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Rugby, Big Pharma and the Cruel and Craven Trans Lobby

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Of all the chaos and absurdity abounding around the transgender agenda, what seems probably most absurd (the medicalizing of healthy children’s bodies, aside), is the advent of men participating in women’s sporting events. From high school to professional sports and the Olympics, women are being overtaken by men who claim they are female.

Women are getting hurt, and not just with lost opportunities. Less than a year ago, CBN News reported on the disastrous position of professional female Rugby players in the UK, getting injured on the playing field by men claiming to be female who had both players and referees leaving the game.

In 2014, a man, Fallon Fox, claiming to be female, fractured his female opponent's skull in a mixed-martial-arts match within the first two minutes of the fight.

What is patently absurd is that this is being allowed. Women’s sports are women’s sports for the very reason that men are inherently much stronger and larger physically, with more lung capacity and muscle mass. They can get more oxygen to their lungs and muscles. In the history of women’s sports, this has never been an issue. Suddenly it is. Why? Why are all professional sports organizations ignoring what is so obvious – that women are already being hurt by this, both professionally and physically and that it is bound to get worse?

Women are collateral damage in a much bigger agenda than one that rolls back their rights.

The gender agenda, parading around as a progressive movement for a marginalized population, is nothing but a bold-faced corporate, political coup that seeks to commercialize human biology. Driven by wealthy men with a sexual fetish that objectifies female biology for their erotic pleasure, it is being used to facilitate the dissociation of humanity from its roots in biological sex while screaming “freedom of expression” out of the other side of its mouth.

I can just see your head shaking at how insane that sounds. But when we look at the money behind the gender lobby (I have, here and here), the ferocious speed with which this ideology entered western cultures and started rearranging them at every front to “include” and prioritize .03% of the population (at the time primarily adult men) with “body dysphoria,” it seems implausible at best that this is about human rights. These massive changes for .03% of the population are being made at the overt expense of 51% of the people that are female. Concurrently, technology is taking us, as a species, on a bullet-train ride toward humanities melding with AI. The Pharma and tech-controlled media are overriding any critique of this purported human rights movement - a movement poised to rake in enormous future profits for Pharma and tech. They are engaged in overt censorship regarding any critique of what this agenda is doing to society, children, and women’s rights. When we step back to look at the bigger picture, something much different than a human rights movement emerges. It also explains why most major corporations, banks, pharmaceutical, tech, and medical industries, along with politicians and governments, are all in for "trans." Why would they care about .03% of the population? What is the investment?

Pharmaceutical corporations, along with others, support men identifying as women in sports because transgenderism has been strategically driven into our markets by LGBT NGOs with ties to Pharma and Tech, with an eye toward future developments in human biology. For these technological and pharmacological developments to humanity to be accepted, the ground must be cultivated. This cultivation transpires by deconstructing sexual dimorphism in humans via gender ideology. Men become the default human, and women are relegated to their use. I hesitate to say “become” because this is not new territory. Most religions and patriarchal cultures already function on this premise. But with the looming, gargantuan presence of tech and Pharma and the waning influence of religion, there is a vacuum into which the new tech gods are slipping.

But let’s leave the future of Transgenderism and its goals on the back burner and concentrate on the intersections of sports, Pharma, and trans in the immediate realm. After all, I could be wrong. Maybe corporations, governments, medical giants, law firms, billionaires, and banks care deeply about the .03% of men who wish they were women at the expense of everyone and everything else and not their profit margins.

Big Pharma and the medical-industrial complex intersect with both sports and transgenderism in significant ways. Annually, sports medicine is a 9.2 billion dollar enterprise. “Gender surgeries” on physically healthy people are projected to bring in annual revenues of 1.5 billion dollars by 2026 (which says nothing of the continued care for these people throughout their lives).

Let’s go back to rugby. Rugby union and rugby league invest in popular contact sports, but they bring a high risk of injury (higher for women, now, with men in their games). Across multiple injury types, past participation in rugby union and rugby league, particularly at the elite level, is associated with a high cumulative injury load and a continued impact of previous injuries post-retirement.

The biopharmaceutical corporation Astellas Pharma US Inc, an affiliate of Tokyo-based Astellas Pharma Inc, along with other giant pharmaceutical makers who support the trans lobby, such as Johnson and Johnson and Abbvie (makers of the puberty blocker Lupron), is a key player operating in the global visceral pain treatment market. Those recovering from surgeries as intense as the overhaul of secondary sex characteristics, and those suffering life-long sports injuries are the beneficiaries of these medications. Of course, others are as well.

Astellas has also received bountiful praise from the Human Rights Council (Gender Lobby) for its LGBT protections for employees. In an exceedingly ironic twist, Astellas fights doping in the sports arena!

In 2015, Astellas signed up as the title sponsor for the rugby Test match between USA and Australia at Chicago’s Soldier Field. Astellas is also involved in immunology, transplantation, and urology medications, all used in the medical attack on human sex posing as a human rights movement.

In 2019, Astellas announced it would invest nearly $13 million into two innovation incubators operated by LabCentral, a premier US-based laboratory facility for next-generation biotech start-ups. This initiative, combined with the more than $1 billion Astellas had previously committed to driving innovation in Massachusetts, contributed to the Boston-area life science community's ongoing efforts to accelerate the discovery and development of potential breakthrough therapies, such as regenerative, cell, and gene therapies. Regenerative medicine seeks to replace tissue or organs damaged by disease, trauma, or congenital issues, vs. the current clinical strategy that focuses primarily on treating the symptoms. The tools used to realize these outcomes are tissue engineering, cellular therapies, artificial organs, and medical devices like those made by the 13-billion-dollar (Now 17.1 billion dollars) medical supply corporation, Stryker Medical. Stryker Corporation is owned by Jon Stryker, founder of the LGBT non-governmental organization, Arcus Foundation.

Astellas is one Pharma giant. Rugby is one sport. But these intersections of sports medicine, “trans medicine,” and profit for the medical-industrial complex help us understand what is going on in the larger picture of the breached boundaries of women’s sports by men and why everyone is letting it slide.

The protection of men claiming they are women, alongside feigned ignorance at the brutal injuries already occurring to women competing against men, the overt blind eye and media disrespect shown female Olympians Martina Navratilova, Sharron Davies, and Paula Radcliffe, calling out this madness, cannot be shrugged off. It is sheer madness and blatant abuse of women for the profit of Big Pharma and Big Tech.

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