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Women Are The Spoils In The Tech-Driven Gender War Against Biological Reality

Updated: Jan 21

The proliferation of gender ideology and its dangerous impacts on society are closely tied to the ongoing technological advancements that shape our lives. In the midst of rapid developments in the internet, AI, genetic engineering, and artificial reproduction, the intricate connection between technology and biological reality is undeniable. This backdrop undergirds current, rapid societal changes, including attempts to reshape children's perceptions of their sexed bodies, and the erasure of women in language and law.

Children are being taught they can choose their sex, because technology is advancing toward the potentiality of technological reproduction that bypasses human copulation and female gestation and creates genetic choices in our offspring hitherto unknown to us. This trend directly affects women's reproductive capacities, with their bodies being viewed as tools in this technological war.

Dr. Suzanne Vierling's insightful presentation (below) at the International Women’s Sport Summit, sheds light on how this battle is playing out on women's bodies, mirroring historical patterns where women's bodies have been instrumentalized in wars.

The systems that technologically manipulate human reproduction, particularly female reproduction, and which are currently sterilizing children, are often presented as advancing human rights, and helping families, leaving most people unaware of what is transpiring. These technologies are, in essence, engaged in a war against humanity, rooted in biological reality and reproductive sex. Victors in this war claim the spoils, and in this context, women's reproductive capacities and children's bodies, become the stolen rewards, the land conquered by the tech sector.

To resist the deconstruction of the material and biological world, essential for the progress of gender ideology, is to risk being overrun by the power of technology and virtual systems. Holding on to biological reality, while crucial for our understanding of ourselves, does not align with the interests of the tech and medical industries, as our bodies are commodified for profit. Our sex is disassembled into marketable parts: wombs, breasts, penises, sperm, eggs, breast milk, chromosomes, and more.

While acknowledging our biological reality, it's important to recognize that, as a species, we increasingly inhabit a virtual reality shaped by technology. This virtual realm, facilitated by our devices and AI, often supersedes our interactions with the biological world. We must grapple with the fact that our memories, navigation, and even dating choices are guided by technology.

Gender ideology, alongside surrogacy, and technological reproduction, targets our roots in the biological world. It challenges the very essence of sex, posing a threat to humanity. The myth of a distinct category of humans, elevated above biologically male and female distinctions, conditions society to accept these changes. It is a form of grooming.

Women have historically symbolized the biological world, with their reproductive capacities mirroring the gestation of nature itself. However, this connection becomes a hindrance in the face of the technological takeover of human reproductive sex. Women, therefore, find themselves in the way of progress and must be erased, if technological reproduction is to overtake natural reproduction.

It is vital to acknowledge the explicit nature of these developments, even if it challenges our beliefs about those in positions of power. Much like individuals in relationships with abusers, there is a reluctance to accept the disturbing reality before us. We don’t want to believe that people in governments, our institutions, our corporations, and in our neighborhoods, would facilitate the erasure of womanhood and the harming of children.  However, a critical examination of the intersection between technology, gender ideology, reproductive realities, and those who will profit from them, is imperative for a nuanced understanding of the challenges western societies face today.

"Any man that allows a sacred woman of the temple to be desecrated, is a conquered man." "Western men are being openly mocked, as cracks appear that welcome female colonization. He is being told: We are doing this to your women and children, right in front of your face. What are you going to do?" - Suzanne Vierling

Dr. Suzanne Vierling is a clinical psychologist and higher ed professional 

with a vision to preserve the institution of womanhood in the fourth industrial economy. 

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