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Reality Has Become A Tourist Attraction

We exist in a simulated reality, somewhere between actual reality (the biosphere) and a Metaverse (Singularity, augmented reality, virtual reality, cyberspace - take your pick). Anyone minimizing the transhumanist agenda for which the current “gender” insanity is both a front and a grooming mechanism should pay closer attention.

Sex is our tether to life more than anything else - it connects us to the entire ecosystem. This is why it is being attacked medically, linguistically, legally, and politically across many governments. “Transgenderism” is a corporate ad campaign for the profiteering of the techno-medical complex on par with and poised to exceed the opioid crisis. It also goes far beyond mere medical profiteering. “Gender ideology,” along with an assault of propaganda from other realms, is constructing a virtual reality, one in which we are already steeped but made more potent by breaking our last tie to the real world: Our sex.

Human emotions and our ability to respond to crises are being overridden by constant exposure to trauma. Tech connects us to massive amounts of sexually degrading material, wars, & violence hitherto unknown to the human psyche. It does so as it separates us from each other and the land into which we were born. We dissociate to protect ourselves & have become hardened to genuine emotion and our ability to sense reality. By contrast, a veneer of insipid caring has been imposed on us, corporately cultivated by ads and propaganda, much like the alcoholic drowning in performative emotions while intoxicated, all the while their real feelings are being smothered in booze.

During World War II and the Vietnam war, Americans united in solidarity; we worried about our families and those around us who were losing family members. We knitted clothing for the soldiers and sent gift boxes. We wrote letters. We gathered with our neighbors for news. Today, it is the rare individual who can tell you how many wars we are currently fighting. We don’t care. We are dissociated from the vast amount of violence we are exposed to through tech.

The more we dissociate, the less we genuinely feel & empathize, and the more atrocities we stand down to and accept as normal. Nowhere is this more appallingly apparent than at the front of the gender industry, where children’s sex is being medically brutalized under the banner of human rights and medical care. We have become fodder for a tech mill intent on melding us with machines. We are not that far from the posthuman condition the corporate state intends to create. Many of us in the western world are centralized in cities and spend far more time close to machines than we do with our real-life friends and family members or with the natural world. We are insulated in our cars, our offices, in front of computers, and on our phones - on the internet. We don’t live in the biosphere, surrounded by a tapestry of the life we are a part of and in interdependent relationships. We don’t know where our food comes from, and we would prefer it that way because if we knew, we wouldn’t want to eat it. Likewise, we don’t know what is in our food. We don’t know what most people we love had for breakfast. Reality has become a tourist attraction, a place we visit in our time off from the near-virtual reality we exist in.

If the medical community tells us children’s sex must be medically attacked to fit with the feelings of dissociation they’ve developed in a dissociated environment, who are we to argue? If the gender industry tells us this is a human right, it must be so. If Hollywood and the media promote this as a brave lifestyle, who are we to judge?

If we can’t help ourselves, the children & the future will be lost to us. Indeed, we are so immersed in synthetic reality already. Many of us find it acceptable for children’s & adults’ wholly sexed humanity to be reduced to manufactured, consumable parts for others. We take the medical and political assault on human sex in stride, believing it manifests a particular type of person that needs a new category and rights within the law to function outside the reality of being a sexually dimorphic species. They call themselves “trans,” suggesting they transition from something to something else (they don’t), taking themselves out of the human category where the rest of us live. Those living as humans don’t announce that we are humans. Still, suddenly we’re being referred to, and referring to ourselves, as “biological” men and women - as if there were anything else.

Society is being radically & rapidly changed by corporate interests and our enslavement to technology to accommodate the illusion of a different kind of human. Thus far, these humans have not transitioned from or to anything. They are humans, like the rest of us, but the myth is powerful, and everyone buys in. These humans are consumers and are situated as living ad campaigns for the reduction of wholly sexed humans to parts. But we can’t FEEL this. We can’t feel our deconstruction. We feel what we’ve been told to feel, that this is brave, that these people suffer more than anyone else. They are the most vulnerable, the most suicidal, and the most oppressed. They are consumers. Their emblem, a pink, white and blue flag, is a corporate logo, once replacing the POW flags at the White House and now hanging at the ISP in Antarctica. It is no less potent than the swoosh of the Nike logo, convincing us that the product is superior. It’s not real. These same corporations promoting body dissociation as progressive, telling us they care about the marginalized, are destroying the natural world as they build us synthetic simulacrums and cultivate our acceptance that it is a utopia. In 1965, Monsanto gave us AstroTurf for our lawns, destroyed the integrity of our food, and now we have synthetic sex identities. We are encased in a virtual world we can’t see.

I am not making this up. Silicon Valley, in bed with the medical-industrial complex and supported by billionaire bankers, is selling us a singularity, a neuro-linked reality, a metaverse, a virtual reality. They are telling us what they are doing as they are doing it. We are so ensconced in it that we don’t know what is real, what we feel, what is the truth, or what is right. Where will we be in ten years? Think how far we have come from those who gathered around the radio with overburdened hearts and later the first TV broadcasts, just over a century ago, to learn the fate of their fellow humans in faraway wars. We now gather around the television as voyeurs while the castration of a young man, Jaron Bloshinsky (aka "Jazz Jennings"), is promoted as “reality” entertainment. Young women who’ve had their healthy breasts medically excised are being used in corporate ads selling liberation from our sexed reality.

Our sex is more pertinent to our existence in a living biosphere than anything we think. It is our root in the real world. How will we free ourselves from this virtual reality imposed by corporate interests, telling us our sex is not real?

Any embrace of the “transgender” myth solidifies a virtual reality the state is building for us, a cult into which we’ve been brainwashed. It isn't real. It isn't a type of person. It is an ad campaign for our dissolution - the deconstruction of human reproductive sex and, ultimately, humanity as we know it.

There are no “gender people.”

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