Autogynephilic Confessions and the Sacrifice of Women's Humanity

Updated: Jan 26

In the age of 24/7 tech surveillance and confession capitalism, whereby ordinary individuals confess the most intimate details of their lives and thoughts, for money, for attention, or for likes on social media, privacy is in very short supply. Each day, life in-general, looks more and more like an episode of the Jerry Springer show, as noted by journalist Julian Vigo, except we can’t go home when the show is over. The show doesn’t end.

The normalization of men’s sexual fetishes played out in society is eroding our privacy further. In the past couple of years, there has been a spate of men who either used to identify as female or who still do, who now perform public confessions about their autogynephilia. These confessions lull us into complacency about what this fetish does in the material world, keeping us wrapped up in the pornified, dissociated, and objectifying male psyche where we are used to living. The erosion of privacy for others who do not consent to be privy to other’s fetishistic displays is not the only thing being cultivated. The intensified dehumanization of females laid on the sacrificial altar of men’s sexual gratification is also being demanded. The dehumanization of females is ok, as long as it alleviates men’s dysphoria.

How awful it must be to have a daughter today and to know that she will walk through the world where her biology, her humanity, is treated as parts for men’s sexual gratification and that this is normal. Her sexual objectification is no longer sexual objectification. It has been erased, along with her humanity. It has become his identity.

The narratives by de-transitioning women sound comparatively, like the stories of those returning from a war zone, an appeal to understand their feeble attempts to find a way out of sexual objectification, subordination, and homophobia.

James Shupe in an article in Intellectual Takeout, last year, takes us on a journey from his self ID as female, then as a non-binary person, to the accolades of many including the media, and back to an embrace of his actual biological reality and his autogynephilia. In the course of this journey, which feels a lot like the story of the boy who cried wolf, Shupe gives us the intimate details of his “sins” (BDSM, sex clubs, etc.). He wants us to believe he is making amends, starting a new life, but his sexual proclivities are still being shoved in our faces.

In June of last year, Corinna Cohn, made his true confession via an article in Quillette, which is far more palatable, but centers his “affliction,” his feelings, his suffering with no mention of the harm in parading his paraphilia in public, as he is coming to terms with being an autogynephile. He feels "displaced as a transsexual" because dissociation and sexual objectification of others have become cool and trendy. Poor Corinna. Try being an object. There is zero acknowledgment of the continued harm or suffering caused to females when we are publicly reduced to parts one can buy in a Sears catalog or surgeon's office, to get off on. We are dehumanized, even as Cohn seeks to understand what feminists think. He takes the advice of one that he should not be ashamed to be transsexual. Perhaps his fantasy should not be shamed. Maybe it is only public parading of his fetish that reduces women to parts and violates everyone’s privacy not to be engaged in other people’s sexual proclivities, that should be shamed.

Kate Madden made his true confession in November last year, in a tell-all video about his autogynephilia, in an attempt to cultivate sympathy for his “condition.” I want to know where the sympathy resides for the women who are exposed to a grown man impersonating them, for his sexual gratification.

Our sexual objectification, our dehumanization is the cost of alleviating these men’s dysphoria. In what universe, should one person’s objectification be used to alleviate another’s discomfort while evoking public sympathy?

Inspireverse is a youtube platform giving voice to yet another male with this “disorder” of objectifying female biology for their sexual gratification, that thinks breaking it down for the public so they can understand it, should cultivate our sympathies and make society a better place to live. WHOOSH! For whom, I might ask? Certainly not for women who are treated like objects in this scenario. “It’s not easy for these men to come forward to share their need to sexually objectify women’s biology,” says this YouTuber. We not only get to hear the very grim details of this person’s sexual disorder, listen to him ask for our sympathy, but he brings in the sexual objectification of animals too. To his mind, this is “brain mapping” gone awry for some people, himself included. Women as human beings escape him completely.

Never once is the normalization of the sexual objectification of women mentioned, by any of these men. They are oblivious in the extreme. Never once is porn mentioned in the equation, or the capitalist system taking the bullet train of advanced technologies that drive this normalization of females as objects across the globe like the black plague on steroids. They want their paraphilia normalized in society, understood, so they don’t have to hide it.

The promotion of this paraphilia by corporate culture, and now in these “poor me” confessionals of adult men are not an accident. Whether all men pretending to be women have the fetish of autogynephilia is irrelevant, it is at the root of the gender identity industry. The fetish of objectifying female biology is driving the normalization of body dissociation. It is intensifying the objectification of females globally as we are erased in language and law to appease this paraphilia and the men who have it. I have written about the dangers of this normalization, been interviewed about it, and have reported on corporations embracing it for profit and social engineering. Other women have homed in on this as well (Sheila Jeffreys, Sue Donym, Dr. Em, and Janice Raymond come immediately to mind). This recent spate of true confessions is all part of this same normalization process.

Taking your eyes off the gender identity industry leviathan of body dissociation for profit for one minute, and the technology driving it, is one minute more you will spend in a fog. The gender identity industry is a multi-headed serpent, a corporate monster opening markets via the dismemberment of women. It must be slain, lest females are laid to waste. What is at stake is our social privacy, our sexual privacy, cohesion, our roots as humans in sexual dimorphism, and our tether to reality. Ask yourself one last question. Are you willing to pay the price?

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