🇨🇦 Manufacturing Authority: The Case Of Aaron Holly Devor Part Three

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Devor has attracted substantial government support from Canadian governments on the strength of the credibility created as Chair of Transgender Studies at UVic. Her online CV shows that her average grant amounts jumped from five figures to six in 2014 -- from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRCC), The Vancouver Foundation, The BC Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction (SPDR), the Silver Gummy Foundation and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).

Research & Teaching Grants Received Insight Grant Collaborator, “The LGBTQ+ Oral History Digital Collaboratory: 2.0”$303,381.

2020-2023Silver Gummy Foundation Grant. Co-Principle Applicant, “Trans+ People in Forced Labour in Canada.”$197,100.

2020-2022BC Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction Grant.Principal Applicant “Improving labour market participation for Trans+ people.”$200,000 (1)

2020-2021CIHR Operating Grant: COVID-19 May 2020 Rapid Research. Co-Applicant, “The COVID-19Pandemic Among Sexual and Gender Marginalized Populations in Canada: Physical Distancing Impacts,SARS-CoV-2 Seroprevalence, and Health and Wellness Needs.” $661,542. (2)

In 2019 she appeared before the senate committee to speak about putting males in women’s prisons. After referencing her experience of 30 years earlier, she speaks of her happiness that men are being placed in women’s prisons. As for the women?

"What I hear is that we need to protect women in the prisons — cisgender women in the prisons, non-trans women in the prisons — many of whom have histories of abuse by men, sexual assault by men, and that they will be triggered and fearful if someone comes into the prison as an inmate who appears to them to be a man. I completely agree that we need to take that very seriously, and there are ways to take that seriously without throwing those trans women into a prison where they will be raped and physically assaulted. Trans inmates are no more likely to violate cisgender women in women's prisons than any other people in those prisons, and we have procedures in place to deal with those who do violate."

What she is saying is that women violate each other as much and to the same degree as men violate women. Among all the forms of denial embodied in this statement, Devor ignores former Deputy Commissioner for Women, Kelly Blanchette,[who] reported that of all transfer requests from men’s prisons, 50 percent came from sex offenders who offended as men. 50 percent! This number overrepresents sex offenders who account for 20 percent of the male prison population overall.

After a lifetime of apologising for men, Devor has at last come to giving them free rights to prey on captive women.

In 2003, she told Vivian Smith there was only one thing preventing life as a man from being completely happy, and that was : “He [sic] will miss the intimate friendships women have in which they talk about their feelings openly…’That's a big price to pay’." It seems in the intervening years she has learned to stop listening to them.

Devor is arguably among the most prominent gender activists in Canada. Might it be fair to wonder if she was groomed by two “sugar daddies”, Rothblatt and Pritzker, to be a female voice for the gender industry?

The billionaires pushing gender ideology wear their breasts like others wear branded t-shirts – to promote their product, which in this case includes poisonous drugs, hormones and increasing varieties of surgeries to create manufactured “men” and “women”.

Devor’s beard accomplishes pretty much the same thing.

This year Devor’s contract as Chair was renewed for another five years, and she was given an award by the University of Minnesota. Ho hum – thus the machine keeps churning out certificates of ersatz authority on ersatz identities with very real consequences on the material reality of women and children. All to ensure the very real profits keep rolling in.

  1. Both BC and Canadian governments make public records of their spending via open-access websites. I have been unable to confirm this grant from government records. There is a record only of a grant for just under $45,000

  2. An access to information request produced a government record only for a $50,000 grant.

felicia rembrant is a Canadian feminist, writer and activist. Her twitter handle is: felicia rembrandt @ripsintolabels

This piece originally featured in "Sledge and Crowbar"

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