Let’s Have No More Talk of Dysphoria

Updated: Jan 5

The media is selling disembodiment as expression, for-profit and they are including free shipping.

In less than a decade, the “transgender” “human rights” “movement,” (I am already running out of quotation marks) has morphed from "born in the wrong body," to “gender identity disorder,” to “gender dysphoria,” to “gender incongruence,” to “gender identity,” to “gender expression,” complete with its own line of make-up, fashion and body scars.

Geeze, I wonder why this contagion of young women wanting to have their healthy breasts amputated has emerged. Is it possible they are absorbing the messages that promote body dysphoria as progressive, cool, and edgy by media conglomerates selling this exact message?

The culture was primed for this contagion by the media, which we’re groomed to believe, in most western cultures, is a free and open-source of information in democratic societies. Remember all those stories, seven years back, of poor children “born in the wrong body,” boys with a love of the color pink and hair ribbons, meant to rip at our heartstrings? Stories of families with young children who like the stereotypical things of the opposite sex flooded the media, across western cultures, always with the same narrative: discovery of an unacceptable identity, initial anxiety within the child and the family, and then all of them eventually overcoming the disruption. The families came to realize it is another “normal” way to be human. Everyone lived happily ever after. Yea, right. The media coincidently forgot to mention all the medical risks and problems for the rest of the child's life. NO BIG DEAL.

Seven years later, we have an epidemic of young women and many young boys as well, threatening their parents with suicide if their parents do not agree to allow their children to take wrong sex hormones and have surgeries on their sex organs on demand, while medical professionals affirm children’s disordered thinking. Advertising is nothing if not insidious which is what makes it so effective.

On one front we have Johnson & Johnson marketing these procedures as totally normal “cosmetic” surgeries, surgeons smiling into cameras at gender clinics, cheerleading the most macabre reengineering of healthy human sex organs (open that link at your own risk), reality TV shows and mainstream magazines celebrating the castration of young men.

Men are walking fashion runways in pregnancy prosthesis and young women are being displayed in underwear ad campaigns, their surgery scars from the amputation of healthy breasts are promoted as empowerment. Meanwhile, journalists, academics, those engaged in politics and policy are all being censored for attempting to critique this, by the same media. Is this s