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Constructing The Legal Lie Of The Transgender Child - Part II

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

In my last post, I speculated about why Dentons, the largest law firm in the world, and Reuters, a media, corporate tax, and law conglomerate are interested in constructing (For Free!) the legal lie of “transgender children.” 

In an effort to find answers to anything, my MO is to always #FollowTheMoney.  Let’s follow the money trail back from ILGYO, the small LGBT NGO for which Dentons and Reuters collaborated on a guide.

ILGYO is part of the Transgender Europe network, the most extensive funding and political apparatus driving the normalization of synthetic sex identities in Europe. It consists of 129 member organizations across Europe and Central Asia in 44 different countries.  TGEU is, in turn, funded by hundreds of thousands of dollars by the Arcus Foundation, one of the two most potent LGBT non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in America, whose founder supports his foundation from the profits of his medical supply corporation.  So we have a medical corporation worth over 19 billion dollars (up to $19.4B in 2023), whose heir is funding the normalization of medical identities for children from his medical fortune.  

Arcus supports myriad global programs to drive the idea that children can be of the opposite sex, such as Gender Spectrum and GLSEN (whose founder, Kevin Jennings, was brought to Arcus in 2012 as Executive Director). This pattern is repeated by other corporatists with heavy investments in Big Pharma, such as George Soros, who has substantial stock in CVS, Johnson & Johnson, and other medical/Pharma corporations.  Soros’ Open Society Foundation is working to construct, along with Arcus and TGEU, the idea that children being medicalized for life is just another way to be human.  This new way to be human, for children being funneled into youth “gender clinics,” involves dangerous drugs and medical procedures that assist them in hiding the fact they are either biologically male or female. In 2013, Arcus Foundation brought over Adrian Coman from Soros' Open Society as the Director of their Human Rights department. Warren Buffet is another billionaire with substantial stock, along with Soros, in CVS.  He, too, owns stock in Johnson & Johnson (61 million shares).  Buffet has provided enormous funding to his offspring"s NGO, serving the LGBT Gender Identity narrative, in collaboration with Arcus Foundation.  

And what is this “gender recognition” for youth, constructed by those invested in the medical industry exactly?  We do not have a clear, legal definition of gender identity that is not tautological.  The Yogyakarta Principles + 10, is the document applying international human rights law, which initiated "gender identity" as a legal concept.  It has been driven by money from Arcus Foundation, through our political structures and defines gender identity as “each person's deeply felt internal and individual experience of gender.” Aren’t we talking about biological sex?  Biological sex is what is being linguistically and legally deconstructed in the global push to change the definition of female to include male, not gender stereotypes.  The erasure of sex on birth certificates, passports, medical reports, crime reports, and even credit cards is about the erasure of sexual dimorphism.  Including men in women’s safe houses and sports under the guise that they identify as female is a denial of biological reality. 

What we can see in this trajectory is a clear money trail from the pharmaceutical lobby to the construction of a legal lie that supports newly constructed medical identities that override biology.  Biological reality is being legally queered; it would appear to pave the way for more complex changes to human biology. Children’s bodies are being used as fodder for this experiment. This experiment is run by the wealthiest global corporatists who naturally use the most prominent legal structures (Dentons and Reuters) to construct their lies. The laws being built are not to protect people who wish to express themselves differently than gender stereotypes allow but to legalize changes to human biology.

See part I of this blog post here.

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