'Sissy Hypnosis': The Trans Industry's Golden Goose

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Guest Post by Ben Bartee

A "sissy" is a "male-identified person who engages in feminization and sometimes humiliation in order to reach a different emotional or mental state."

The process of "sissification" (becoming a sissy), which is the ultimate goal of sissy hypno (to hypnotize the viewer into "feminine" contortions), is explicitly sadomasochistic:

"a process where submissive men learn to take on traditionally female roles. The submissive, known as a sissy, learns to adopt ultra-feminine behaviors and perform feminine activities under the guidance of his Dominant partner."

The viewer learns how to "get fucked," "take dick," "suck dick," etc.

The male genitals of the sissy are termed the "clitty" and the anus becomes the new "pussy" – which exists, in sissy ideology, for the singular purpose of pleasing men:

"to be sissy is always to lose your mind. The technical term for this is bimbofication. Captions often instruct viewers to submit themselves to hypnosis, brain-washing, brain-melting, dumbing down, and other techniques for scooping out intelligence."

-Andrea Long Chu

Powerlessness is a major theme. According to trasgender academic Andrea Long Chu – who himself claims that sissy hypno "made him trans" -- sissy porn functions as a type of "metapornography" in which the viewer becomes aware of the psychological effects of the content they are absorbing through the medium:

"Sissy porn’s central conceit is that the women it depicts are in fact former men who have been feminized (‘sissified’) by being forced to wear makeup, wear lingerie, and perform acts of sexual submission. Captions further instruct viewers to understand that the very act of looking at sissy porn itself constitutes an act of sexual degradation, with the implication that, whether they like it or not, viewers will inevitably be transformed into females themselves."

Sissy hypno, in this way, is beyond porn for the sake of mindless consumption; it is perhaps unique among porn genres in that its creators have an explicit agenda.

The central idea is that you, the target of the meme – usually an adolescent or 20-something, confused (as most young people are), sexually frustrated, nominally heterosexual male – have always been a woman deep inside. The proposition is that, until sissy hypno came along to tell you who who are, you had no idea of your true nature.

Cui bono? Who benefits from transforming huge swathes of the male population "into women"? Certainly not the men themselves; web forums are awash with stories of addiction, destroyed marriages, and regret from men who have been sucked into the sissy hypno vortex. One such addict offered a colorful framing of the sissy hypno: "heroin of porn and pure unadulterated evil."