JK Rowling and the Tower of Babel

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

For the uninitiated to the money and power behind the transgender lobby, the JK Rowling media melee can look like the wokerati at work again, the aggrieved social justice warriors of the left, with another victim in their maw. UK journalist, Douglas Murray exhibits just this blind spot in his article, this morning. In UnHerd.

JK Rowling has certainly roiled the woke-beards of the left, if Glenn Greenwald’s comments on twitter last night are any indicator, his entrenchment in identity politics on full display (do only the marginalized get to speak Glenn?),

but JK Rowling has done more than shine a bright light on call-out culture and their mob rule tactics, simply for having a differing opinion. She has done more than inflamed the misogynists hiding behind identity politics, in what has become a shrieking tower of babel for the left. JK Rowling as has been shown, by the terrified and abusive reaction of our Big Pharma controlled media conglomerates, that she is not to be trifled with. She has not only addressed the issue of women’s rights being decimated under the capitalist coup of the gender identity industry, she has laid bare the eugenics experiment being conducted against mostly gay children.

Whoa! She really went there. Good for her. Someone had to say it. Someone with a platform. Someone too big for them to cancel. This is the real drama playing out here. How will they get JK Rowling back in the bag now that she has gotten out?

JK Rowling must be silenced, vilified, trampled, disgraced and humiliated if Pharma is going to continue to get away with this tragic coup of fomenting a new industry out of our sexed bodies. Medical identities have gone from being a disorder, to lauded as brave and beautiful. Every major corporation is on board for the framing of body dissociation as profit.

This is not an issue of everyone being free to express themselves. This is not gender non-conformity, or gender-bending of generations past. This is identity medicine, sexual identities mined for profit by the capitalist state. The state having already colonized sexual orientation, has now moved onto embodied sex itself. Hence the addition of a fetish added to the LGB.

Identity medicine is a VERY bad idea in total. Signaling the opposite sex publicly (not in dress but in body parts – aided by the medical industrial complex) objectifies & makes a commodity of our sexed being. It fetishizes our sexed bodies & normalizes this for others, especially children.

Though JK Rowling didn’t say this straight up, she might as well have. She has exposed the eugenics being played out against gay people and on the bodies of young gender non-conforming children.

What will they do with a woman who dares to use her enormous platform to tell the truth, not with a bullhorn, but with grace, power and dignity, in the face of a vitriolic mob? It is becoming obvious she is not going away. The more they rage against her, the more they expose themselves and their tyranny.

Stand tall, JK Rowling. Many of us are standing with you.