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The Linguistic War Obfuscating The Physical Attack On Human Sex And Why It’s Happening

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

The idea that western societies are being overhauled in what amounts to a nano-second of biological evolution for a tiny amount of people with body dysmorphia is patently absurd. The more we focus on gender, which can be used as another word for sex, which is stable, or sex role stereotypes, which are flexible and harmful, the more our focus is drawn away from the corporate attack on human sex. Human sex is being attacked because it is profitable and connects us to reality.

Our shared reality as human mammals is rooted in the biosphere by reproductive sex. The global tech titans have made no secret that they are attempting a coup against reality and trying to shift human life into virtual reality. Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse, Elon Musk’s Neuralink, Martine Rothblatt’s and Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity, all promote the same ideology that human progress rests in a melding with AI and living in a virtual world, one overlaid on and ultimately overcoming the biosphere. Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum and his right-hand man, Yuval Harari (considered one of our greatest public intellectuals), are driving the same narrative.

In virtual reality, you can be anything you want to be. AI is assigned sex by its creator and is being built by the data we feed into our tech.

With the word “transgender” invested in by global banks, corporations, law firms, medical institutions, media, NGOs, human rights organizations, tech firms, and educational institutions nearly overnight, an illusion has been manifested. It is so powerful that it has mesmerized western civilization, allowing for the attack on children’s healthy sex in the name of care and human rights. This illusion is so powerful that it’s like a hologram people can’t turn away from, even when they know it isn’t real. Most everyone, aside from children, knows sexual dimorphism in mammals is real. Still, the new ideas being forced into society, that human reproduction exists on a spectrum, that there is a subset of humanity that is not male or female, or who can change sex, ignoring hundreds of thousands of years of human evolution, have been technologically crafted so well, with the most advanced propaganda and marketing apparatus ever known to humankind that it hypnotizes people.

Using the same terms used by gender supremacists, words designed to obfuscate the current attack on human reproductive sex are not something we can continue to support if we want the assault to end, and we should all want it to end. Children are caught up in the illusion via social media through powerful messages engineered by the industry attacking their sex.

Language is created by the whole of society organically & changes over time. Sex abolition supremacists are forcing language built around a lie into our cultures. This is tyranny & must be resisted linguistically, as it is resisted elsewhere. We must reframe & denounce their premises and get this language, framed as human rights, out of children’s schools. It is a lie. It is tyranny & we must stop investing in it.

“Transgender” has no stable definition. Its ideological goalposts (pdf.) are as fluid as the purported genders it claims to represent. Designed to sell sex abolition, you cannot fight it by using the same term. Every time you use this word, you solidify the lie.

I use synthetic sex identities to refer to the corporate construct of a spectrum of reproductive sexes. Someone on Twitter suggested that “ideation” works even better than identity. There are plenty of options to clarify what’s happening linguistically, and we need to start using them, forcing a new habit on ourselves instead of bending to the propaganda which solidifies the ideology. What is happening is gender supremacy, an attack on sex, the creation of a new sex industry, and medical identities for profit. This is sex abolition. We are so entrenched in the illusion that those fighting the attack on children’s sex will often use the expressions “transgender children,” “gender care,” and “transgender people,” entrenching the nonsense further. Many organizations and individuals use the term “gender extremism” as if the entire concept of abolishing sex in language and law and the medical attacks on human sex could be anything but extreme, not to mention insane.

Charlotte Allen, in a recent article, makes this clear. “If a surgeon uses her scalpel to cut into and permanently alter the reproductive organs of a young girl in the name of Third World religious and cultural traditions, we call it ‘female genital mutilation.’ But if a surgeon uses her scalpel to cut into and permanently alter the reproductive organs of a young girl in the name of First World medical ideology, we call it “gender-affirming care.” Allen astutely claims in her commentary, “It’s like Fight Club. The first rule of genital mutilation of minors is that you do not talk about genital mutilation of minors.” That would be funnier if we weren’t discussing the attack on children’s sex.

Allen reports in her commentary how Texas’s Republican governor, Greg Abbott, directed child-protection services to investigate the mutilation of children’s sex, calling it child abuse. He set off a cacophony of hysteria by progressive media calling attempts to state the truth about the attack on sex as irresponsible, criminal, and discriminatory. Of note, NPR (National Public Radio) was one of those progressive media outlets funded by the Arcus Foundation (AF), the most prominent LGBT non-profit organization globally and one of the most critical drivers of the global agenda to abolish sex. Its founder is heir to a medical fortune and uses his stock in the company to fund his NGO.

AF also funds the gender supremacists at GLSEN Foundation, an organization helping to overhaul language in our educational institutions. This new language aims to remove us further from our biological roots and into the jaws of the transhumanist agenda touted by Harari, Schwab, Rothblatt, Kurzweil, and Musk, among others. GLAAD is another organization manipulating and forcing language into society by billionaires invested in the techno-medical complex, who stand to profit immeasurably if the dystopian transhumanist agenda of technology as a replacement for god is allowed to be cultivated any further.

When the resistance to gender supremacy began in 2017 (four years after the sex abolition industry was rolled out in the U.S. and Canada), Canadians Jordan Peterson, Meghan Murphy, and Lindsay Sheppard were forced into the limelight because they refused to bow to the gender supremacist’s language. That language front has grown very quiet and needs to be revitalized if we are to reclaim our humanity and that of our children. This will take courage. Courage is not innate but can and should be cultivated. Like a muscle, it can be flexed and grow stronger. We need voices unafraid. We need language to counter that of the gender supremacists.

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