporate Complicity With the Gender Identity Industry is Not “Wokeness”

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

People are making a grave mistake in thinking corporations, businesses and universities are going along with the dictates of the gender identity industry because they want to jump on some “woke” bandwagon and that they are signaling their virtue in “accepting all people.” While this may be true for some individuals within these entities, the entities themselves are driven by profit motives. While being seen as behind the times, uncaring, or even bigoted, are unpleasant for individuals, this is not how businesses operate. Businesses operate for profit. The stats are in, the gender identity industry, led by Big Pharma and Big Tech, which intersect with all aspects of society, is fertile for growth at many fronts.

The fact is, humanity is far more profitable as parts than we are as whole sexed beings. Corporate capitalism, already having colonized the entire planet and left a wasteland of our waterways, our soil, the air we breathe, and most other species, has now come for us. What better place for this colonization to happen but under the banner of human rights for same-sex attracted individuals? This umbrella provides cover for their corporate colonizing. A fox has gotten into the LGB hen house and he is as predatory as Brenda the “sheep” who is actually a wolf, in the new children’s storybook, “Brenda is a Sheep.” Corporations don’t care about a tiny fraction of the population with identity issues. They are driving a corporate agenda to deconstruct sexual dimorphism in an effort to colonize our sexed bodies. They are leading a tech revolution that will see us procreating through technology, nurturing babies with synthetic breast milk, providing men with synthetic vaginas and robots for sex, women with plastic phalluses and AI to mind our children, and eventually, once everyone swallows this as progressive and good, we will be ripe for our more intimate melding with tech and AI, which is something being talked and written about everywhere. We just don’t see its connections to what is happening in the gender identity arena because of its strategic positioning under the LGB umbrella as sexual identity and a whole lot of propaganda.

What many see as bending to “wokeness” in the gender identity arena, is bending to the corporate threat. With all the money being generated toward normalizing body dissociation via transgenderism, coming out of Big Pharma and Big Tech, and the censoring of any critique, anyone not on board with this project will become financially irrelevant, in the same way, individuals who opt-out of having cell phones, cars, computers, cut their own legs off in terms of joining the social fabric. How does one work and live without these gadgets when everyone has them, all businesses function with them? You cannot participate fully if you want to take a route of integrity (not chewing up the planet or investing in the slave labor of others in another country)? We don’t think about the blood on our hands.

In this same way, businesses, institutions, corporations, banks, governments have all been incentivized to go along with the idea that gender identity is “progressive” and good for humanity. Corporations and the people running them like to frame the blood on their hands as progress. It is infinitely more agreeable when one is forced to go along with a murderous agenda.

All of society intersects with Big Pharma and Big Tech. Transgenderism and gender identity are their ad campaigns fertilizing the ground for our acquiescence toward greater changes to human biology and melding us more intimately with AI and tech. Once we’re ok with drugging and operating on children, to alter their sex characteristics, we are fair game for other changes. If you get in the way of this agenda, as a business, a corporation, a government, a bank, or a university, your chances of survival are slim to none. Just as people are being fired, driven from their jobs, censored, doxed, and made miserable for critiquing or asking questions about this agenda, corporations and states will also feel the pain of resistance.

Though people want to feel that they are doing the right thing, the propaganda that this project is purportedly good, would not go down so easy without financial threat.

Consider what happened to North Carolina, ground zero for the transgender bathroom bills, in 2016 – a battle they ultimately and recently lost. North Carolina battled to hold onto their sex-segregated facilities which prohibited men from violating women’s (51% of the population) safe spaces, where they are physically vulnerable. Obama threatened North Carolina schools with the withdrawal of federal aid if they opted out of single-sex toilets. Big Tech companies, along with other corporations signed an amicus brief against them and big investors also threatened the state with the withdrawal of trillions of dollars in business.

Target Department stores spent 20 million dollars to create gender-neutral toilets in all its stores for a tiny percent of the population (nobody knew they needed changing before the hoopla) and didn’t think too much about women’s and girls’ safety when they did so. Were they trying to appear woke? No. They were getting on board with a very big and profitable corporate agenda, that if disturbed could see their profits deteriorate. Target department stores merged with CVS Health, owned in part, not insignificantly, by George Soros, a major driver of the project to normalize body dissociation via transgenderism. In 2015, acquiring Target's 1,672 pharmacies across 47 states, CVS became a major provider of trans healthcare. Women’s concerns paled in comparison to all that Big Pharma money.

Make no mistake, this is not about being virtuous, or woke, appearing good to consumers. Target department stores open bathroom policies putting women and children at risk were boycotted by millions of its customers. This is business, ruthless, bloody, vulture capitalism, with Big Pharma and Big Tech leading the way. Just like North Carolina ultimately lost their fight, we will also lose if we do not understand the predatory nature of what is happening here. Global capitalists don’t care about identity or being virtuous. They care about their bottom line and gender identity is big business.

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