🇬🇧 UK: Health and Care Bill - Are Gender Identity Clinics in the UK Heading for the American Way?

What is it that makes the UK fight against Gender Identity, an ideology backed by the huge Medical/Pharmaceutical Industry, different to what is happening in the USA, Canada and Australia?

The governments of those countries have all adopted self-id. The UK government ruled against self-id, but devolved parliaments in Scotland and Wales may do otherwise.

In the UK we have a grass roots resistance that has grown from a core of established feminist and trade union roots. These are women who know how to organise and many have a political party background. It was these groups that raised awareness of the Public Consultation on the Gender Recognition Act. Women from all walks of life have joined these groups or started others, held meetings and protests and raised funds for court cases, all against opposition from public bodies.

We also have a National Health Service funded by taxation, with finite resources, that acts as a gatekeeper to the excesses of the sex reassignment industry.

Thanks to The Gender Mapping Project we know that amongst the ever increasing number of gender clinics in North America there are at least 300 for children. The U.S. sex reassignment surgery market demand is estimated to expand at 24.5% CAGR between 2020 to 2026.

Critical Thinking in a Passive World tells us that "The Australian “sex reassignment surgery market” is expected to experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25.8% between 2020 and 2026. In six measly years, this singular arm of the transgender industry known as sex reassignment surgery will experience hundreds of millions of dollars in growth, 1.3% more than the American “sex reassignment surgery market” is projected to experience, despite America’s total population being hundreds of millions higher than Australia’s. Australia is set to “emerge as a major revenue ground for sex reassignment surgery.”

Venture Capitalists see the gender identity industry as a fast growing market and they are investing in companies providing "transgender health care" in the USA. Venture Capital investment is yet to catch up in Australia.

Both of these countries have health systems funded by various forms of medical insurance, using corporate facilities and services and motivated by profit, so That couldn't happen here, could it?

We expect that our NHS will remain a public service non-profit and funded by taxation, but there will come a time when demand makes that impossible. Indeed, re-organisations by successive governments trying to balance the books have paved the way for more and more use of corporate health care facilities and services.

The latest intervention is the Health and Care Bill 2021, now in the Committee stage

The Health and Care Bill introduces 42 Integrated Care Systems (ICS) across England, public-private partnerships which will control tax-funded budgets and which will be able to make a profit. ICS boards will be dominated by the same private corporations currently providing outsourced services and performing commissioning functions.This Bill will also end competitive tendering, removing the legal obstacle for a private sector monopoly within the NHS.

Although this bill is still at the Committee stage, it is clearly expected to have an easy passage through Parliament to Royal Assent as at the beginning of this month the NHS advertised for 42 CEO's to head the new ICS Boards.

The American medical-industrial complex has its sights on the £120 billion annual NHS budget ready to transform the UK system into the preferred and promoted managed care model. This bill is likely to deliver the NHS to global private providers and private health insurance conglomerates in no time at all. It seems that the Government, aided by Public Health England, might be getting us ready for just that, and that includes gender identity and sex reassignment surgery. In the wake of the GRA consultation the government agreed to pilot some additional, easy access gender clinics attached to existing medical centres. These are adult clinics, but due to rising demand and current lengthy waiting lists 17 year olds are often assigned to adult services. Easy access clinics are something new here and because they are designed primarily for adults the essential psychological assessment of young patients comptemplating medical transition has been removed. These clinics advertise their services, including "top surgery," in a way that is unfamiliar in the UK NHS. In addition, the NHS has been so thoroughly indoctrinated that probably the most diverse and inclusive organisation in the country is building Equality, Diversity and Inclusion departments and heirachies of management and issuing amongst Guidance for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, an A-Z Glossary of Terminology (since restricted by password) and the edict Delivering Same Sex Accommodation for Transpeople which gives men claiming to be female priority over women. Regardless of whether or not the electorate requires or even wants it, the NHS is being primed ready to be taken over by the American system of profit making health care, including the very remunerative sex reassignment industry along with aggressive advertising and venture capitalists.

By Kay Warner/UK

Reprinted from Angry Grannies Unite


Bio Kay Warner, United Kingdom Women's rights, gained by previous generations, are under threat today from the insidious creep of the gender identity industry into all aspects of public life. https://www.facebook.com/71gran https://grangry.blogspot.com/