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Martine Rothblatt - A Modern Day Kondratiy Ivanovich Selivanov?

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Martine Rothblatt, born Martin Rothblatt, is a transsexual transhumanist who believes that sexual dimorphism is tantamount to South African apartheid. His technological religion, the Terasem Movement, is a cult based on obliterating the sex (and ultimately bodies) of humans so that they might achieve their lofty place in cyberspace.

Kondratiy Ivanovich Selivanov was the founder of a religious cult during the Russian empire that believed the protruding sex characteristics of men and women were sinful and should be obliterated. He believed himself to be a Christ-like figure. Born in the Russian Empire in the 1700’s, he started a religious sect in the village of Sosnovka. He declared himself “the son of God the Redeemer, who came to save the human race from moltenness (voluptuousness), to crush the soul-destroying serpent and introduce it into the world of fiery baptism. “ Fiery Baptism consisted of removing the breasts of female followers and castrating the male followers of his cult.

“Fiery baptism” no doubt referred to the hot irons initially used in the castrations of men in the cult. The cult followers, called Skoptsy (castration) (pdf), later transitioned to using knives or razors, with the iron serving only to stop the blood flow. They also twisted the scrotum, destroying the seminal vesicles, and ending the discharge of semen.

The Skoptsy cult removed the nipples or the whole breasts of women. Occasionally, they simply scarred the breasts. They also often removed the labia minora and clitoris. They did not use anesthetics.

It is striking how kindred the Skoptsy seem to the modern “transgender” craze of carving up the genitals of primarily young adults in the name of self-expression and liberation so that they may become their true selves.

Rothblatt, is another man with a god complex seeking to deliver people from their sex organs toward liberation. He is a frequent speaker at Out Leadership, the business networking arm of the LGBT lobby, and other LGBT events and conferences. In his book, From Transgender to Transhuman, retitled from a previous version, entitled, The Apartheid of Sex, he cobbles together feminist analysis, queer theory, and the horrifically oppressive system of South African apartheid. He crafts what amounts to a blueprint for modern gender ideology. In it, he lays out a vision of “transgenderism,” as an onramp to transhumanism, claiming, “transgenderism provides sociobiologists with new evidence of a new species” (pg 13). Rothblatt believes that with technology, the human race has the potential to leave its sexual dimorphism behind, creating an opportunity for their limitlessly unique sexual identities. By now, most people have heard the term “sex on a spectrum,” or some variation of the idea that there are more than two sexes, which is antithetical to reality. Still, Rothblatt is intent on this anti-reality, and the current LGBT political apparatus is forcing us all into it. Rothblatt believes the “greatest catapult for humanity into a new species lies beyond the event of "transgenderism." Based upon our rapidly accelerating ability to imbue software with human personality, autonomy, and self-awareness,” he states, “a movement of ‘transhumanists’ have joined "transgenderists" in calling for the launch of Persona creatus.”

Rothblatt’s ideas may sound like the ravings of a madman, but the word “woman” has already been socially usurped by men. The Assistant Secretary of Health of the United States, Rachel Levine, in a recent report, went a step further and claimed the word “female” for himself, obliterating the term for half the human species. So, whether Rothblatt is stark raving mad means little. His ideas are being implemented, so we must take what he is communicating seriously.

Rothblatt is seen as a preeminent figure in business and technology. He has worked on the human genome project at the UN level, a multi-billion-dollar exercise in breaking the genetic code of the human race, owned and operated a large biotech corporation, built a robot of his wife, invented Sirius XM satellite radio, and drafted the first document to bring legal structure to the concept of disembodiment, or gender identity. That bill has been used as a guideline for successive “gender bills” worldwide. He also wrote Genes Unzipped/Taking Charge of Baby Making in the New Millennium, born from his work on the human genome project. In chapter five of Unzipped Genes, entitled Transgenic Creationism: My perfect Monster, Rothblatt discusses transgenics and the potentiality of creating designer babies, merging portions of genes from different persons or species. Did I mention Rothblatt owns a xenotransplantation farm? “With this technology,” Rothblatt says, “children literally have more than two immediate parents - immediate sources of genetic material - and one or more of these parents might not even be human” (pg 72).

In the opening of chapter five of Genes Unzipped, Rothblatt uses a quote by Dr. Susan Stryker, a man who thinks he’s a woman, and queer theory academician, from his work, My Words to Victor Frankenstein Above the Village of Chamounix, written in 1974:

“I have asked the Miltonic questions Shelley poses in the epigraph of Frankenstein: “Did I request thee, Maker, from my clay to mould me man? Did I solicit thee from darkness to promote me?” With one voice, , her monster and I answer “no” without debasing ourselves, for we have done the hard work of constituting ourselves on our own terms, against the natural order. Though we forego the privilege of naturalness, we are not deterred, for we ally ourselves with the chaos and blackness from which Nature spills forth.”

It behooves us to examine more carefully why “gender bills” are making their way swiftly through western political systems as they deconstruct womanhood, actual women, our rights, and the bodies of young people, even in the face of intense resistance.

Are we in the throes of a new techno-religious cult, a modern cousin to the Skoptsy, but driven by the almost unimaginable powers of contemporary technology, sewn to unfettered capitalism? In the hands of men like Martine Rothblatt, Susan Stryker, and Rachel Levine, it seems our humanity won’t have much of a prayer, unless we start praying to a life-giving goddess, instead of a machine god.

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