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Autogynephilia/The Normalization of a Paraphilia for Corporate Profit and Control

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

In the past two decades, the social accommodation for men with the sexual fetish (paraphilia) of transsexualism, known clinically as autogynephilia, has been gaining traction under the corporate rebranding to transgenderism. Not only that but the normalization is being cultivated within our cultures, framed as progressive by Hollywood, politicians, governments, global corporations, and driven by NGOs specifically constructed to normalize it. It is time we started paying closer attention to this particular aspect of the corporate coup that is the gender identity industry. Industry is the operative word here. Capitalizing on a fetish that objectifies female biology is where the origins of the gender identity industry begin, not in identity or gender (systematized sex-based stereotypes). We are being commoditized and controlled through the normalization of this paraphilia.

The greatest threat of autogynephilic men, on the whole, is not that they are or are not predatory as individuals. They are no more or less predatory than other men. They’re men and many men are dangerous to women and girls. Opening female spaces and sports to men is absurd and dangerous but the greater risk and the one being ignored, for the most part, is in the social normalization of this fetish objectifying female biology, being cultivated as liberation and framed as identity.

Fetishes are compulsory, obsessive and they generally escalate. They are usually focused on objects. The “object” in the fetish of autogynephilia is female biology which is what makes it perilous, especially when it is wedded to capitalism and technology. Men having this fantasy in their bedroom is bad enough. Men with this fetish being allowed to invade female spaces is abusive. Men sitting on corporate boards, passing laws, governing countries, that see women’s biology as parts to be colonized and commoditized are terrifying and men that get off on this colonization and commoditization should be enough to keep all of us awake at night and thinking about ways to stop this.

Autogynephiles generally escalate from cross-dressing in their bedrooms to cross-dressing in public, for sexual gratification. Fifty years ago, this rarely escalated to men appropriating female biology via pharma and tech. First, it wasn’t socially acceptable to do so and the technology rarely enabled men to hide their publicly displayed fetish. That has changed. Now, acceptance of this fetishizing of female biology for sexual gratification is being demanded by elites forcing it into the culture. Young people are adopting it as a fad and injuring themselves for the profiteering of the corporations driving the fetish.

Where the acceptance of this leads, is to our participation in sexual role-play in public and the normalizing of sex that is purportedly only in the fantasies of the fetishists (no harm in fantasy, right?) who dream of women as parts. But this fantasy is not just in the minds of the men with this paraphilia. These parts, our human sex characteristics, are literally being commoditized. We are now presented with autogynephilic men in the boardrooms of corporations and are forced to use pronouns that conflict with reality “for their safety,” so that they can perform their fetishistic ritual of dismembering us for corporate profit.

Of note, though it is being normalized for women to appropriate male biology and this is also wrong, this is not a fetish for women.

None of this has anything to do with self-expression. It is corporate-driven profiteering by Big Pharma and Big Tech and supported by corporate culture, the global banking industries, and human rights organizations.

Private Versus Public

It is not prudish or sex-negative to want sex to be private. It is a desire to live in communities where other people's sex acts aren't thrust upon us. Why? Because we want to choose with whom and when we want to be intimate. This is why we still have (for now) intimate realms, private lives, and public ones. This normalization of sex, disconnected from our private lives and made public, forces us to be observers, participants in other’s sex lives. It invades our expectations of privacy when we are used as pawns of validation for public displays of fetish. This breaching of our right to privacy from other’s sex role-play goes hand in hand with our being surveilled everywhere we go and the constant collection of our data.

Forcing sex on people is abusive, a means of controlling them, destabilizing them, as is constant surveillance which we are living concurrently, both being more and more normalized by corporate culture and the manipulation of society. The normalization of the paraphilia of transsexualism, via transgenderism, making it a human right to sexually objectify women’s biology publicly, for sexual gratification, forces people to lie that this force is happening, that this control is being exerted over women and others, to abuse them, control them and destabilize them, just like hidden cameras, in plain sight, everywhere we go.

With autogynephilia being framed as a human right, via transgenderism, men with this fetish are being encouraged to come forward while embodying their fantasies at work, in corporations, in institutions, and in politics. The embodiment of their fantasy is the disembodiment of females. Others are being pressured to accept this fetish, with pronoun use and allyship being forced at the corporate and institutional levels. These men are then passing laws to validate this sexual abuse of the rest of the people in society, including children, learning about "transgenderism," under a guise of acceptance, in their grade schools. A common feature of sexual abuse survivors is their instinct to dissociate for survival. Pay attention. We are being corporately groomed for greater levels of dissociation.

It is not an aside that there is a powerful, rich man at the seat of the gender identity industry, with this female objectifying paraphilia, calling for the erasure of the sex boundary between men and women, which will turn our bodies into corporate commodities. Martine Rothblatt has so objectified his own wife that he has made her into a literal robot whose consciousness HE is creating, to everyone’s amazement and fascination. He, along with other rich, powerful men with this paraphilia, is driving the normalization of his fetish under a human rights umbrella for corporate profiteering.

We have headed off a capitalist cliff. Our bodies are being opened to corporate colonization in a way that has not happened before. Transgenderism is also potentially the last vestige of our privacy as citizens as we are surveilled in everything we do, and other people’s fetishes become part of the social fabric where all of us are forced into one big sexual, role-play psychodrama.

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(Image attribution: ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)


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