Breaking and Entering

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

I will be using my blog this morning to address some unpleasant business. I apologize to followers and supporters who rely on the blog for information about the money behind, and analysis of, the gender industry. This is somewhat more personal but has broader implications which is why I am addressing it here and now.

A few days ago, a follower apprised me of a zoom webinar hosted by Jo Bartosch a UK feminist and journalist, in which Helen Joyce, a UK feminist who has recently published her book, “Trans,” called me a "conspiracy theorist," out of the blue, and then flounced. Apparently the participants were shocked. I was a bit surprised, if not shocked myself to learn of it.

Joyce has been a supporter of my research on the money behind the “gender lobby.”

A bit of back story:

Several months ago, a TRA made a video attempting to defame me and frame me as an anti-semite, among other things (this is hardly surprising considering the amount of information I put out about the money invested in and the political mechanizations behind this agenda). Those seeing the video, picked up on a post I made on Facebook about another video, made by Keith Woods, who is a virulent anti-semite. I had no idea who Woods was at the time I posted the video. Other virulent anti-semites have used my work toward their own ends. I have seen how my work has been used toward promoting anti-semitism and it is ghastly, but I do not attempt to rid the internet of all these references because it is not something I can control. The output is prolific.

The post I made of Woods’ video was not an endorsement of Woods, who called me a TERF in the first few minutes of the video. I found his breakdown of various religions as they pertain to mind/body split fascinating. It started an interesting conversation on my Facebook page about religions. It was one post, made in haste, probably unwise and framed badly but I also assumed later, when it emerged as problematic, that my work would speak for itself. I have been putting out a ton of information over several years and no one has ever accused me of anti-semtism prior to the TRA promotion of said.

I moved on. It is not really my lane. I have not addressed this until the last couple of days, when a rather courteous and level-headed follower stood up to a braying twitter mob regarding this incident as it came around again. I responded to his comments because I appreciated his support, which was also fair-minded. He'd been following my work and had not seen anything in it to indicate I was an anti-semite (because it isn’t there and I am not anti-semitic). He finally withdrew from the twitter conversation because he realized social mobs rule and he would have no impact, which is precisely why I have refused to speak into this. I took my cues from JK Rowling’s incident after she published an explanation to the public about her purported “transphobia.” Nothing I could have said would have stopped the onslaught and toward that end, I will not address the topic of this video again. I feel I should be judged on the full content of my work over the years, not one post I made in haste and framed badly.

I don’t expect this will silence the braying, virtue signaling mob either and I am not attempting to quell that cacophony but to set the stage for the incident on hand.

On top of my being framed as anti-semitic, I have dared break ranks with other feminists fighting the gender industry (My coined phrase. Others call it a movement). I have not stayed within a strict narrative of many academic feminists which frames the gender industry as an issue predominantly about women’s rights. I believe, from all I have researched, that the gender industry is more about capitalism and transhumanism and that women are the collateral damage. This does not sit well with many academic feminists because, one, I can’t unequivocally prove it and must draw correlations and two, many people are not even close to understanding these correlations. Some feminists feel it reflects badly on them trying to get information to the public, for whom this may be too big a leap. I believe the leap has to be made.

With the work of many other people writing about transhumanism, not limited to Libby Emmons, The Corbett Report, Corey Morningstar, Alison McDowell, Catherine Austin Fitts, Whitney Webb, and many others doing outstanding work and making these correlations, this is becoming a slightly more understandable conversation in GC circles, than when I initially started to write about it.

Most academic feminists make their living from writing and focusing on the women’s rights narrative of this agenda, and some feel this transhumanist narrative, along with the TRA vitriol about anti-semitism has made me “tainted goods.” It’s understandable in some ways and I have not taken huge issue with it until now. I can count on one hand the number of feminists who felt concern and asked me about this issue privately. For those who didn't even have to ask, you truly understand the meaning of the word comrade. You have my respect.

Now we are arriving to the topic at hand. I suspect, and certainly her behavior of disparaging me publicly would support this, that Helen Joyce is one of these feminists who are distancing themselves from the anti-semitism vitriol about me, to protect their image.