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Women Ceding Ground to Transgenderism

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Watching Dr. Emma Hilton, a developmental biologist from the UK, who posts on Twitter as @FondOfBeetles, and Joanna Harper, a medical physicist working in the US, who has modified his sex characteristics to pose as female, debate the merits of scientific evidence regarding men playing on women's sports teams, made me cringe. Dr. Hilton had the upper hand in the argument, no doubt, but the fact the dispute was brought to this, is what had me cringing.

Women are arguing about their rights to safety in private spaces and against male violation of those spaces via the transgender narrative.

Women are arguing about whether men should be on their sports teams and whether men have a physical advantage.

We are arguing whether men should have the right to our awards, spaces in female universities, etc.

These are the wrong arguments. Women wind up in a cul de sac of defensiveness, arguing for something not to be taken away that has already been taken away. The line that was ceded and must be reclaimed is that men are not women, they are not female, and they are not “transwomen.” They are men. They may have tattoos, ear piercings, dysphoria, a fetish, take hormones, have surgeries on their bodies to modify them, wear lipstick, or not. They may think they are all sorts of things they are not, or maybe they realize they are men and still call themselves “transgender.” All they are, are men. Any other argument begins to sound like a mass hallucination, and in a sense, it is.

We have the most extraordinary propaganda apparatus the world has ever known, running 24/7. People have been separated from reality, their land base, their food source, their roots, their parents, their families, their communities & their intimate connections. Most western cultures are sewn to technology where this hallucination is propagated. We’d all be in a lot better shape if we lived on farms. Just try milking a bull that identifies as a cow and see how far you get.

We cannot uphold "transgenderism" in any way, shape, or form & simultaneously claim to stand for the rights of females & people who are same-sex attracted. The sole purpose of the gender industry is to erase sex in the law, which necessitates the deconstruction of womanhood & same-sex attraction.

The minute we allow a man to walk over this line, the minute we allow for this in word or action, that he is any kind of woman, and start fighting for what these men have taken from us after they have walked over this line, we have lost the war. We may, at some point, reclaim a wee bit of ground, but we won’t win the war until this line is reclaimed. Men are not women. Ever. They are not a subset of women. Ever. They do not transition from being male. Ever. Transgenderism is one big Psyops.

Standing up to this gender apparatus will take everything we have. It will take all of us. We have to align ourselves with people we would have fought to bloody hell a decade ago because if we do not win this war, reclaim this line, there is nothing left to fight. Humanity as we know it will be over.

It is not trans or gender extremism, or women’s rights versus trans rights, good trans versus bad trans that are the problem. It is the whole apparatus of transgenderism that must be dismantled if our humanity is to be preserved.

Transgenderism, the idea that people can change sex, is insane. The idea that this agenda is about expression is equally as insane when governments are deconstructing sexual dimorphism in law, language, and all our social, legal, political, educational, governmental, and medical institutions and allowing official documents that denote sex to be changed. The idea that governments, corporations, banks, the largest law firms in the world, and the UN, would promote this actively, invest in it religiously and globally, and censor people critiquing this bat shit crazy nonsense because they care about less than .03% of the population who want to either “express themselves,” or have body dysphoria, is the height of insanity.

This is the line in the sand that women must return to and hold onto for dear life. Gender ideology is not some rebellious progressive movement against sex-role stereotypes. It is a corporate agenda to deconstruct sexual dimorphism in law for profit. The trans lobby and governments are using same-sex attraction & intersex conditions as Trojan Horses. They are colonizing human sex for profit. Human sex - genes- is the last frontier of the natural world that has not been colonized by the corporate state. There are currently 42,000 - primarily young women - raising money on the financial campaigning app GoFundMe for double mastectomies of their healthy breasts. There’s a vast market in body dissociation, from rearranging human biology & dismantling laws that protect against such barbarism. The idea that rights for this, via gender ideology, should be enshrined in law directly conflicts with women’s rights and people who are same-sex attracted. The issue is not “trans” rights against women’s rights. It is a fight for biological reality against a lie to institutionalize body dissociation & the dismantling of human sexual dimorphism in law.

Humanity and transgenderism are mutually exclusive.

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