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The Grooming of the Gender Critical Movement

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

There are about a million blog posts I have in my head right now, but all I can really think about is the pandemonium that ensued after an article was published in Uncommon Ground Media (UGM) this past weekend. The article by a butch lesbian, Joey Brite, is a brilliant piece of analysis about the cognitive dissonance inside the gender-critical movement right now. The article centers on four people who are overtly conforming to opposite sex-role stereotypes who have positioned themselves closely to radical feminists and others, fighting the regressive ideology of gender/sex self-ID. They have all changed their sex markers to that of the opposite sex and call themselves gender critical. They see themselves as allies to others at the forefront of this fight against the gender industry. What's more important is the people fighting the gender identity industry also see them as allies.

Many men and women have come out on social media to admonish the author of the said article for being unkind, the points of the article being lost in a cacophony of voices calling her rude and cruel, unnecessarily brutal, specifically in her breakdown of these four individuals into caricatures of sex stereotypes.

I find it intensely ironic, that they are accusing the author of debasing these individuals to a set of stereotypes when the individuals themselves are the ones who have reduced themselves to these stereotypes. More ironic still, these accusations of unkindness, brutality, and reducing a piece of journalism to rudeness because it may have hurt someone’s feelings would be laughable had they been aimed at a male journalist. None of these four individuals, purportedly driven to change their sex markers to alleviate the dysphoria they feel, have chosen to do so in a more moderate presentation of stereotypes. They have chosen the most exaggerated appearances of the opposite sex stereotypes that are out there while monetizing their claimed fight against gender.

One young man on social media, feeling like the points made in the article were salient was still incensed by its tone and suggested it was an embarrassment to the cause. What is an embarrassment to the cause is gender-critical women opening their wallets for the "feminization" surgery of a male calling himself gender-critical while he performs the worst parodies of womanhood, while other females who are gender-critical, working at various fronts legally, or as journalists, organizing conferences to end this madness, pleading for financial support all over social media for their efforts, are ignored by these same women. What is an embarrassment, is idealizing and centering the voice of a woman who throws a young female rape survivor under a bus for Porn Hub, her meal ticket, while she parodies male stereotypes for young people, claiming to be gender-critical at the same time. What is an embarrassment to the cause, is centering people who perform and conform to the very worst stereotypes of what it means to be a man or a woman, calling themselves allies in the gender-critical movement. Like who you like, be friends with people you like, but to accept these individuals and others like them, in the gender-critical movement, when all of them support the notion of "true trans," or any "trans" for that matter, is the height of insanity and the worst cognitive dissonance I can imagine. There is no "trans." There is conformity to gender. These people don't resist gender, they embrace it. They promote it while simultaneously gluing themselves to those - especially women - who are fighting this madness and receiving a whole lot of attention, money, and succor in the process. This is an embarrassment to the movement.

How in heaven's name is any of this supposed to help a movement that is attempting to abolish the gender system of strict stereotypes for men and women? These stereotypes don’t end at making caricatures of people but extend to actually getting women brutalized, objectified, sexualized, and killed all over the globe. For the life of me, I can’t understand (well I can, but I still can’t believe the ubiquitous misogyny) how people can feel bad for the hurt feelings of a few people who are doing harm to our message and do not care about the women suffering under the system they are supporting with their continued attachment to appropriating the opposite sex. There have been other people who have gone on to conform to this level of caricatured stereotypes and once they understood the harms being manifested, desisted, let go of the “trans” moniker, and are now speaking to others about the harms.

The first thing Scott Newgent, one of the people discussed in the article did after reading the article, was to threaten UGM, which published the article, with a lawsuit and then attempted to cajole Buck, yet another person discussed in the article into joining her. When UGM invited her to discuss the situation, she refused, insisting a lawsuit would suit her more. Mind you, while the entire mainstream media on the left have censored all and any critiques of gender identity ideology, UGM has given voice to many gender-critical voices and other voices of the left that can’t, at a time of deep state censorship, get a platform. But, these “allies” first response to having their feelings hurt is to sue the platform most likely to get gender-critical voices published.

Blaire White, feeling bruised by the critical analysis of his position of adopting "Barbie-doll-like" stereotypes used an even more threatening tactic which received over 23K likes on Twitter.

It seems you can mask the socialized masculinity all you want but it is hard to get out the root.

Not being willing to let go of these opposite sex parodies, once you claim to see them for what they are and the harms they cause, then putting yourself in a position to speak about the harms to young people while you are still stuck, is obscene. Then, claiming “trans” is real, telling young people “don’t do it but it worked for me,” when all the evidence support these drugs and surgeries do NOTHING to alleviate dysphoria, is patently insane – There has been a generation of critical evidence that shows these surgeries and drugs do nothing but bump up the suicide rate of conformers.

The author was critiquing the specific behavior of these individuals, in relation to the gender-critical movement. The fact that so many people are upset by this is good. It has half a chance of penetrating the grooming that has occurred, via enforced language, which has altered perceptions about what is happening here. No one is “trans.” NO ONE. When you replace the language that has been foisted upon society, under threat, by big money and power, with words that represent what is actually happening, it is much harder to hide the truth.

The word “transgender” does not represent what is actually happening in its name. It is a DARVO tactic of reversing what is true. No one “transitions” anything. They conform (to gender stereotypes). “Conformer” is far more truthful.

Transgender = conformer

Trans = conform

Transitioned= conformed

Transgenderism = conformism

De- transitioner = de-conformed

Ask yourselves, if you had a movement to impress upon young people the harms of drinking and alcoholism, would you invite an alcoholic who was still drinking, and drunk, to speak to young people about the harms of drinking?

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