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The Curious Case of the Invisible Nullos

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Where are the Nullos in the mythology of gender identity, and why have they escaped media attention? So far, no Hollywood star has “come out” as Nullo, nor announced the happy occasion of their Nullo son’s “transition.” No brave and stunning magazine covers, no reality shows, and no Hallmark cards. No special birth certificates or driver’s licenses. No social media or protestor chants that “Nullos are No Sex!” or “Nullo rights are human rights!” They are even strangely absent from GLAADs Media Reference Guide for journalists discussing “Trans.”

Nullo is a term used for, almost always, men (Surprise!) who wish to have their genitals removed, and often their nipples too, creating a smooth body appearance. Nullo is short for genital nullification, which involves removing all external genitalia.

Nullo is considered a non-binary identity, also sometimes referred to as neutrois identity. At the Cranes Center in Ca. and Texas for genital surgeries and Davis Plastic Surgery Center, also in Ca., Nullos are recognized under “gender surgeries” they perform. Yet strangely, Nullos are absent from the ABC’s of L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.+ , and under the “Transgender” umbrella. Transgender Europe is the largest organization promoting the normalization of “transgender” identities, but on their website, Nullos are nowhere to be found. The same can be said for Arcus Foundation, the largest LGBT NGO promoting “transgender” identity globally.

Where are the Non-Binary Nullos?

Asexuals, pansexuals, grey sexual and demisexuals have all come forward for their piece of the sympathy pie since the madness of gender identity hit the ground running in western cultures. Teen Vogue reported in 2016 about the trauma of non-binary people getting a haircut, but the Nullos have hung back (no pun intended). Polygenders feel very left out.. Poor demisexuals will never fall in love at first sight. Grey sexuals are terrified of coming out to their partners because their partners may feel like they are using their grey sexual lovers, since grey sexuals don’t desire sex but don’t mind having it (unlike asexuals, they can take it or leave it). But the dangers to Nullos are not clear. No one knows how many men are identifying as Nullos. Not a lot of them are rising up (sorry, I couldn’t resist) to be counted.

In a National Health Institute report on what they euphemistically call “Transgender/Non-Binary Gender Confirmation surgery,” men identifying as women report bottom surgery at rates between 5–13%. In other words, most men claiming they are women never have their penises or gonads removed. One would think it would be a constant reminder for these men of their maleness.

Men don’t like discussing the removal of their genitalia and think it’s pretty rude to ask them questions about it. In 2014 Laverne Cox “schooled” Katie Couric about her inappropriate inquiry on the matter on national TV. When it comes to women and children, though, no such etiquette is required, as in the case of Jazz Jennings, barely an adult whose entire trajectory of surgical complications for his castration was fodder for his reality show. Women who’ve removed their breasts to appease the gender gods are routinely used in advertisements and make national news with their surgical scars displayed, promoting amputation of healthy breasts as self-empowerment, not dysphoria.

Is it possible that with all this talk of “gender self-identification” and men identifying as women, and men supporting men identifying as women, that men don’t really, on the whole, want to part with their penises or the privilege incurred by having one? They seemingly have no desire to talk about the majority of them keeping their penises while parading around as women. Is it possible that men don’t want to hear about other men parting with their penises either, as in the case of Nullos, and don’t want to support this elephant-in-the-room aspect of “transition?” Where is their sympathy for the non-binary Nullos?

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