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The Transhumanism in the Middle of the "Gender Identity" Living Room

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

“If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without them knowing it.”

There is an apparition that is floating around the global institutionalization of “gender identity.” What is it? What is happening? We can see something going on but can’t quite make it out. Why are these changes being catapulted through western cultures, driven by big money and governments? This apparition has a name: Transhumanism. It is the unnamed issue that is sitting in the middle of the “gender identity” living room, which we can’t quite address. All the other tentacles of changes transforming society, wrought in the name of gender, grow out of this apparition, this thing we refuse to name and face.

Transhumanism is the single most important thing to resist if we are to stop the deconstruction of our species. We, as human beings, are sexually dimorphic, and “gender identity” is deconstructing sex. “Gender Identity,” has many different iterations but most of us are looking at the sequences and missing the whole. We need to look at what "gender identity" does and not what it means. It destroys sex as a meaningful category and it is literally desexing children and young people. This is the point of it. This is how it is used by those forcing it into the culture, to normalize our dissociation from our sexed reality.

The acceptance of desexing the human body is being invested in by billionaires in Pharma and tech, like Martine Rothblatt, a transsexual-transhumanist, and Jennifer Pritzker, another transsexual, and his family. They hold considerable investments in the medical, industrial complex. Tim Gill of the LGBT NGO, Gill Foundation is also driving the normalization of body dissociation globally via “gender identity” and is invested in tech and AI. Jon Stryker, the heir to the Stryker medical fortune, drives gender identity, or body dissociation, worldwide with the LGBT NGO, Arcus Foundation, which he founded. These men are all deeply wedded to global LGBT NGOs that drive body dissociation through our cultures under the banner of human rights. They are dismantling sexual dimorphism and promoting a multiplicity of sexes. This doesn’t suggest all these men know each other and work in unison, though most do. It means they are of a class that holds financial power, are already invested in tech and Pharma, and are aware of advancements that drive profits in these industries.

Dr. Heather Brunskell Evans, an academic philosopher in the UK, recently quoted a report by Gendered Intelligence (GI), a global "transgender" lobby group advocating that children should be liberated to manipulate their sex characteristics. GI asserts that freedom for children and young people lies in “dismantling the culturally ascribed power of the biological.” This is a fascinating statement; the message from GI seems clear: that the biological reality of sex is a social construct, one perceived to wield too much power.

A recently published UK Ministry of Defense report details advancements of human augmentation, not just as they pertain to the Ministry of Defense but to our lives as human beings. “Human augmentation can impact every aspect of our lives and even change the meaning of what it means to be human. It could change philosophical concepts, our belief systems, and ethical and legal frameworks in ways we have not anticipated,” it states.

Aren’t we witnessing those changes now, in the new industry of gender, framed as a human rights movement? Gendered Intelligence, when discussing puberty blockers, drugs that have been found to cause irreversible harm, states, “It is important that children and young people … can experiment, change their mind, try out new styles, express themselves.” They are advocating for children to have free reign in choosing to augment their sex characteristics and to use dangerous drugs to do so. Laws are being rapidly adjusted across many countries simultaneously, aided by LGBT NGOs and “Transgender” organizations, to make legal adjustments allowing for the depathologization of disembodiment.

An American, Martine Rothblatt, lectured in Canada in 2016, on the need for “tech transhumanists” to create a political apparatus comparable to WPATH (World Professional Association of Transgender Health), which will establish social validity for “tech transhumanists,” in the way WPATH has done for “tech transgenders.” Rothblatt created the first legal framework for gender bills passing worldwide. He worked on the human genome project at the UN level and for NASA. He owns a biopharmaceutical corporation, created a religion of disembodiment, and has built a robot of his wife.

Rothblatt has been writing about the changes to humanity that will deconstruct sexual dimorphism for at least a generation. He likens sexual dimorphism to South African apartheid and presents frequently at the $3.6 trillion-dollar business arm of the global LGBT, OutLeadership. He has written about the technological future of reproduction, where humans, melded to technology, will not need to copulate.

President Biden recently passed another bill where “gender identity” will override the sex-based rights of women. Our language has already changed to obliterate our sexed reality. Is it plausible Biden doesn’t understand what he is doing? Obama, financially assisted into office by the Pritzkers, who Biden served as vice president, became the first president to use the word “transgender” in a state of the union address. Obama called a special meeting for “transgender” students at the White House, in 2015, earning him the title of “Trans President.”

That the president of the United States would do this for a minuscule part of the population of children who have body dysphoria related to their genitalia is preposterous, as are laws passing across the world that allow men to claim female embodiment, as are the new corporate workshops for employees at global banks, who have dysphoria around their genitalia. It is insane that castration parties for young men are being celebrated and that Mastercard has created a credit card for those who disassociate from their sexed reality. It is not only important, but we must name this insanity instead of supporting the premise of a third category of humans that are not male or female for which society is being rearranged.

The only thing that makes any sense in any of this is that people are being groomed for more significant changes to humanity, and laws are being changed to support those changes.

This forced evolution of our species is upon us. We must understand that gender is a façade to normalize the desexing of our species toward a more complex melding with technology than we have seen thus far. We must be brave enough to face the transhumanism in the middle of the “gender identity” living room or be changed forever.

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