🇨🇦 Queer Books Industry Canada- Part 1

Children’s queer books are big business according to Don Wilson, Owner/General Manager at Vancouver’s Little Sister’s Book& Art Emporium. He sells books for all ages and says, ``there are many bodies of literature that are growing exponentially, for topics that went previously totally untouched by mainstream LGBT discourse.”There are books for ‘service providers, for parents, for allies. Tiny little books you can forget on your teacher’s desk to teach them about they/their/them pronouns or queer terminology. It’s very exciting!”

This profitable new publishing genre has not escaped Dr. Wallace Wong, a clinical psychologist living in British Columbia, Canada. Dr. Wong is employed by the British Columbia Ministry of Children and Family Development as an Adolescent Sexual Health Therapist garnering close to one hundred thousand dollars annual salary. In addition, he has a private practice in Richmond, BC at the Diversity and Emotional Wellness Centre and is a clinical instructor at UBC while maintaining his license in both BC and California.

When Kathy is Keith is the first of three children’s books self-published and written by Dr. Wallace Wong and marketed on Amazon. The Dedication page recalls the many transgender children he has worked with. He refers the book to parents, teachers and professionals.

The storyline is simple. Young Kathy is introduced to the reader in different areas of her life where she demonstrates her interest in being a boy. Finally, a plea to Santa while sitting on his knee, convinces Kathy’s mother to allow her to transition.

“I want to be a boy, Santa can you please make me into a boy?”

It’s so Gay and it’s OK is another of Dr. Wong’s attempts to market gender variant books to children but this time with a different message. This title targets proto-gay children who are not claiming to be “born in the wrong body” but who today would be likely to be socially transitioned by their parents, their teacher or both. The storyline is “be yourself”.

“Be yourself” is good advice, but today Jamie would be affirmatively taught at school and by therapists that he has a gender identity. He would be encouraged by his teacher to change his name at school. Classmates would be asked to use “girl” pronouns and depending on “her” age, “she” would be celebrated, all precursors to life-altering puberty blockers, hormones and potential surgeries. School boards increasingly consider that the privacy rights of the child mean that parents won’t be notified of name and pronoun changes. Jamie’s reluctance to “tell” his parents in the story can be typical of children.

Dr. Wong speaks at different national and international conferences addressing clinical issues of transgender children and youth. One such event which was recorded in 2019 was hosted by Vancouver Public Library and later published at cultureguard.ca. The audio link reveals Dr. Wong’s advice which has become known to children and parents around the world.

“So what you need is, you know what? Pull a stunt. Suicide every time, (then) they will give you what you need.” gender-dysphoric kids “learn that. They learn it very fast.”

Dr. Wong is profiting off the books he writes supporting a narrative of “trans” children, for which there is no supporting scientific data and simultaneously profits off the clients that emerge from children influenced by them. Dr. Heather Brunskell-Evens describes this process of normalization in her aptly named book Inventing Transgender Children and Young People.

According to one survey approximately 75,000 Canadians were trans or non-binary, representing 0.24% of the Canadian population aged 15 and older.

At the public library, Dr. Wong boasted that his youngest client was not yet three years old and that he has transitioned over 1000 kids, more than 501 kids, from just the ministry alone, “so we can imagine the demand for service is soaring.The phenomenon is happening a lot faster than we expected,” he said. Wong described, without irony, how swiftly his practice has grown from just four clients in 2010, but without awareness of how he is creating the need himself by diagnosing using the affirmative only approach and creating cultural propaganda to influence children and their families.

Kari Simpson, president of Culture Guard, expressed outrage at this “soaring” demand, claiming Wong was “gender-jacking” vulnerable children from the Ministry and “profiting” handsomely into the bargain.

Spending his own money to self-publish his books to expand his client base and his biography, Dr. Wong exemplifies what is happening in the gender industry in total. The marketing of gender, something that cannot be found on any diagnostic test, for which children are being drugged and mutilated becomes a self-perpetuating issue. The cultural celebration of medical identities, based on a fiction of being able to change sex, creates life-long consumers for the medical industrial complex. It is worth noting that the very first medical intervention, a treatment for lupron, the puberty blocker, costs $20,000 USD. Because puberty blockers might be needed for multiple years, recently some have decided castration for boys is a better option and accomplishes the same goal with fewer associated side affects.

Bio: Anonymous hides her name, while reporting from Canada to protect her job and family.