Transgenderism, Big Tech and Censorship

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Two years after Laverne Cox, a man posing as a female on the cover of Time Magazine, ushered in what was referred to as the transgender tipping point, Stella Morabito, a journalist, blogger and one-time intelligence analyst, wrote a very prescient piece about the transgender movement. The article, “The Transgender Movement is a Vehicle for Censorship and State Power,” went beyond discussion of “gender identity” and what being transgender means for any particular individual. Instead, it put a laser-like focus on the broader picture of what transgender ideology means for society at large. Morabito, stripped bare the notion that we were dealing with any kind of movement for protections of .03% of the population and went straight to the crux of what was really transpiring. The deconstruction of biological sex, being promoted by the trans lobby, didn’t escape Morabito as it did most people. But then, Morabito had been trained in propaganda and analyzing intelligence. The deconstruction of sexual dimorphism in humans, she explained, was written into every gender identity non-discrimination law. “It basically aims to legally erase male and female sex distinctions. “In short,” she wrote, “the transgender movement is operating as a vehicle for conformity of thought. And in the end, that means it is a vehicle for dismantling freedom – in the name of freedom – and for building the power of the State.”

We can now look back at the last six years and clearly delineate what the power and censorship that Morabito referred to looks like. Below is a sampling of how that tyranny in the guise of freedom is manifesting. Big Tech, with their big interest in future individuals constructed by tech and pharmacology, are governing our media platforms, including social media. They are engaged in broad scale social engineering that cultivates a social acceptance of body dissociation as normal. By controlling the narrative around gender self-ID and what is being called transgenderism, they easily sway public perceptions. By censoring those who do not conform, by driving punishing diatribes, social ostracization and job loss for those who do manage to get alternate perspectives out, they are able to make people believe the unbelievable - or at least, go along with it.

Here is an earlier list of Trans censorship (I was unable to secure the author of this list):

*A Master List of those Banned by Trans:

Here are some additions of Trans censorship from the past three years:

*Two of the biggest Harry Potter fan sites removed photos of JK Rowling and links to her website because of her 'harmful and disproven beliefs' amid 'transphobia' row July 2020

*Stella Perret a UK cartoonist and journalist was cancelled from the Morning Star for a purported "transphobic" cartoon, and given no leeway to respond to her mob of critics. July 2020

*Abigail Shrier's new book about the rapid onset gender dysphoria in teen girls was censored by Amazon. Amazon notified her publisher they would not allow for advertisements of the book on their platform - June 2020

*Best-selling children's author Gillian Phillip was fired after adding the hashtag 'I stand with JK Rowling' to her Twitter handle amid bitter row over transgender rights June 2020

*CNN -Graham Linehan, creator of 'The IT Crowd' and 'Father Ted,' was removed from Twitter June 2020

*REDDIT canceled GenderCritical, Gender_Critical, the Rowling support sub, etc., yet left up rape, pedophilia, incest, racism and other women-hating subs.

Good analysis with list of horrific subs REDDIT left up by THE STATE MEDIA - June 2020

*Don't call us menstruators' petition was taken down by - June 2020